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How I beacame a sissy

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Hi, my name is Robert and I am 25 years old this is the story of my Mom, Stacy, and I.
My story began many years ago, I was fourteen or fifteen, I think, and lived with my Mom, Stacy, a very attractive woman whose body and face were gifted by God. 
She was a petite woman in her middle 30’s. She had a compact little body with beautiful average-sized breasts. Her pretty face with amazing brown eyes, high cheekbones, big, pout lips, and a straight nose, was framed by long black hair.

Her hips were fairly small, like most Asian women, but still, her body was excellent.
Don’t get me wrong, I loved my Mom, but she told me early on that she never wanted me to be born a boy but wanted a daughter instead, not a son.

Throughout my childhood, she bought me girly clothes and I would walk around the house dressed like a girl, and she loved to put makeup on me. 

I’ve always been a tomboy with very girly features, and boys never liked me at school, I didn’t have friends and was often bullied.

At school, both girls and boys frequently called me simply fag. 
I hated school but I felt good at home dressed and felt like a girl. That was my identity. Mom raised me a girl. 

Mom knew that I was not doing well at school, that I didn’t have any friends, and that girls didn’t make friends with me, because they were jealous of me as I looked a lot better than them, but I always got the impression that she didn’t seem to pay attention or care about it. 

She just told me that other kids were stupid and that I shouldn’t pay any attention to them. 
Maybe I was too emotional or sensitive as a boy, I don’t know, I was just an average girl. 
But soon, I noticed that I attracted the attention of men and that men found my body beautiful.

During summer, I usually wore short girly shorts that showed off my long girlish legs and a curvy butt. I liked it. Men said that I had beautiful big eyes and big lips, yes I liked the attention from men, they made me feel like a person, a beautiful person and not a fag that stupid kids kept calling me.

When I walked down the street with Mom, she used to say to me, ”Roberta, all the men are looking at you when they pass by and turn around to take a longer look at you,” and then she smiled at me, even though I was a boy. 

Me and Mom were poor and lived in ”a less attractive” apartment and often Mom would have men, yes men, as in several sometimes, I never saw it, but, I am sure that she got paid to entertain the men.

As long as I can remember, men, often two or three, but it could be as many as six of them as well, used to come to our dirty apartment. They almost always brought alcohol. Most of the time we were all in the kitchen, everyone was drinking alcohol except me. But she let me be with her, and, really, we all had fun. 

When everyone was drunk, men used to approach Mom more intimately. I watched them kiss her, grab her breast, and touch her private part. Mom would moan and touch their penis’.

Mom’s sexual behavior was completely submissive to all men, she let them use her as they pleased, and Mom always did what she was told. When Mom was very excited, she simply said to me: 

“We are going to the room to talk,” and she would go with one or two men (sometimes more) to the room and I would stay in the kitchen, either by myself or with other drunk men. 
We all understood what Mom would ”talk about” with the man or men in the room. I wasn’t stupid, and I don’t know why she would say that, since after only a minute or two, I, or we, heard her moan and grunt quite loudly.

Sometimes I would go to the door of the room, open it a little and watch her getting fucked.
I loved how her breasts heaved and swelled with her chest as she sucked in air through clenched teeth without exhaling. Her trembling skin rose in a tumultuous sea of florid goose-bumps as her body contorted luridly in a wild, horizontal dance. But, at last, there was no resisting the final shrieking plunge off the plateau of pleasure into the cataract of release.

“No, please sir… I can’t take any more… Please fuck me sir….”

The bed would creak and soon Mom usually let out a long guttural moan of pure ecstasy.

Her body jerked and twisted as she wailed out, shaken by yet an orgasm. It blinded her, deafened her, and blasted away her thoughts as it ran its feral, delirious course. Finally, she found herself trembling through the aftershocks and desperately sucking air as she lay on the sweat-drenched bedspread.

Another time I watched a man grab her black hair and place her face right in front of his raging hard-on.

“Open your mouth.”
His cock was at full attention as he drove it aggressively into her open mouth, going deep into her throat on the first thrust. Taken by surprise, Mom choked and coughed as he pulled out. Before long his cock was right back in her throat, thrusting deeply. She had to concentrate on keeping her throat relaxed and conquering her gag reflex.

