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How I lost my virginity at a scant 11 years old – Part 2: The Act

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Abbie and Izzy get really familiar with each other, but dad comes home to interrupt the fun and have some of his own. (11f/15m/34m)

Part 2: The Act

I felt adrenaline pumping through my veins as I walked closer to my bedroom door. On the outside of it there was a sign I had found at a flea market that said “TOXIC WASTE – UNAUTHORIZED PERSONS KEEP OUT”. I thought it was fitting for me, who was already starting to become quite the little toxic pixie dream girl, and as we drew close, Izzy commented on it.

“Toxic waste? That you?” He asked playfully.

“Yep. Don’t touch me unless you wanna grow a third leg.” It was a double entendre, and I waited to see if he would react.

He smiled and licked his lips quickly before saying “And what if I do wanna grow a third leg?”.

I drew close for a moment, put my hand on his thigh near his crotch, and replied back “Then maybe you should do more than just touch.”

He had been doing great up to that point, but I think my boldness threw him off a bit. He stammered and finally said “We should probably like, get settled though, hang out for a while, and like, I want the grand tour! It’s my first time in here, it’s so pretty.”

I beamed and blushed. “Thank you,” I said sheepishly, “and yeah, sorry, let’s smoke first and put on some lo-fi. It’s been such a long day,” I finished, pretending to be tired so he wouldn’t feel like I was pressuring him to have sex. I didn’t even know what to expect from sex at that point – I knew what a penis and a vagina looked like and what they looked like united, but not how they got to that point – but I wanted it so badly.

He smiled and started looking around my room. I found myself intensely comforted by how genuinely amazed he seemed to be by the combinations of color, edge, softness, vulgarity, simplicity and girlishness with a tiny sprinkle of Rosie-the-Riveter style tomboyism. It was nice to be with – or at least around – a guy who could see the beauty of my space.

I started introducing him to all my heroes, including my acoustic guitar and ukulele. I showed him all of the neat gadgets in my room, like my telescope and my hand-me-down Nintendo 64, and finally – a well-planned last stop – we got to the bed.

“And this,” I said, plopping down on the double-stacked full mattresses on the floor in a frame my dad had built for them, “Is my bed. It’s got pillows, sheets, everything you’d want.” My bed genuinely was my favourite part of my room, even before it became my sex platform. I never liked bedframes and box springs, and for a long time was too short for them, so floor mattresses were my preferred state of being, and the way my dad had set this room up was perfect.

“This is the nightstand, obviously, with its lamps and drawers,” I said, pointing out some objects on and around the nightstand and then opening the drawer where there were a number of condoms I had no intention of using, but wanted Izzy to see without me actually showing him.

“I love your room so fucking much. This is a chill spot. It really is. Thanks for inviting me over. Let’s smoke,” he said, taking out a pre-roll canister from his pocket that he had likely lifted from his mom and sparking it. My dad had always allowed pot smoke inside, so I wasn’t worried about it, and was really excited for the chance at some 100% confirmed real dispensary weed.

“Nah, thank you for coming and actually giving a shit!” I said as he hit it a couple of times.

“Of course I give a shit. I mean,” he stopped, coughing and passing it to me, “You’re practically the only one in our little group of people at the table that typically even acknowledges my existence. I wanna be around you every chance I get. You’re basically the only thing I really, truly look forward to at school.”

He couldn’t have known it, but that meant the absolute world to me. I was ready to strip my clothes off and lay spread-eagle on the bed, but I resisted the urge. I hit the joint a couple of times as he spoke, and as I detected the end of his point, I passed the joint back to him.

“You have no idea how much I feel the same. Everything at school is so fucking boring and back-asswards, but you make sense, and it frustrates the Hell out of me that nobody listens at the table because you’ve opened my eyes so many times just saying random shit in a conversation. I think I really like you honestly.” I said, blurting out the last bit before I could even stop myself. My cheeks went wide red.

“…well, I have good news,” he said, leaning in as if he was going to whisper something to me, “I like you back.”

As he said that, he quickly cupped my face with one hand and kissed me on the lips, then again, and this time I transformed it into an entire make-out session. I was making out with a boy two grades above me and he was loving it. We clearly had crushes on each other. I was so happy.

