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Her Mom & Dad Trusted Me (Ch 2)

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Lily wakes up in her pj’s in my bed and can’t remember how she got there.Her pj shirt is unbuttoned I purposely left the buttons open.

It’s 8 in the morning I have some pancakes made waiting on my little 12 year old beauty to come down and hopefully not remember I fucked her yesterday.Lily is absolutely beautiful running threw my memory of how tight her pussy is has me wanting to fuck her several times today.After Lily passed out laying on the livingroom floor I used my camera putting Lily’s body in different very sexual positions taking her picture.I put my sun glasses on her face so it’s not seen her eyes were actually closed.

Posing her 12 year old body watching my cum drain onto my carpet got me hard again very quick.Putting Lily on her back putting her legs on my shoulders I took several still pics of my cock at various depths inside her vagina.After I had enough pics I rolled of Lily , rolled her to her side held her left leg up and slid my cock back in her fucking her while she was passed out.After coming 2 times already in about 30 minutes I was able to last almost 20 minutes before I injected her little girl pussy with it’s 3rd load of cum in one day.

My name is Greg incase you forgot,Lily is the daughter of Tony & Bre they drive the semi I bought so I guess they are my employees. Lily is staying with me you can read the first part of chapter one for specifics.
Anyway the plan today is let Lily find my phone left open seeing her nude body and the pics of me fucking her and see how it goes.The first part of the plan when Lily comes and is eating I’m going to sit on the couch in the living room and watch Daddy daughter porn and see how she reacts to that.

Every perverted fantasy I had about Lily came true last night.When she has her super tight one piece swim suit on her crotch looks like she has a hotdog bun in her suit her mound sticks out so profoundly. She is very nieve about keeping her body hid from pedophiles like me and I’m so happy of that.The porn I have ready to play is real Daddy & Daughter I paid for the video off the dark Web.The girl is 11 similar looks of Lily the Dad is good looking guy cock about same as mine.Their in a motel the Dad talks his daughter into letting him eat her out for $50, they eventually fuck but I’ve not decided if I’ll let it go that far if I even need the porn.If I can get Lily to agree to doing stuff today I won’t need the porn.Shes up I hear her coming out of my bedroom so let’s see what Lily remembers about yesterday.

Very shyly Lily said good morning, I said it back put her plate in front of her and sat across from her drinking a beer.Yeah I know it’s early but I’m retired it’s OK and I want to get this party fired back up.

So how do you feel pretty girl? I ask Lily.Lily smiles a shy smile, I feel OK I was a little dizzy feeling when I stood up out of bed , she said.I laughed a small laugh asking, do you remember our party we had?Lily looked at me confused, I can remember swimming,going getting my clothes and tooth brush,eating pizza.Then she looked at me like a light just came on and ask, Did we play Truth or Dare?Yes Mam we sure did you won do you remember winning?She won by showing me her 12 year old beautiful puffy breast.She thought as she took the last bite of breakfast.Thought a little longer and said , Did I make you eat grass?Laughing out loud I say , you sure did my little queen a hand full.Lily laughed and slid her chair back looking down between her legs and right back up at me.Can I take a shower ,Lily ask me.Sure a towel is already on the sink in my bathroom for you I don’t use the hall shower it drains really slow.

Lily goes to shower as she walks down the hall I say , oh hey I’m going to swim I put your suit in there if you want come on swim with me.The door closes to the bathroom in my room and I pull the pics up of Lily naked leaving my phone open so she can see the screen when she comes out towards the pool.I have 15 of Lily posed legs spread showing her pussy fully spread open,and the ones of me fucking her there 5 showing my cock in her.I hope this works if it does I hope Lily and I spend the day in bed fucking.

Sitting at the bar where I ate Lily out watching her have an amazing orgasm I see her stop at the kitchen table,she sees her nude pic on my phone.Looking but not looking I see Lily bend down some looking to see where I am and she grabs my phone.Her hand is swippingg really fast then she holds the phone close taking a good look.I bet she sees my cock inside of her.Lily stood there going threw the pictures for 5 minutes reaching down once putting her hand between her legs cupping her pussy.Is she turned on?Is her little pussy getting wet?I so bad wanted to fuck her again.

Lily comes out slides my phone across the bar to me and she left the best picture on the screen.I had my left hand on the under side of her right leg her knee touching the carpet, if she crunched up towards her pussy she could almost lick her clit.My cock is buried balls deep inside of her ,nippels hard and my gold rings very noticable in the picture.Looking at the picture for a bit closing the screen out I look at Lily and say ,you don’t remember last night do you?She shook her head no hiding her face with both hands.

