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Honey’s Jungle sexpedition (When Abraham met Goldie) Part-IX

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Next day Honey and Goldie returned with Montos and Bandung and it was seen that Murphy will be coming on next date at Hotel as they planned and both Honey and Goldie wanted to return to the Hotel but Bandung told along with Sunda and Kamia Goldie will go and Honey will stay here as their captive.
Next day Goldie went with Sunda and Kamia and both Sunda and kamia stayed at the Jungle and Goldie alone went to Hotel for meeting with Murphy but when She reached at Hotel then she found Abraham her would be son in law instead of husband Murphy. Abra was very happy to find her mother in law in other words mom Goldie.
Abra: Hallo mom.
There was rain outside and Goldie was totally drenched when enter the bedroom where she was with Abra only
Goldie; How are you my son Abra. Seeing Abra the mom Goldie’s sex lust is aroused, only sex relationships are formed in situations like this. Because any woman is also a woman before being a mom. As soon as mom saw me she sat back on my lap, Abra felt the warmth of her thighs. there was not a single hair on mom’s thighs. Her thighs were very soft and smooth. Abra placed his hands on mom Goldie’s thighs.
After some time Goldie said – I am feeling cold because of the weather outside.
Now mom came inside my blanket. Mom positioned herself on my lap and her breasts were pressed into my chest and some part of mom’s vagina was pressed against my penis. Due to the heat of her vagina, my penis started becoming erect and started pushing mommy’s vagina again and again.
Now Goldie also understood what was happening which she wanted from her son. Abra’s penis started hurting due to it being pressed by Goldie’s vagina.
Then, when mom Goldie slightly lifted her body Due to mommy getting up a little, my penis started touching her vagina, due to the friction between mom Goldie’s vagina and my penis, mom’s vagina had become sexcited with sex water.
My penis was already touching mom’s vagina. Due to me being in front and the penis being pressed, it totally went inside my mo Goldie’s vagina completely. I slowly started playing my cock inside mom’s wet vagina. The vagina of my older sexy mom Goldie is more open then tight pussy of my would be wife Honey, so my entire penis easily entered inside within a few minutes. my entire penis went into her vagina. I felt that mom Goldie’s breathing had started becoming a little faster. Goldie started feeling some pain from my humongous penis. The size of my penis is quite big as 10 inch+ and it is also quite thick.
Due to the penis being inserted into the vagina for a few minutes, I started feeling heat. I felt as if my penis was inside a furnace.
Then mom Goldie said – Since you are my would be son in law rather my son and we have done this sex before also so there is no sin and I will also sexplain everything to my daughter Honey and she is so open minded to adjust all this. Now everything has been done by yourself, now leave your shyness and resorted to fuckness of your mom Goldie like a whore..
As soon as mom Goldie said all this, I immediately made her lie down on the bed. Despite being so cold, now my body started trembling and I started kissing and licking mom’s shoulders, neck and breasts.
Goldie also started enjoying sex fun with me. When I went below her waist, I saw that there were a lot of
Goldie was also saying – Ah son, I am enjoying your cock punch in my pussy… do more ah!
I was sucking my mom Goldie’s vagina in such a way that sex water from her cunt pit is coming inside my mouth. After I sucked for a few minutes, lava like fire started coming out from my mom Goldie’s vagina.
I told mom Goldie – you also take my cock in your mouth.
She got up and took my penis in her mouth and started sucking it..At that time, there was so much sexcitement that I was about to ejaculate.
I immediately took out the penis from mom Goldie’s mouth and let the sex juice spread on her voluptuous boobs. Now I kept caressing mom’s vagina.
Then mom Goldie said – Son Abra, You have enjoyed and what about me? Abra I said- just give some more time.
Hearing this, mom Goldie held my penis and started sucking it with her mouth. Within a few minutes my penis started becoming erect again. Now I made mom Goldie lie down and pressed my lips to her lips and started sucking. Then in sextreme sexcitement I bit her lips, she shivered suddenly. Mom Goldie’s whole body became hot. I was enjoying lying on mom Goldie’s naked body so much that I can’t explain it.
Well… Mummy held my penis in her hand and started rubbing it against the labia lips i.e mouth of her vagina. Her vagina was already wet and had become so smooth due to my spit that with just a little pressure my bulbous penis head went inside a little. This time a sigh came out of mother’s mouth.
I asked- Are you feeling pain?
She said- You do your work.
As soon as I pushed with a little force, my entire penis entered into her vagina.
There was so much heat inside mom Goldie’s vagina that I felt that I would ejaculate again.
Then mom Goldie started moving my penis in and out while raising her buttocks and thighs in a control manner and all sex is controlled by the motion of her body
After about twenty minutes of sex, I ejaculated into mom Goldie’s vagina.
We both had sex once again and talked for some time and spent the whole night I got up early in the morning and found Goldie’s pussy still in open condition and my sex jism has filled and in dry condition. I wore my clothes and moved ahead.
All these were described by Abraham to Honey so this portion can be included in Honey’s jungle sex sexpedition.


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