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Honey’s Jungle sexpedition (Adventure of Abraham with sunda and kamia) Part-XI

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Abraham fucked two jungle girls in the jungle. One of the two was a gaping hole but the other was a tight pussy.

In the morning Abraham went outside the tent leaving Goldie in her cum filled pussy sleeping condition He met with two jungle girls who are incendtally Sunda and Kamia. At first Abra got scared seeing their seducing smile, then an idea came in his mind that why not fuck both of them. Then Abra thought, who knows whether they will agree to get fucked by him or not.

The two girls were sitting under abush. Abra went near that bush. Then Sunda got up from there and went to the side but Kamia remained sitting there.

Abra worked as gigolo and has too much courage and asked her- Will you fuck me?

Kamia’s pussy inside is itching to take the cock in her vagina which Abra did not know. Kamia agreed to get fucked.
She was beautiful to fuck. Abra kissed her lips and started kissing her neck.She also started kissing my lips. Abra started pressing kamia’s breasts and she became hot. Kamia caught hold of his humongous penis over my shorts and caressing it after removing the short she took Abra’s penis in her hand and caressing it.Now she took my penis in her mouth and started sucking it as if she was sucking a lollipop.

Abra took off all clothes of Kamia nd made her lie down. and started pressing her breasts.
There was a strange attraction visible in Kamia’s eyes and it seemed as if she was asking me to drink her breast milk. I pressed one of her milk nipples in my lips and started sucking it and started meowing while pressing the other nipple between my two fingers. She started moaning sensually and she started trying to put her breasts into my mouth with her hand. I also pressed one of her breasts in my mouth and started drinking it. She was enjoying it a lot and sounds of aah uuu aahh were coming out of her mouth. She had become sextremely hot and was massaging her pussy with one hand and caressing my penis with the other hand.

As if Abra has got a green signal from her pussy. Without any delay, Abra spit on his penis and after making a position, started rubbing it against her pussy lips. She started moaning hotly and said – Put your hot cock in my pussy… and tear my pussy… make my pussy a hole. Without any delay, Abra inserted his humongous 10 inch+ penis into her pussy. The bulbous head of the penis easily entered her pussy. Abra understood that this bitch has already enjoyed many big cocks in her pussy.

Then I lifted her leg up and gave a strong push and inserted my entire penis inside. Then Kamia shouted loudly – Ouch, such a thick long penis… I have never taken it… ah, it is hurting a lot. Today my pussy will burst. But after some time her tone changed and now she started enjoying the cock and started saying it while raising her ass simultaneously. ‘Ah fuck me… make my pussy happy in the forest… quench the fire of my pussy.’Abra raised both her legs and placed them on my shoulders, then filled both her breasts in my hands and started pushing them vigorously.

Abra started fucking her at full speed and she also started screaming in pleasure – Ahh fuck you… Ahh how much fun it is, ah what a great pleasure your cock is having… Fuck me harder oh oh! Abra kept fucking Kamia for about 20 minutes and she suddenly held me in her arms. Abra realized that kamia was about to ejaculate her sex jism now. Then Abra increased the pace of fucking and started fucking her hard as if she was a street whore.
Then she released her sex jism and became sexhausted.

After some time, Abra made Kamia a mare and inserted his humongous penis into her pussy from behind.The cock was enjoying a lot in the wet pussy. Abra moved my hand forward and caught hold of her breasts and started pressing them. Kamia became hot again and started shaking her ass saying – Darling fucking dick tear my pussy today. Abra started fucking her vigorously. suddenly Abra felt that he was at the moment of throws of his sex jism
Abra asked Kamia where should I release my sex jism?
Kamia laughingly answered fill my pussy with your sex lava.

Abra took a deep breath and released long squirts into her pussy with the sounds of ah oh oh oh.
And Abra lay down on Kamia’s body as both are totally sexhausted.

Then Abra saw that there was another girl Sunda standing near the tree who had seen our fucking and laughing. Abra thought why not fuck her pussy too.

Abra called Sunda and said that you also enjoy sex, don’t you feel like getting fucked?
So Sunda said- I feel like it… but I am afraid that something might happen? And I have heard that it hurts a lot
Kamia said- Don’t be afraid, Sunda agreed to get fucked by Abra.

Now Abra took Sunda in his arms and started sucking her soft lips. Sunda was already hot, she also started supporting me. Then I started massaging and pressing her breasts and she started moaning loudly. d started pressing her pussy with my fist. Sunda had already become very hot after watching the sex.Now she was supporting me in pressing her pussy.

Abra’s humongous 10 inch+ penis became hot again and started hissing. Abra made Sunda sit under my knees and placed my penis on her mouth. She started sucking my penis with great pleasure and I was enjoying it very much ‘Ah ah oh. Abra made her lie down, started rubbing his penis against her pussy lips which is very tight.Sunda writhed in agony and said – Fuck me now! Abra spit on the penis and placed it on the small hole of Sunda’s pussy and started inserting it.

Abra’s Bulbous head of Humongous penis was refusing entry by the tight pussy of Kamia to go inside. Then Abra asked Sunda to sit on his lap and placed his penis on the small hole of her pussy. Then I asked her to sit, so she started sitting. In this position, Sunda’s tight pussy had opened a little, so the bulbous penis head was placed in the mouth of pussy and as soon as I told her to get down… at the same time, due to my lifting up, the bulbous head of the penis entered a little inside. Sunda started writhing loudly.
Then Abra held Sunda’s waist and gave a strong push and half of his penis entered insid of Sunda’s vagina. Tears welled up in Sunda’s eyes Without taking out his penis, Abra laid her down and started kissing and caressing her.

When Sunda’s pussy pain subsided, Abra started moving his humongous penis in and out. When Sunda started enjoying, I gave another strong push and the entire penis entered her pussy.
A sweet moaning sound came out of Sunda’s mouth – Ah Ah. Ah..

Abra started fucking Sunda vigorously. Now Sunda also started enjoying the cock completely and she also started enjoying by bouncing her ass. Then Abra spread both her legs and started fucking her vigorously. And sensual moans started coming out from Sunda’s mouth – Aah oh fuck me… make me a whore… make me a hole in my pussy ah uuu aah… fuck me harder and harder ah more harder… I am about to cum… fuck me harder ! Then after a few minutes Sunda released her sex jism. Now I raised one of her legs and started fucking her vigorously. After about 20 minutes, Abra also ejaculated into her pussy.
Then both Sunda and Kamia cleaned Abra’s penis by sucking it.

All these are again totally peeped by Goldie and the show was described to Honey later on.
Suddenly Goldie arrived at the spot and told to Abraham get up my son they are our guide to take us to the jungle and they went for Montos place at the Jungle.


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