Her body drew tight and taut, sweat dripping along her flushed skin.

”Fuck…!” Mom managed to say while panting for air.

The sheets rumpled underneath her bucking and writhing. Her curses morphed into mindless bleats.
He kept up a solid pace of deep mouth-fucking for a good minute and I watched Mom cough and gag. The sounds were so intoxicating and hot, I loved the thought of having this kind of sexual power over another human being, this almost royal power.

Then the man stopped away, threw Mom on the bed, and slid into her sweet buttery cunt; impaling her on his cock. Mom pushed back against him and began to buck. He grasped her boney hips and began to fuck her Asian cunt hard.

Watching Mom being taken like this, was very erotic and I was extremely horny and willing to do anything to do that as well

“Fuck the bitch, George, fuck her young cunt hard!” I heard a second man moan, vigorously jerking his cock right above Mom’s face.
”Yes, Yes, Fuck me hard,” Mom panted.

Their bodies slammed together making ‘schlock-schlock-schlock’ sounds as their sweaty bodies collided.

Mom felt that his cock began to spasm and both she and I knew that he was about to cum; she pulled his face to hers, kissed him, lifted her crotch off the bed, and grounded her pubis against him.
She writhed shamelessly underneath him as she felt another huge orgasm approaching. 
He groaned one last time, and his cock exploded, hot streams of semen spurted from his spasming cock as he went into an orgasmic paroxysm.

Her own avalanche was more like a volcanic eruption. Her hips lifted at least a foot off the bed, suspended between her heels, and she shook violently. She screamed something incoherent but it was lost in the other sounds she was making.
The man just held his body still and squeezed both her breast tightly, while her pussy clenched his cock hard, milking the remains of his seed, and usually, she convulsed as she came on his cock, over and over again.

Mom had a firm grip on his buttocks and squeezed them hard, digging in her nails and pulling his groin hard against hers; her pulsating vagina spasmed like crazy.
The second man erupted and sprayed Mom’s face and breasts with his cum. 

Some days I used to take a closer look at Mom when she was cooking dinner. 
I took a sip of my tea and looked over her perfect form.
Her soft, black hair flowed to the sides of her breasts, like shiny twin waterfalls. Her hair perfectly framed her gorgeous white porcelain face, and her amazing full lips.

Like I said, Mom wasn’t huge by any means, but there was a very nice amount of cleavage visible at the top of her tank, and… one day, she definitely wasn’t wearing a bra. I had no idea how she could be that perfectly proportioned and with everything perfectly shaped and placed, being almost 31 years old!

I noticed that she had the cutest little nipples, surrounded by deep brown areola, that I desperately wanted to suck. I stopped at her breasts, so firm, ripe, and luscious. So, high, full, ripe, proud, and round breasts tipped with long hard nipples in puckered aureoles. God, I was getting horny.

My eyes wandered down to her flat tummy, I couldn’t help but notice her incredibly petite waist and flat stomach peeking out from under her tank top.

Her limbs were small but well-shaped, her hands and feet elegant, her wrists and ankles slender.

On the days when we had ”guests” over, Mom would ask me to dress very sexy and very feminine.
I always dressed in nice skirts and thin blouses (my favorite was a pink one) or tight T-shirts.
Mom always gave me bright make-up and perfumed me heavily.
I liked to look like that and I felt right at home. I was a girl and I felt pretty, even beautiful, Mom loved it, and she was always in a good mood and during those times we were as close as we could ever be. I loved it. 
We often discussed men like two girls and laughed together, like sisters. She told me about men and would say; ”men are so stupid.”

Mom had always called me Roberta, even though my real name was Robert.
Like I said before, Mom never wanted a boy and one day she told me that secretly she hated all men.

