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Honey’s Jungle sexpedition (Old man with Goldie)- Part-XII

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When Goldie reached to Montos and Bandung’s hut with Abraham then all became very happy, specially Mona seeking Abraham as her bed partner. Finally after some time tonight Goldie has to go to their Grandparents sex feast., Goldie smiled and said – I will have sex with this old man only once, tell me… and after that you will let us go.
Honey understood that her mom Goldie also felt like sexperiencing something new and different.
In the night Goldie went to the cave of Old man.
On seeing Goldie the old man said that now I have grown old, that is why my penis does not get erect quickly and does not come out quickly.
Now listen to the further story in the words of Goldie.
I am Goldie a sex maniac perverted mother loving all varieties of cock. Now listen my partners:-
That old man slowly came near me and started kissing my cheeks. I really wanted to get a new sexperience by having sex with this idiot, but the smell of tobacco was coming from his mouth. I felt disgusted with this old man. Firstly, the old man was kissing my cheek, I was feeling uncomfortable due to this but no way
While kissing, he started pressing my breasts, and started drinking my huge grape type nipples though there is no possibility of milk will come out.. As soon as he started sucking my breasts, I started getting an unknown pleasure. In a very sexperience manner, he was pressing and pulling both my nipples alternately between his lips and licking and pinching my nipples with his tongue.
Due to this action of his, lust started awakening inside me and my pussy started crawling like ants. Due to her continuous squeezing and sucking of breasts, I gradually started getting attracted towards sex as there was none but I am alone in this cave.
Now one of the old man’s hands came on my pussy and he started caressing my pussy which is already sexposed.Now he stuck his fingers in the sides of my pussy. as my pussy became naked, he started kissing me on the lips while fingering my pussy.
By now I was completely hot.
After some time the old man asked me to sit naked in front him and I obeyed his order and I sat.
The old man took out his penis, I was shocked to see the penis because it was quite thick, but withered. I started thinking that when a withered penis is like this, it will turn into a pestle after getting erect. There was a dirty white crust on his penis which must be his frozen sigma, which was giving off a strong smell.
When the old man asked me to suck his penis, I refused and said – clean it first!
The bastard cleaned his penis and said – Open your mouth, you bitch
I opened my mouth. The old man put his penis in my mouth. I started sucking his penis.
I don’t know, after some time I started liking that smell and that filth. I started enjoying and started sucking the dick with all my heart and enthusiasm. By sucking, I made the old man’s penis very smooth and wet. The penis had become erect and completely ferocious as penis is as humongous as 10 inch+
The old man said in amusement – Now be a mare. I quickly became like that. The old man placed his penis near my ass and started rubbing it. I was also enjoying old man sex a lot. The old slowly tried to insert his penis into my ass. When I felt pain, I moved forward a little and said straight away – Fuck me, your big humongous dick won’t go inside my ass.
He said angrily – Bitch, you will teach me how to fuck. Dozens of pussies and asses has been cleaned by my penis juice
I got scared by his words and silently bent down. Now the old man spit on his penis and also spit in my ass. Then slowly the old man started inserting the penis into my ass. I was in bad pain but I tolerated it silently Finally the entire humongous penis entered my ass.
Perhaps the fact that I had my ass fucked by no. of cocks, it was a miracle of him that my ass was able to withstand that huge cock. The old man started pushing slowly. Now my pain had reduced a lot and I had also started enjoying. My whole body was shaking with every thrust of the old man but the fucking was fantastic. The itching in my ass was disappearing properly.
After fucking for some time, the old man started panting, I understood that now the old man’s semen is about to come out. I said- Don’t take it out in the ass.
The old said- Why
I said- Will you be able to do more?
The old man said – If you feel like it, I will fuck your pussy also after half an hour.
I said- I feel like it,
He said- you have liked my penis?
I laughed and said – Yes, you will definitely like a humongous young dick and kissed him.
I said – obey me now. Don’t spoil my ass, I am opening my pussy gate for you and I opened my labia. The old man took out his humongous cock from my ass and entered the total cock in my pussy in one cock and jammed my pussy and I am feeling some trembling in my pussy as I released my sex jism on old man’s dick.
I said – you release your load on my mouth Hearing this, the old man took out his humongous penis from my vagina filled with my sex juice and inserted it into my mouth and lava from his penis erupted. I don’t know how long the motherfucker had not ejaculated, so much semen came out that I cannot tell. My entire mouth was filled. I swallowed it all. It was very tasty, thick like jelly, enjoyed it.
Now the old man calmed down and said – Now you can go and not forget to send your daughter tomorrow night and laughed.


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