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Husband wants to rape my daughter

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I had been married to my husband for 3 years, and my daughter from a previous relationship just started living with us full time.

My husband now was great, we had lots of fun together and was a lot better than my very first marriage. My ex husband and I shared custody of our daughter, Morgan, who was now 11.

However, my ex husband had recently got caught drug dealing, so my daughter was going to start living with my current husband and I full time.

She was very unhappy at the change, and for the first week, she barely even looked at her stepdad. He kept trying, gave her gifts, her favorite food, everything. But my daughter continued to be a brat. I had several talks with her and told her her behavior was unacceptable, but nothing changed.

By the second week, I had a work meeting where my husband would be left watching Morgan. I told him to just ignore her attitude, he was being a great step dad and she was just a brat. He was sad, but nodded and kissed me goodbye.

Luckily my work meeting was short and I was able to come home only an hour later. As I opened the door to our house, I heard what sounded to be my daughter crying, and smacking. I walked in, trying to see what was happening and what was wrong.

I was shocked to see my husband with Morgan naked over his knee on our couch. “You little bitch! You break dishes because you aren’t happy with the food?” He screamed as he continued to spank her ass.

Her sobs echoed in the house as he went harder and harder. I just watched silently, he was taking out all his anger from the past two weeks by spanking her. “You know what, maybe this will help you learn to respect me,” my husband said before tossing Morgan onto the couch. He made her get into doggy position, grabbing her hair harshly to make her back arch.

Morgan made eye contact with me as I watched. “Mom! Help! Help he is hurting me!” She screamed. My husband was shocked and started getting off of her as he saw me. “No no, continue honey. She needs to learn her lesson.” I said to him. He smiled at me and went back to what he was doing. “Mom you can’t let him do this! Please! Stop him!” She continued to whine. I walked up to them and slapped her in her face. “Listen here morgan, you have been such a little bitch to me and your father. Now you are going to be treated like a bitch so shut up and take it,” I whispered in her ear harshly.

She whined and started to sob even harder. “Here let me help you honey,” I said to my husband and got his cock out. It was hard as a rock and pre cum was dripping down his length.

I sucked it up with my tongue and guided his dick down to our daughters little virgin pussy. “Fuck our daughter baby,” i said to him. He thrusted inside of her tight cunt in one go. Her scream was delicious and made my pussy clench. He didn’t stop though, he continued his brutal thrusts in and out, grunting with each one.

More and more blood covered his cock with each thrust. Eventually she lost her voice from screaming so just her little whimpers and grunts of pain filled the room.

As I watched, I took off my clothes and started to masturbate. My cunt was sopping wet from watching my daughter get raped. In no time, my husband came deep inside of her. He turned her over and spit on her face. “That is what bitches deserve,” he said to her.

He walked over to me, leaving Morgan in a ball on the couch crying. “Fuck me baby please,” I begged him. With my daughters fresh virgin blood still on his dick, he got in between my legs and started fucking me.

As he fucked me, I kept my eyes on Morgan, replaying what had happened in my mind. I came in record time and so did he.

Once my husband and I had cleaned ourselves up, he started apologizing to me, but I stopped him. “No don’t apologize, she needed to learn a lesson” i said to him. He agreed and kissed my cheek. “Besides it was the hottest thing I have ever seen,” I whispered in his ear.

Maybe having full custody of her was going to work out after all…

Thanks for reading! This story is fake, email me at – [email protected] if you wanna talk!

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    Hope there is more!

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