“I think it’s important for you to know something,” Mom said one day.
“What’s that?”
”I want you to be aware of who your biological father was.”
“So you do know who my father is? My birth certificate says “unknown” under father.”
“That’s not really true. And yes, I know who your father is because he raped me, with my mother’s approval, and he got me pregnant.”
“Oh wow,” was all I could say.
“Your grandma and I were living alone when she married a second time. I was around fifteen at the time and I adored my new step-father. He was handsome and my mother shared with me what a wonderful lover he was.”
“Details and all?” I asked.
“She was pretty graphic and being fifteen I was turned on by her stories.
My upbringing was sickly Asian, no dating or men for that matter. I had never been on a date with a boy, but it was not for lack of anyone asking, it was just that I was too shy to be around other boys and my parents forbade it.”
“Never once did you go on a date?” I asked.
”Your father said that he found me attractive.”
”And who is my father?” I asked.
”Was he’s dead now, but it’s my step-father who raped me. He said he wanted to fuck me and impregnate me.”
“And did he do that?” I asked.
“Oh yes.”
“What did grandma do when this happened?” I asked.
“She helped me undress and gave me a sexy baby doll nighty to wear with no panties. The first night was the most delicate as I was a virgin. My mother held my hand as I was on my back on the bed and my step-father inserted his hard cock inside my pussy. It hurt a lot, and I bled, I begged him to stop and pleaded with Mom, but he kept going on, and soon, I felt his hot semen squirting inside me.”
“Did you like it?” I asked.
“No, I hated it.”
“But I guess he did get you pregnant.”
”Yes, he raped me several times, and then one day I felt strange, so me and my Mom went to the doctor that confirmed that I was going to have a baby. That baby, of course, is you.”
“Wow. I had no idea. How old was I when my father died?” I asked.
“You were just two years old when my mother and he were killed in a car crash.

As long as I can remember Mom had never been shy around me sexually. She had no problem walking around the house in just her bra and panties. Sometimes she would also wear a half or full slip over this. Her lingerie was overly feminine. Loaded with satin lace and nylon. She wore full-cut panties with lots of lace on them and I found them very sexy.

My desire for Mom started much earlier though. I was probably like twelve. 

Mom loved to dress me up in her nightgowns at night, and I loved how her long nylon and lace nightgowns looked on me. I loved how they made me feel like a pretty girl in a sexy nightgown lying in bed.

I absolutely loved wearing my mother’s lingerie and feeling like the girl I knew in the back of my mind I was. I had a very short, thin penis and a tiny ball sack between my legs. At twelve years old I had no real body hair at all; nothing between my legs or under my arms, and not a hint at all of chest hair or leg hair to be found. My shoulders were rounded and not square like a male’s should be. I had worn my mother’s panties, slips, garter belts, stockings, bras, and dresses for a long time.

At twelve years old, I had never ejaculated and was not sure I could. I had experienced a few wet dreams, but the only time my small penis got hard was when I listened to Mom moaning and getting fucked in the room next door. 
My nipples would grow very large if I flicked them with my fingers and I enjoyed the feeling I got when I did this. I did not sexually handle my penis at all and found the thought of doing this to be somewhat disgusting.

I had decided I would be very happy to go through life without ever trying to ejaculate and the thought of trying to get my never really hard penis into a female vagina was something that held no interest at all for me. I was very content to dress in pretty lingerie and pretty nightgowns and flick my nipples into full erection for a sexual release.
My tiny penis did not get hard or feel anything when I stimulated my nipples and that was just the way I wanted it. In my fantasy, I would imagine a loving male sucking on my nipples to give me a sexual release.

My mother always had an ample supply of lingerie in the second drawer of her dresser in her bedroom. My body shape was not large and her lingerie always fit me perfectly.

Then one day, things changed. Mom had selected a pink pair of panties with lace around the waistband and around the leg openings, and they felt wonderful. When the helmet of my tiny penis touched the crotch of the panties I thought about my mother’s pussy lips also had touched the crotch of these panties.
The fit for me was perfect and there was only a very tiny bump in front where my still limp, and very tiny, penis was.
She put on a pair of nylon stockings and slowly slid them up my legs, and then a white satin and lace garter belt, and attached the stockings.

Next, she selected a satin and lace pink bra and attached it behind my back after putting my arms through the straps. She balled up a couple of pairs of panties and stuffed them into my bra to fill out the cups. Then she topped this off with a knee-length pink full slip with a large amount of lace. I looked in the mirror and realized that I was a very pretty girl in very pretty lingerie.

Mom smiled at me and handed me an armless polka-dot dress in pink with white dots, that came down to just below the knees. It fit me perfectly and I felt so relaxed and natural dressed in my beautiful lingerie under my dress. I had no male sexual urges at all; no erection of my tiny penis in my panties.