Lily wasn’t moving just sitting but her nipples were very hard showing threw her swim suit.Lily you don’t remember daring me to show you my penis last night?Lily said a muffled ,No I didn’t!Lily you did, you said you had only seen your Dads,I’m totally lieing but boy the door the lie opened.Lily slapped her hands onto the bar , I said that?Yes baby you did , you said you seen your Dad naked and his thing was sticking straight up.Lily looked at the pool, up in the sky,down at the tile floor and then said , can I tell you about my Dad?WTF I know what she’s going to say her Dad molest her.I might have fucked up letting her see that I fucked her.Im genuinely nervous where this is going.

Before I talk about Daddy can we talk about the pictures?Yes baby sure we can , I told you last night your my girl we can talk about anything. Lily smiles shuffled down getting more settled not so stiff and smiled .OK here goes, My Dad sneaks into my bedroom when he thinks I’m sleeping and touchs my breast between my legs and rubs his hard thing on my lips squirting sticky stuff on my face.I pretend to be sleeping and he’s done it long as I can remember.Wow Lily honey I didn’t know I’m sorry baby girl.Lily smiled and said ,it’s OK I stay awake on purpose because I like how it feels when he touches me it makes me feel good.

Lily laid her head into her arms on the bar her little feet kicking back and forth where she is to short to touch the ground.Lily are you sad?It’s brave of you to tell me about your Dad.Yesterday was a fun day we had a lot of fun.Muffled from her head still down,Did you put your thing inside me?Lily what we did yesterday was the game we were playing,you dared me to show you my penis when it’s big.Lily looked up, I did I don’t remember that.Do remember drinking alcohol me and you were drunk yesterday. I was Lily replied.Yes you was and after I pulled my dick out you dared me to try and put it in you so I did, it felt amazing I loved it.Are you mad or upset at me?Lily said no but I don’t remember doing that.How did you do it was it hard to do?Lily it felt so good you had and orgasm,you know what and orgasm is don’t you?Lily laughed , yes I know what that is .

Lily I put my dick in you 2 times yesterday,once here at the bar , then you wanted to try it laying down so we went to the livingroom and I fucked you on the carpet that’s when you orgasmed really good saying how good it felt.Lily giggled and said again she didn’t remember it.Door just opened I’m running threw this opportunity.

Lily my penis is hard now , would you like to try it again now,we could go to the lounge chair ,it feels so good.Lily hides her face with her hands slowly nodding her head yes.Oh my god she wants to fuck and she’s not drunk.I get to fuck this beautiful 12 year old little girl by my pool first thing in the morning.Come here baby come over here and you can see my cock.Lily gets up walks towards me her mound looks so delicious threw her swim suit I can’t wait to be inside her again.Lily stops in front of me ,I pull my swim trunks down my cock stands at attention she’s staring with a huge smile.

Taking her hand in mine I walk to one the lounge chairs I can lay on and have Lily stand over me and lower herself down onto my cock.She can control how deep and how fast we fuck that way.

So the reader knows I have 7 foot high privacy fence around the entire backyard and my neighbours on either side are 100 feet from the fence so no danger of noisy neighbours watching me fuck a little girl.

Sitting down my legs on each side of the chair,take your bathing suit off baby, I say to Lily.She hesitates a little so I take my trunks off lay back and slow stroke my cock as she begins slowly pulling her suit off.Reaching out for her hand taking in the erotic picture I see in front of me.This 12 Yr old sex goddess with a perfect mound breast firm, body not one flaw walks towards me lays her hand in mine.Step up on the chair stand over top of me.Is your pussy wet baby?Lily feels between her legs and says yes I’m wet.Ok you let my cock inside you OK stand over my hardon and lower your pussy down let me go inside you.

Lily watches between her legs as she lowers down,when she is close enough the tip of my cock touches her pussy wait baby let me rub the head in your pussy juice.Im using sex words I want her to know how to talk and describe what we are doing.Grabbing my cock I rub from her ass hole up threw her split rubbing circles on her clit causing Lily to let a small moan out her soft lips.Getting my head lubed good ,OK baby it’s ready put your cunt on my head and push down,it’s going to pop when in goes in you OK.Lily nodded yes watching how she positions her pussy missing her cunt almost trying to let me fuck her ass.

