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Growing up as a hypersexual femboy :3

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I’m THE horny femboy, this is about me growing up from 10 to 17(present) and all of my weird horny antics :p

I’ve always been different to the other kids, I knew it.

I only played with girls through my early childhood and had always thought of myself as a girl even when my parents forced me into different groups to play with boys instead.

When I was 10 I accidentally downloaded and read a sex story on my kindle. I didn’t really know what it was supposed to be only that it made my little dick feel funny.

By the time I was 11 I was pretty much only reading smut or sex stories without my parents knowing. I rubbed my dick cause it made me feel so good but I hadn’t developed enough to cum yet so I just had neverending orgasm after orgasm.

When I was 12 I started playing with my hole in the shower out of curiosity and tried seeing how big of things I could fit in it.

13 was a big year for me: I was stroking myself in the shower, I knew that men came and had been wanting to shoot out my own goo for ages now, when I suddenly felt like I needed to pee I almost stopped stroking but it felt so good I kept going and shot out a MASSIVE load of cum on the shower wall. I was in ectasy, floating on cloud 9 for a moment before before rushing to clean it up. I had almost finished when I got a long thick sticky bit on my hand I was about to wash it off when I remembered all the stories I read about girls swallowing a man’s cum and I wanted to be like one of those girls so bad I just decided to taste it. The taste wasn’t bad, I actually thought it was pretty good but I washed off the rest out of paranoia that my parents would somehow know I ate my own cum.
I loved cumming for the first time and kept chasing that high, my parents gave me my first phone and I used it to start watching porn to fuel my slowly growing addiction to masterbation. I mainly watched girls getting fucked and I loved thinking of myself in the girls position, big cocks going in, mind fucked to mush.

I played with my ass alot at 14 I managed to fit my entire hand inside my tight hole. I fucked my ass with any large bottles that happened to be laying around feeling myself streeeech out while I moaned imagining it being a hard dick fucking me was addicting and I even almost came without touching my dick a couple times.
Unfortunately my self declared Golden age of anal did not last as my parents sent me off to boarding school where privacy was harder to come by so my anal exploits had to stop.

I found out about femboys when I was 15 and fell in love, I stole a pair of my mothers panties and shoplifted a pair of fishnets using them (and a pair of long soccer socks for thigh highs) I started posting pics online for pervs like you to oogle at ;3
I faked my age sometimes saying I was 18, other times I’d tell people my real age and touch myself as they tried to groom me into their perfect little slut. I also loved going on omegal and watching people stroke to my body, I was becoming an exhibitionist without even knowing. :p

When I was 16 I used giftcards to buy my first new set of femboy clothes as well as a large knotted dildo and a chastity cage, I used the dildo to have my very first hands free orgasm that made me shake from my toes to my ears and squirt across my room, I was instantly addicted. I also admitted to myself that I was probably trans (or atheist not comfortable with my gender) but didn’t come out to anyone. I was probably my most horny when I was 16 and downloaded grindr so i could finally get fucked or blow someone but everytime I chicken out or they found out.

Right after my 17th birthday I made a twitter account, I’d been using reddit and discord to post my pics for years (and was pretty popular lol) but I decided to start using twitter to build up followers so I could start an Only Fans once I turned 18 for some money (maybe you already follow me?👀).
I also managed to get my first batch of estrogen pills by using gift cards to buy crypto (although it took a few try’s and like $200 wasted ;-;)
I’ve been on E for like 2 months now in secret and I’ve got Lil boobs and softer skin E was supposed to take my sex drive away but I’ve still mostly been cumming twice daily since I started, although I mainly cum a clear fluid now instead of milkly cum :3
My nipples have gotten wayy more sensitive since I started and now I’m tugging on them while I stroke my dick or bouncing on my dildo (im even playing with them while i type this out lol).

Also here’s my discord if you wanna chat or *give me money* (PLEASE! ESTROGEN IS SO EXPENSIVE😭):

(Sorry for bad grammer and stuff im failing English :/ )

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    I love femboy

  • Reply Nemesis ID:1ev54pt3em7t

    I’m 16 and I’m supposed to be straight but femboys really make me hard. I can’t explain it but it’s just something about their feminine charm that makes me want to fuck one hard. Nice story bro I love femboys

  • Reply lil luver ID:1evqfqn88xxo

    Love your writings
    Ever use sessions?
    Ir anyone else like these thoughts

    Sessions I’d.


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    Lmao I’m a dumbass, I forgot to put my discord in I’m
    Say hi if you want! :p

  • Reply Prionsrt ID:5xrvgwwhj

    What’s your Twitter?

    • Thatonegirl;3 ID:1elr8sp9mgp0

      I can’t say, it might get reported lol