My nipples were erect in my bra and it felt wonderful to flick my fingers on them.

Like normal, we entertained the men for an hour, and one of them wanted to know me. He sat next to me and rubbed my legs as he told me how beautiful I looked. I watched Mom make out with the other guy, oblivious to my situation. Luckily, the man followed Mom and the other man to her room.

I went into my room and placed my ear on the wall, and all of a sudden I had an intense feeling of having to pee. The feeling caught me totally by surprise and I jumped up from my bed and began to dash for the bathroom, but I did not make it and I was afraid I was going to get urine on the carpet and in my mother’s panties and on her slip, but that did not happen.

I froze in place on the way to the bathroom as I felt my pee start to come from my still very limp penis and I braced for the sound of the urine hitting the floor, but it never happened. Something wet was coming out of my penis but it was not pee, it was very warm, and felt sticky and fluffy. 

I could feel it collecting in the crotch of my panties and my body experienced little muscle spasms.

With each spasm, I felt more cream-like liquid come out of my penis. I had never had an experience like this in my life. I was mostly relieved I was not making a mess on the carpeting and everything coming out of my body seemed to be held in place in the crotch of my panties. When the spasms stopped, I felt the entire head of my tiny circumcised penis encased in warm, sticky, wetness.

I went to the bathroom and lifted up my dress and my slip and slowly opened the front waistband of my panties to see what was in them. I looked down and saw a huge mound of white cream all over my penis head and completely held in place by my panties. Nothing had dripped out or run down my legs. It took a second or two for me to realize I had ejaculated and what I was looking at was a mass of semen. It was the first time in my life this had happened and my tiny penis was fully limp and somewhat retracted during the whole episode. But I had cum for sure and I had to think fast of what to do as I had just cum in my mother’s clean panties.

Still holding my dress, I slowly began to lower my panties until I could step out of them making sure none of the mound of semen spilled out of the crotch. With my dress smoothed back down, I bent over to gently pick up the cum filled panties. As I slowly lifted the panties, I had no idea what came over me, but I kept lifting them up to my mouth and without any hesitation, I stuck out my tongue and pushed it into the warm white mound of semen.

I found the feel and taste of the semen very enjoyable and I stuck out my tongue again for a more complete lick of the semen. I got a much larger amount the second time and felt a shiver come over my body as I consumed the cum. I kept going as I placed the panties on the bathroom counter with the crotch facing up and I bent over and licked every drop of the sticky white cream I could into my mouth. I cleaned every last drop of the semen out of the panties and swallowed every bit of my ejaculate.

It was the first time I had ever ejaculated and the first time I tasted semen of course.
I did not know it at this moment, but going forward I would happily enjoy swallowing ejaculated semen from erect male cocks many, many times over the next years.

The first thing I learned that day was that I could ejaculate semen without having an erection and without touching my little penis. The second thing I learned was ejaculating, for me, was something I never really wanted to do. There was nothing feminine about it. Thirdly I accepted the fact I wanted to experience life as much as I could as a girl. It was very natural for me and put me completely at ease. And lastly, I learned I could not get enough of the taste of semen. I knew I did not wish to ejaculate again myself, but I also knew I wanted to find a way to enjoy swallowing the semen ejaculated by a male who found me attractive as a female.

Then one day, maybe a year later, I passed my mother’s bedroom. The door was opened just a crack. When I had passed the door, I stopped and watched Mom sitting on the bed, painting her fingernails.
She had a towel around her body and one wrapped around her head. I started to peek in and say hi, but I saw her get up and walk over to the dresser, looking into the mirror. I was surprised to see that the bath towel barely covered the cheeks of her buttocks. Her legs look so long and smooth. I stood quietly and watched as she took the towel from around her head and began to dry her hair. I knew that I shouldn’t be spying, but I couldn’t help myself.

Mom used the towel to partially dry her hair then plugged in the electric dryer. As the warm air surrounded her, she looked into the mirror.

I was about to leave when I saw Mom put the dryer down. Then I saw her reach for the towel that was tucked between her breasts.

Her eyes glanced into the mirror and for a second I thought that she was looking at the doorway in the mirror, to see if I was watching her naked front of her body. I could see her nipples harden as she slowly let it drop behind her.