Let me help, I find her cunt it’s tiny and tight and I push up, Lily raises up stopping me from entering her.Hold on baby it won’t hurt don’t move OK,it’s going to feel so much better then how your Daddy touches your pussy.After saying that Lily moaned again and I shove up with a little Forse hitting her hole perfect my head popped in.

Lily sat straight up looked between her legs ,aaahahhhbbb mmaaaahhhhhhb iittssss in me oh god iittsssss iinn me .It is baby my cock is in your pussy.How does it feel?Lily says,I don’t know I’m not sssuuuurrrreeee.As Lily said sure I pushed all the way in her smashing into her cervix almost making me cum I’m so horny.I mean I’m fucking a 12 year old beautiful little girl and she wants it.

You fuck me go up and down watch my cock fuck your pussy Lily.Lily moaning another long moan she starts going short slow up and down motions.Shes enjoying thid and she’s so much more wet then she was when I fucked her yesterday.Slide down on your knees lay your breast on my chest let me fuck you good baby.Lily does exactly as I say,my cock slips in a little more making Lily inhale like she’s out of breath

Whispering into Lily’s ear I say this,Baby I’m going to cum soon but I want you to orgasm,I’m going to fuck you hard fast and deep , you cum with me OK.Lily nodded her head a quick shake yes .I hold her up holding her hips pull almost out of her super wet cunt,slide back in get half way and slam into her hard.Lily yelled out Oohhhhhh mmyyyy ghoiiddddd .Again I do it same way still whispering telling her we are fucking baby your pussy feels so good,slam,she’s yells again .

OK baby here goes I’m going to fuck you how a man fucks are you ready?Lily answered quick,I’m ready I’m ready do it ..I begin slamming in and out has hard as as I can fuck her 12 Yr old pussy.Shes moaning non stop, oohhhhhh mmmmmyyyyyyyy ggooodddddd over and over her juices are soaking my balls.Do you like fucking Lily? YES YES I llooovvveeeee iiittttttt.aaaaahhhhhhh mmmyyyyy ggoiidddddd again and again she’s getting her first really hard fuck and she loves it.Sloppy wet sounds of my cock slamming in and out of her tiny pussy,skin on skin slapping sounds her moaning I’m about to explode.

Cum with me baby I’m going to cum in your little girl pussy,can I cum in you Lily?Yyeeessssss aaaahhhhhhh aahhhhhhhhaahhhhhh uuuunnnnn I feel her cunt squeeze and release so fast over and over,her legs extend out going stiff and quivering,her head is buried into my chest her hot fast breath her upper body crunchs toward her mid section her back humps up and down shed having a massive orgasm.A 12 year old little girl is sitting on my cock cumming all over my shaft.

Slam into Lily and holding my cum begins to machine gun quick fire 5 hard squirts of cum into Lily’s body.Pulling back slamming into her pussy ,5 more quick hard long ropes of cum fill this little girls pussy full of hot cum.Holding her now tightly letting my cock finish shoting her full I can barley breath.A man my age cuming in a little girl barley old enough to be allowed to watch tv without supervision.Pumping her full i feel my cum leaking out of her pussy covering my balls making a squishy sound now when we move.I love you Lily, I love you so much I whisper in her ear.

Pulling out we both had the sensitiveness and jerks of having just cum so hard and began to laugh.After my cock popped out I held Lilyd face and kissed her a long passionate kiss taking her tongue in my mouth and she allowing mine in her mouth.

Lily and I for the rest of the day we’re not child and baby sitter , we were a couple.We made lunch together then decided to swim and have a few rum and cokes.We fucked all day all over the house.We were actually fucking when Bre called my phone to check on Lily.I stopped fucking Lily told Bre everything is great she loves staying here .Then Lily talked to her Mom for about 5 min the whole time I’m slipping my cock in and out of Lily making it hard for her to talk to her Mom.Lily smacked my ass said Mom could hear the sounds and I moaned .It was hot having my cock in the woman’s daughter I was talking to on the phone.

Side note because I know someone will ask.Im sterile I had myself tested while married to my 2nd wife.We were trying to have a baby my wife was good to go they tested my sperm i had to jackoff in a cup at the docs office lol.

Lily and I have every week we get to be a couple its decided she can stay here ill drive her to school and pic her up her parents said its a great idea they know she’s safe.Skipping ahead a little.I finger fucked Lily in her school parking lot before class started she jacked me off that was kinky watching other children walk in and I’m fingering a child on school property.

If you want more I need 40 comments or the series ends.Differnt readers one reader can’t comment 40 times.Im not writing more if people ain’t gonna comment.

Remember. 69themyoung11.

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