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How I fuck my girlfriend

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Hello this my first story, I’m an 25 years old my girlfriend lives with me pass 2 years now

How my story start

When I was dating my girlfriend then I travel to visit my parents, She make friends with someone boys one day the another boy ask her to take a walk with him so then from there went the the guy house and the guy ask her to sleep with him she told the guy no she has a boyfriend then the guy forces her to sleep with her months later when I call her to come to visit my parents too so she comes and we start for a couple of weeks and we went back she live with me one day she brought her friend to eat in the house and before then she told me what happened to her so after her girlfriend left I was thinking how to fuck her first so I ask her to carry her friend come again that I want to fuck her then she did after I fuck her friend a couple of days I went to studio to record my song few days later we make a plan to pack out of the city to another city one day my girl told me after I come back from work that her friend was pregnant and I don’t say anything about it but am hoping I have a child and since then I keep on fucking outside even when she try her best every moment I need her I always fuck her any style I want, She suck my dick anytime even when am sleeping it’s what I ordered her to do if not am going to get another girl coz she mess up and I can’t give my trust for her again and I’ll keep on doing what I want, There’s no day i don’t fill pussy with my cum, I always fucking hard and I enjoyed the life I’m every single moment of my life hoping to fuck anyone available for my dick

Like and comment for another story coming soon coz her other friend live with us and am still planning to fuck her 😊

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    Stop writing

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    Grammar -sucks, story lack details, story lack direction