I gasped. I stood frozen, looking at Mom’s naked body. She was absolutely gorgeous. Her breasts were still firm and sat up with very little sag. My eyes traveled to her pubic area, where to my delight; she had a completely shaven pussy. I saw just a hint of pink inner lips and all of a sudden, my penis was pulsing with life.

Then Mom reached down and opened the bottom drawer, bending over at the waist. Her buttocks pushed back and she moved her legs slightly apart.

“Oh God,” I moaned as I stared at my mother’s beautiful ass.
I looked between her legs and could see the pouch of her vagina staring back at me. I could even see the lips shining wetly. It didn’t occur to me that Mom was just as turned on as I was.

Slowly she stood up, holding a pair of skimpy red panties in her hand. Then she bent and stepped into the panties, pulling them to her waist. She could feel the silky material caress her buttocks sensuously and pull tightly to her swollen sex lips.

Somehow, I pulled myself together and moved away from the door.

I remember the first time I came to watch Mom. It was maybe a month or two after the first encounter. 

It started like the last time, I passed her semi-closed door and stopped to watch her get ready for her guests later on. 

I reached in under my skirt and grabbed my limp cock as I watched Mom finish taking off her skirt. She turned her naked back to me and I got a quick glimpse of her tight little ass as she stripped off her sheer black pantyhose and sat on the bed finishing taking them off.

She stood, put her thumbs in the waistband of her panties, and wiggled her ass out of her matching blue laced panties that were wedged in her ass crack. I watched her walk into her bathroom carrying her bra and panties throwing them in the hamper. Her ass was tight and firm, her waist tapered nicely, her black hair swaying against her back and shoulders.

God, Mom was one hot piece of ass.
Then she went into the bathroom, turned, and looked at herself in the mirror. Her silhouette was gorgeous. Her tits jutting out from her chest. She moved side to side looking at herself, turned, and disappeared behind the wall as she turned on the shower.

I smiled at myself, with my tiny, but stiff woodie in my fist. I was jacking off looking at my Mom, something I never thought possible, I was having a hard penis. God, I could get off on just looking at my naked mother. Sweet Jesus.

I could hear the shower running. I pictured Mom, hot steamy water splashing on her head as she tilted it back, letting it flow through her silky black hair. Cascading over her shoulders. Her hands, massaging and slathering the soap on her perfectly shaped tits. The soapy water running over her stomach, down past her hairy pussy, to her thighs.

Then silence. The shower was turned off. I waited patiently outside the door. My hard penis was just resting in my hand.
She appeared. She was running a towel up and down her sweet body drying herself off. Her hands moved up over her head, shaking a towel on her wet hair. Her tits moving to the rhythm, God, my Mom looks delicious!

She put the towel on the sink counter, looked in the mirror, and fluffed her still-damp hair with her hands. With her arms raised, her luscious tits lost their slight sag. My Mom is perfect!

She turned, leaving the bathroom. I saw it. The perfectly shaved pussy, Oh, my, my small penis stirred at the sight.

My mother took care of the appearance of her pussy, and kept it tidy, and completely shaven. Or she’d have a small downwards pointing triangle, not like most Asian women I’d seen, with their extremely hairy bush.

I got a quick glimpse of her pussy slit as she moved to her dresser at the end of her bed. Again, I was looking at the lovely outline of her silhouette. She slipped on some white lace panties, tucked her tits in a lacy bra, and put on a very sexy short skirt and my favorite yellow blouse. Sat on the bed to put on her black 4-inch stilettos, she was ready for another ”talk” later.

I wondered how many men were going to fuck her tonight. Before she was ready, I snuck away from her door to avoid confrontation.

Mom passed my room on her way to the kitchen, and once she had passed, I glanced over my shoulder to make sure Mom was not in sight. Without really thinking, I stepped into her bedroom, went straight to her hamper, and retrieved the soiled blue panties she had worn that day. I balled the soft fabric in my fist. Stuck my head out the door to make sure the coast was clear and dashed into my room.

”Roberta, hurry up, I need to do your makeup, did you put on the dress I bought you?”
”Yes, Mom, coming,” I replied as I closed my door. I was about to get the first whiff of my Mom’s snatch.
I held the balled-up panties to my nose. A mixture of mom’s stale pee and musky pussy scent was enough to get my cock growing.