“Oh my God, I’m so glad we got that out of the way… I have the biggest crush on you and I’ve just wanted to tell yoy that for awhile,” I said as soon as I caught my breath after our kiss.

“Oh same. I’ve thought you were the cutest girl in school since I first saw you, and I’ll never think anything different,” he said, staring over all of me.

“Let’s just do it, then. I wanna lose my virginity to you. I want you to take it.” I said, leaning in for a kiss.

He reciprocated, and as we made out, I began undressing and tossing my clothes to the side. I felt him rub all over my budding breasts and twerking my nipples a little as he explored, and I let out a little moan in appreciation. Soon, his hands were going down, closer to my vagina – which by this point was soaking wet in anticipation of what was to come.

“You barely have any hair yet,” he said as his hand graced my mons pubis. I kissed him again and said “I hope that’s okay.”

“It definitely is. I prefer it like that.” He said, then smiled in happy surprise when he realized how wet I was upon touching the inside of my slit.

“I’m wet down there for you…” i moaned as he began to encircle my clitoris with his finger. Suddenly, I felt a great pressure inside the hole I knew was my vagina, and then I could feel the strong and thick sensation of my new lover’s two fingers inside my pussy.

“I hope that didn’t hurt,” Izzy said, trying to be gentle.

“Not at all. Just a little pressure. Now it feels great, though…” I said, listing off again as he began to get rhythmic with his finger thrusts.

He was good at this. I could feel what I had heard described as my “G-spot” tingling and reacting with insane joy from every graze of his soft fingertips, and the rest of my vagina was tightening as the pleasure began to mount.

Soon enough, I knew I was about to have my first orgasm. I had never been able to make myself cum, but this boy was about to.

“Oh! Ohh! Ohh my god!” I started audibly moaning as my body reached the crescendo and I wanted nothing more than to get off and have an orgasm.

“Fuck! Yes! Yes! Oh my… ahhhh!” – The orgasm finally hit me. It seemed like nothing was real and yet everything was more real than ever. I felt like God was giving me a kiss. I was convulsing, my legs were shaking, and I was panting hard.

In my post-orgasmic haze, i didn’t quite register or recognize the sound of my dad’s car in the garage being closed and therefore him being home, so I just sat there panting, occasionally kissing or cuddling closer with Izzy, for a few minutes, all while he worked on getting himself hard. I still hadn’t realized what was happening right outside and downstairs, but it was about to become very pertinent.

After a few minutes of cuddling, Izzy, who seemed to have not noticed or cared about the sound of a car door closing (perhaps he took my nonchalance as intentional) got up and began to kiss me passionately before saying “Can I have sex with you?”

I was honestly surprised someone would ask directly, but I was still out of breath, so I just shook my head vigorously in the affirmative and allowed him to take my legs at the ankles and open them wide for himself, putting my ankles on his shoulders to decrease the angle he would have to make up for in order to stay inside me with our size difference.

“I want you so badly,” he said, then pushed himself into my virgin pussy, taking that virginity forever and giving himself the first feel of my pussy. He quickly started to thrust – and hard – and suddenly we heard footsteps approaching. As if waking up from a dream, my face went white, and I suddenly realized what was about to happen.

My dad flung open the door and screamed “What the fuck is this?! Who the fuck is that, and why is he inside you?”

Neither of us knew what to say. Izzy didn’t even withdraw for a moment. He looked at my dad, looked at me, then looked back at my dad.

“I’m sorry sir, we both wanted it really badly.”

“Get your fucking dick out of my daughter and go home, wherever the fuck, back to wherever it is you came from. Do it now and I won’t find out who your parents are and have them make you do an STD screening for fun.” My dad said, drawing the line clear in the sand.

“Fuck – yes sir. Sorry about all this. I’ll go.” Izzy said, gathering his things and putting them in front of his still-hard but now softening cock.

My dad simply stared at me, a smile forming after Izzy left the room and only growing larger as we heard his footsteps getting more distant and heard the front door close.


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    A hot, vivid follow-up! I’m excited for what’s to come in part 3, although I feel a bit bad for Izzy.

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    Sent you a message on Proton

    Would love to chat 😉

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      Okie 🥰

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    Where’s part 1 then?

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      Search the title and you’ll find it

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    Very wordy and quite boring really!

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