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Grooming My Wife To Join In Molesting Our Niece

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We have been having a lot more sex over the last week.My wife cums so hard when I pretend she is a little girl I’m fucking.

Something just happened that is so erotic I have to start a new series.For the last week I’ve dropped hints to my wife I enjoyed so much molesting my little sisters years ago.She ask me how I received pleasure from girls so young with not developed bodies yet.Telling her the thrill for me wasn’t just seeing their naked body but how their body reacted to being touched.My thrill came from watching my youngest sister who was 5 the first time I ate her out giving her the first orgasm she ever felt.Since we talked my wife started asking me as I fucked her would I have fucked her when she was 13.Shocked and completely into what she ask I said yes I would fuck you if you were 13 and my wife started to cum harder then I had ever seen her cum.

As the week went on I was in our bedroom watching some videos on YouTube of little girls daily morning routine it has great shots to jackoff to.Itvwas around 2pm Naomi was with my wife downstairs I wasn’t really planning to jackoff I was just screen shoting some jackoff material from the videos.In walks Hope an Naomi and Naomi is only wearing her panties no shirt.Not weird here in the Philippines little girls go top less until they are around 11 or when their hreast are large enough to wear a training bra so no surprise.

My didn’t know I’ve had my face buried between Naomi little legs sucking her pussy until she has a massive orgasm all over my face.Then Hope ask me what you watching on YouTube?I was caught off guard didn’t expect that I can’t tell her I’m watching little girls on YouTube. She looked me with a smirk and said , did you forget you had your phone screen mirroring to the tv I know what your watching.Im busted I did forget and she busted me.Naomi was sitting on the foot of the bed looking at me as if she’s wandering what’s going on.

Hope had me tell her every aspect of molesting my sisters that I enjoyed and what I liked the most which was them watching me jackoff.All week every time my wife and fucked she would pretend to be a little girl sometimes 5yrs old sometimes 11, maybe 9 it was different every time and she came so hard every time.Hope looked at me and ask me , if I say it’s OK would you jackoff in front of Naomi?Wow , instant hard on I’m shocked , surprised, excited, but mostly scared.What if she is testing to see if I would molest our barley 10yr old niece.What do I say , yes I would because I have been jacking off in front of her and in fact I’ve jacked off in her pussy just 2 nights ago.

What do you want me say baby, does little girls get me excited ?Hope said just answer please it’s OK I’m not mad.Wow what do I say?I should just pull my hard cock out and jackoff right now.My cock is so hard and pre cuming so hard from this conversation I want to jackoff I want my wife to watch me jackoff in front of our preteen great niece.Hope looks at my crouch and see I’m hard.She looks at me and says your hard now why don’t you just do it pull out and do it let us watch you.My cock is throbbing so hard I can’t believe she just told me jackoff in front of Naomi.

Hope tells Naomi to stand up so Naomi stands up at the foot of the bed and Hope takes her panties off and tells just stand here so uncle can see you.I had no voice she really wants me to jackoff.My cock is about to explode with cum.Seeing little Naomi’s pussy mound it’s a perfect C shape , pussy slit is about 1 1/2 inch’s long, her little nub is always visible threw her split and she has no pussy lips.Hope does not know I’ve jacked off on Naomi laying on her back legs spread covering her from head to her pussy with my hot cum.Ive ate Naomi out no less then 20 times in the last 2 months and finally worked a finger inside her breaking her hymen just last week.

Hope says again, take it out and jackoff I want to see you do it.Its like my brain had no control I un zip my Jean shorts raise my hips and pull my shorts and briefs down exposing my hard cock in front of Naomi and Hope for the first time and start slow stroking my cock.Im in erotic overload I want to stoke fast but I want this to last as long as it can.Then my erotic world gets pushed to sensory overload.My wife opens her legs pulls her panties to the side and inserts 2 fingers into her shaved smooth pussy slamming her fingers in like she’s never done in front of me before.Oh my god I can’t cum yet this has to last forever.

Talk to her baby, talk to Naomi tell her what you want to do to her as she slams her fingers in and out of her pussy.The sounds coming from my wife’s wet pussy have me pre cuming so hard.Naomi, I said, I want to lick your little girl pussy.I want you to cum on my face.Hope’s legs are spread wide she half squatting holding herself up with the foot board her little hand is moving so fast.Cum , show Naomi what your cock does shot your cum on your belly for her to see.

Naomi I say, I want to cum on your pussy so bad can I cum her baby ?Hope answers instantly, do it doing before I cum .Lay down Naomi spread your legs so I can cum on you I said.Naomi already knew how this felt I had already taught her to hold her legs back over her head and she holds her pussy spread open. I put the tip of my cock against her cunt and squirt my cum in her pussy pressing my tip tight againt her cunt opening.Naomi spread your legs I say as she lays down Hope is encouraging her yes lay down, cum on her babybdo it I want to see you cum on her.

Just as did 2 night before I press the tip of cock againt her cunt and fast stroke only hard strokes and I’m about to cum.Baby I’m gonna cum when I said that Hope almost collapsed her legs were weak she was cuming so hard ,her face was mouth wife open moaning she said Naomi I’m cuming I’m cuming ooohhhh aaaahhhhaahh. Oh my god aaahhhh ummmm fuck yeah I’m cuming.I explode Naomi hold your pussy i say she opens her pussy my cock is pressed against her cunt cum is splashing and splattering from between her little brown legs I’m blacking out it feels so good so many hard long ropes of cum straight into my little nieces pussy leaking back out covering her pussy mound in my cum.

My world is complete my plan worked my wife joined me in molesting our great niece and it was the best orgasm I’ve seen my wife have and the best cum shot molesting any of the victims in my 59 years of life.After we were done my wife cleaned up her pussy with the baby wipes we use to wipe up after sex.Then Hope wiped my cum off Naomis pussy.Watching Hope cleanup Naomis Pussy was going to get me hard again.Baby are you OK your not mad I came in her pussy?Hope looked at me and said , come here.I get up dick still leaking cum Hope grabs my cock starts milking it and kisses me so deep then says , tonight will be fun.Naomi sleeps in our bed which is how this all started I started sneaking and rubbing Naomis pussy while she was sleeping 2 months ago.Naomi can sleep hard nothing wakes her up.I ate her out jacked off on her squeezed her legs together tight and put my cock between her legs .Pulled her up againt my body so it felt like I was fucking her little asshole and shot cum all between her legs as my wife was sleeping right beside us it was so scary but what an amazing feeling.

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10yr Old Great Niece Watching Me Jackoff series.3 parts so far pt 4 will be the final chapter this series is season 2.

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