I walked over to the bed, tucked her panties under my pillow, saying to myself, “Later.”

Two hours later, I walked into my room, and reached under my pillow to retrieve my Mom’s used panties, while I listened to her moan and the loud slapping sound in the next room made the experience that much sexier.

I tugged my panties down to my ankles. Spread my thighs and gripped my growing penis in my fist.

“You like me finger fucking you, don’t you Stacy?”
I imagined the man finger-fucking Mom hard as I sniffed her dirty panties and jerked my penis.

“Yes Andy, eat me! Lick me! Andy! Please! I want you to make me cum! Like that baby! Yes! Andy! Yes!”

I started to pump my penis with my fist in rhythm to my mother’s moaning.

I picked up her panties and held them to my nose, inhaling her scent. My other hand pumping my small penis.
I inhaled, licked, and sucked my mother’s panties, pretending I was smelling, tasting her pussy. Wishing it was my head buried between her thighs. Then my penis exploded, shooting a jet of cum onto my dirty T-shirt.

I whispered, “Oh mommy, I’m cumming mommy. I’m cumming.”

Mom and I climaxing together, in our separate rooms, in our separate ways.
My cum now coated my fist as it continued to ejaculate. I moaned quietly, enjoying the sounds from the adjacent room.

The next morning I got up feeling refreshed. I listened to hear if Mom was sleeping or if she had left the apartment already. No, she was sleeping. I went across the hall into the bathroom, peed, turned on the shower, brushed my teeth, and stripped. I looked at myself in the mirror. ‘Not bad’, I thought. Thick brown hair that covers my ears, tight abs, little chest hair, thin shoulders, slender biceps, and long slender legs. I looked at my limp cock hanging down out of my pubic hair.
I’d seen many men’s cock, probably too many for a fifteen-year-old boy, and I had realized that my penis was not even close to many of them.

After my shower, I wrapped a towel around me when I was done and sprinted across the hall into my room, only to get a quick glance at Mom’s ass as she walked into her bathroom.

I listened to Mom pee and then got a shower, unfortunately, I had no way of looking at her in the bathroom, but I hoped that she wouldn’t close her door when she walked back into her room.

Jackpot, as soon as she entered her bedroom, I snuck up to her door, which was barely open. 
She unwrapped the towel and tossed it on her bed. Completely naked, I took her body in. 
Her tits barely sagged and bounced and swayed as she walked to her dresser making my penis stir.

Mom opened her dresser drawer and pulled out a black lacy bra, panties, and sheer black pantyhose. She first put on the bra, clasping its back in front and spinning it around, then she adjusted the shoulder straps and finally the cups. She sat down on the edge of the bed slipped on her panties and skillfully slid her pantyhose up her legs. She stood, walked over to her closet, and put on a white blouse that barely revealed the black bra underneath. She slipped on a light tan just above the knee-length skirt, tight enough to show off her small round ass, but loose around her thighs.

She stepped back and looked at herself in the full-length mirror on the wall. Bent down, my mother’s inviting ass pointing at me, picked up a pair of black, three-inch sandal, strap shoes. 
Sat down again on the bed and buckled them on.

She stood, legs now showing their classic well-defined form. God, what I wouldn’t do to get my hands on them.

Knowing she would be heading down to the kitchen, I quietly made my way to the kitchen. Poured myself some OJ and got a pop tart. 

Sitting at the breakfast table, waited for Mom to come in.

She came through the door, walking heel to toe. My eyes moved slowly up her body, starting at her heeled feet, her ankles, her tapered calves, and her knees, all encased in sheer black hose. Her skirt swayed as she walked past me. I caught a whiff of her sweet perfume and turned to watch her skirt move side to side with the swaying of her hips.

I looked at the indentation of her waist. The “V” of her shape up to her shoulders with her soft, shining black hair, covering them.

Mom fixed herself a cup of coffee. I was still looking at her legs when she turned around and crossed her ankles. I ran my gaze up her shape. She was holding her coffee cup up to her red lips, blowing the steam away, taking a sip, when our eyes met.

I smiled, “Morning Mom, you look really nice.”

