How bestiality started with me

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This is a true story of how I started bestiality, please don’t judge me thanks you, Emily xo

This is my story how bestiality, started with me.

Part Four….

I am now 20 years old now, Benji is now a very experienced alpha now and he knows how to dominant me, I soon become submissive to Benji but he doesn’t get nasty he has once or twice been rough with me but I soon lower my head to show Benji that am his bitch and surrender to him, but Benji is a damn good fuck and he has a big cock and Benji knows how to use his cock.

I only wish that I could carry his pups but that’s something that’s never going to happen, maybe some time in the future there might be away but not in my life time or Benji’s. The other night when I was taken Benji out for his evening walk I became very horny so I decided to let Benji mate with me on the beach which was so romantic as soon as Benji knot was inside two people was also walking there dog.

And yes they caught us fucking they didn’t know where to look I found it a turn on and after Benji came deep inside my vagina and when Benji pulled out all off his semen came dripping all down my legs there were so much semen I thought damn its more then normal, as soon as it stopped we run to the car just in case those people phoned the police up, as soon as we got home I teased Benji.

I soon went down on all fours and we mated once again, I absolutely love the feeling of being knotted then he feels my vagina up again this time I got a cup to catch Benji’s semen to I could drink his warm semen yum, after Benji pulled out all his semen came flooding out I managed to catch some of Benji’s semen, I soon wasted no time in drinking his warm semen yum.

After I drink Benji’s semen, I went and got a long nice warm bath to relax, some time later I finally got out of my bath and went and had a cup off coffee then bed. Next morning I got up and had to get ready for work, I gave Benji his morning feed and had my breakfast and then I got myself dressed, I took Benji to my moms and dads as I always do when am at work as I don’t like to leave him home.

An hour later I arrived at work for the morning shift at the hospital, yes am a nurse. A couple of hours later we had an emergency a guy was knocked of his bike and it didn’t look good for him, he was rushed down for surgery a while later he came out of surgery but they couldn’t save his leg, 30 minutes later he came round and we had to tell him that we couldn’t save his leg.

He started crying so the doctors decided to give him an injection to help him sleep and to take the pain away for a while at least, well it was getting close to the end of my shift and to my moms to pick Benji up, some time later my shift had finished and I headed to moms and dads, mom asked if I wanted dinner as mom said my sister wanted to tell me something so I stayed for dinner.

My sister and her girlfriend came home from work so we all sat down to listen to what my sister wanted to tell everyone, so my sister and her girlfriend told us that her girlfriend asked my sister to marry her and my sister said YES she would marry her, so I got up and give my sister a big cuddle and then her girlfriend after, I said congrats to both of them, as did our mom and dad.

Well I hope you all enjoyed this part four.

If you wish for a part five please let me know down in the comments thank you, Emily xo


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  • Reply Mark ID:2wdpw6ruk0d

    Yes please I’d love to hear.wish I could meet u.this is so hot

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    Do y have any social media or something i would like to talk about it, i found it curious you know 🤔

  • Reply Sammy Joe ID:5c8rcvm9b

    Would love a part 5 with more detail of Benji fucking you in the pussy and ass

  • Reply Ken ID:1dp4ffag4g67

    Will there be part 5?

    • Emily Sofia. ID:16mfw0kok714

      Ken there will be a part five if more people ask for a part five.

  • Reply Michael ID:5az13ew42

    Oh yes, part 5 and more please.

    • Emily Sofia. ID:1elms374els0

      Michael have you read the our chapters.

  • Reply Ken ID:1dp4ffag4g67

    Would love part 5

    • Emily ID:1eclfzwf7u3t

      Part 5 will come soon

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    Part 5 please!!!!

    • Emily ID:16mfw0kok714

      There will be a part five soon.