She lowered her cup and I saw her blush. “Thank you, honey.” Still looking at me, she took another sip. Then put the cup on the counter. My eyes went to her deep cleavage. She had four buttons undone.
The roundness of the top of her tits exposed. I saw them turn pinkish and looked up at her. 

Her face was a little redder as she caught me staring at her chest.

I wanted to get up, take her in my arms, run my hands over her back and ass, inhale her perfume, and kiss her. But I just adjusted myself in the chair and forced my eyes away from my mother’s body.
She broke the silence.

“Well, I gotta go, cross your fingers that I get this job…”
We spoke for about a minute before she had to leave. 

The sight of my mother’s ass leaving the room made my penis strain for release in my panties.


When men came to our house, we looked like a mother and daughter. I was always dressed very sexy. 

The kitchen had two small sofas and two small tables facing each other. Most of the time, Mom was sitting on one sofa, often with two men sitting by her sides. And on the other sofa, the rest of the men sat and I sat somewhere near them.

I often stood up and walked around to show myself off, I knew all the men liked to look at me. 
I often flirted and flirted with everyone. When everyone was drunk, I would gently sit on some man’s lap and put my arm around him. He would put his hand on my legs, and I admit, I used to feel weak when a man hugged me, my eyes started to darken when I felt a strong hug from a man. I just couldn’t resist it.

When I sat on a man’s lap, I usually felt him getting hard, but I pretended that I didn’t notice it. 
The best part of that part of my life was watching Mom cuddle men. 
She would wear a tight, white pullover top that was low cut, exposing the upper swells of her breasts, and a short skirt and high heels. 

I couldn’t help but look at the expanse of her thighs as her skirt pulled up.

Sometimes when I looked up I saw Mom smiling at me.
God, she saw me looking up her skirt, I thought. I can’t even do that right, I thought, mentally chastising myself
I felt a stirring between my legs and sometimes I felt the man’s hard cock twitch underneath me, and it even happened that the man would grab my cock as we watched. Mom making out with a man or men. 
Her skirt had pulled up her legs, revealing her tanned thighs.

I tried not to look at her exposed thighs again. However, that was impossible. No matter how hard I tried, my eyes went to the dark area between my mother’s legs. The light from a street lamp melted the shadows and I drew in his breath. My mother’s legs opened, revealing the silky tops of her thigh-high nylons, her smooth thighs, and then a pair of pale blue silk panties hugging the pouch of her sex.

Men fondled her nipples, she exposed her breasts for all to see. Anyone could touch them. 
That made my penis hard, and I have to admit, sometimes the man would gently rub his hand on my penis and one day, I actually felt my penis harden.


One day I passed her room on the way to bed, and I noticed her door was cracked open.
I opened the door a little bit to see if she was sleeping. The room was lit up by the street light outside the window.

As I peeked into the room I noticed that her body was just partially covering her body, namely her breasts, stomach, and vagina. and the sheets were crumbled up between her spread legs.

I thought maybe she was having a dream until I saw her move the covers. Her legs were spread wide open and her hand was between them rubbing her pussy. I was totally in heaven.

The glow from the light was just right. The light from it gave off this blue glow allowing me to see my mother’s every move. 

My mouth hung open. My mom was a knockout! Long, toned legs. Slim waist. Beautiful full, firm breasts.

My first thought was, “She’s cold,” since her nipples were erect under the sheet. I detected the faint scent of her sex in the air. 

Another time when Mom had been fucked by three guys, and I had watched, I heard her sleeping hard. Mom always slept hard whenever she had too much alcohol.

Suddenly, a dirty thought came to me. I got up quietly and sat gently on her bed, next to my curled-up mother. The clock on the wall ticked loudly and my heart beat hard in my chest as I waited to make sure she was asleep. 

I moved my hand down and under the top of the sheet over her stomach.

Slowly I moved my hand upward, inch by inch. I felt an electric shock when the side of my hand touched her covered breast. 
I thought I was going to cum in my panties. I took a deep breath and turned my hand over, palm up. Now I held the full bare breast of my own mother in my hand. I waited for what seemed like an eternity for Mom to react. When she didn’t move, I began to squeeze it. I played with the heavy breast gently, feeling the fullness and the warmth of her flesh, fearing all the time that I would wake her.

I grew bolder. I cupped and kneaded one breast before sliding across to do the same to the other.
I moved slightly and let Mom slide sideways and into my arm, her back pressed to my now pulsing penis. I sighed with relief when I saw that her eyes were still closed. Then I shifted my view and I watched my hand move freely under her top.

I squeezed and lifted the breasts and then moved on to play with the hard nipple. It suddenly occurred to me that I had sucked this same nipple as a baby.

Suddenly, I had to see them.
Slowly, my hand pulled down the sheet until the top until a large orb was bare. My eyes were wide as I stared at the smooth white skin and the long pink nipple. I squeezed the flesh gently. I was fascinated as I watched my hand knead her soft flesh.

My hand worked her top up until both breasts were exposed to the cool late-morning air, causing the nipples to harden even more.

”God, they’re beautiful,” I said leaning over as if to kiss one.

“No, Roberta stop,” Mom said pushing me away.

I froze. But after only ten seconds, Mom started snoring lightly again, Puuuh, she was still asleep.


”Hey, sleepyhead, rise and shine!” Mom said as she one day walked into my room.

”Hey, Mom.” I rolled around under the covers while she shook my shoulders, patted my butt, and kissed my neck. 
”A few more minutes?”
“Sure,” she said. ”I know you hate school, but you can’t be late.”
“Crap.” I yawned.
”C’mon, Roberta, get up.”

She put one hand on my shoulder and the other hand on my butt, and started rocking me back and forth.
“OK, I’m up, I’m up!”
But, Mom didn’t believe me, she pulled away the covers.
I heard her gasp, and I looked at her. She was staring at my crotch. I looked down.
Shit! I had fallen asleep in the nude after jerking off last night, listening to Mom fuck.
Now I was lying right in front of Mom with a morning hard-on, not very impressive, only about 8 centimeters, but still hard as a rock. As I lay frozen there for a moment, her eyes never wavered from my penis.

“Shit, Mom, I’m sorry!” I said as I pulled the sheet over me.
“What?” Mom hadn’t moved. She seemed to be in some kind of trance.
“I forgot I was naked.”
“Oh. That.” She finally came out of it and sat down on the bed. She put her hand on my stomach – dangerously close to my erect penis.

“Honey, I’ve seen everything there is to see on you… although not for a while, I admit. You’ve… um, been developing nicely, I see. Nothing to be embarrassed about.”
“Jeez, Mom, I’m embarrassed that I was lying in bed, in front of you with a full penis.”
“Honey, that’s perfectly normal, especially in a young man your age. I’m your Mom and I love you, and nothing you do can embarrass me, Sweetie.” She gave me a little hug and stood up.

“Now, get up and get into the shower.” She stood back from the bed and waited.
Feeling sheepish, I pulled back the sheet and rolled out of bed. As I stood up, I saw Mom’s eyes move downward towards my erection again. Before I could walk to the bathroom Mom stepped towards me, put her arms around me, and gave me a big hug. As I hugged her back, I felt my cock pressing through her nightgown and against her leg.

“I love you, Roberta,” she said.
“Me too, Mom.”

She let go of me and walked out the door, feeling Mom’s eyes on my ass as I left.
As I was in the shower, I couldn’t stop thinking about the fact that Mom’s eyes had been glued to my erect penis.

I closed my eyes and started to fantasize.
Her hand slowly caressed my penis. It felt so good. Her hands were so soft and they felt perfectly wrapped around my penis. She slowly got off the bed without letting go of my penis, pulled off my shorts, and positioned herself on her knees right between my legs but instead of walking away from her like I just did, I stayed. 

Then she leaned down to my flaccid penis. I put a pillow under my head so I could see Mom as she was about to suck my penis, a thought I had never had before.

She pulled the skin of my penis down exposing my head to the fullest. She softly kissed it and then suddenly wrapped her lips around the top of my penis. She began sucking it while at the same time jerking me off. I watched my mother’s head bob up and down, up and down.

The sound of my Mom’s mouth slurping almost brought me to climax but she stopped sucking my dick and went lower and began licking my asshole. It felt great.

I was furiously jerking my rock-hard penis thinking about Mom doing all this to me and soon I ejaculated all over the shower wall.


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