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Groomed 13

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Going backwards in my story, Trisha and I would explore each others genitals. Uncle drew loved to watch. He’d even grab peter

Not long after uncle drew had Trisha and I tied in the shed together, my pussy getting vibrated and her baby hole being fucked hard by a dildo, Trisha wanted to play with… just me. I was only a 10 year old girl still trying to figure out what I was experiencing. My button feeling good would make me feel so naughty. I’ll have to get back to that at our sleepover after Halloween.

It became routine when uncle drew had me alone. He’d eat my pussy out, play with toys on my little 10 year old clit or even get his own kids to play. This one time, he asked Peter to join us. “Peter, I want you to play with sweeties pussy, open it up, smell it, lick it, but don’t put your finger in just yet. Grandpa has a surprise for her when she’s older, so we leave that hole alone.”

Uncle drew told peter what to do with my baby parts, lick my button in slow motions then going faster. It made me feel so filthy, my cousins tongue licking my button making me feel so good and naughty. My puffy little pussy lips being spread open so the men in my family could get a good look and do as they wished to me. I let them. I pretended to be a doll, just like uncle drew liked. It wasn’t all bad, I’d feel so good when they put the massager on my button and turned up the vibrations, I’d cum so hard… when uncle drew stuck his tongue in my little slit and licked my pussy it made me feel dirty but good. Uncle drew never hurt me, at least not on purpose. Again, I’ll save that for the next story.

Close to Halloween time that year, uncle drew bought me a Snow White dress, I put it on and it was the prettiest dress on me. I have these big hazel brown eyes and an innocence still about me, until uncle drew brought me into the bedroom and tied my arms and legs to each bed post. He lifted my yellow skirt up to expose my little pussy. Uncle drew took out the massager and a cam recorder, and placed the high buzzing massager over my panties right where my button was. I was role playing Snow White getting molested by the big bad henchman. “Oh oh unc- I mean mister henchman, please spare me, please stop your… uh uhhh ah ah ohhhh god please stop your torture.” My baby button was so easily stimulated by the vibrator, it became addicting. When uncle drew would play with me, the best part was the massager vibrating my clit. It made it so much more fun with my panties on however, they never stayed on long. “Pl- ahhh please mister uhhh uhh ohhh my button, mmmmm you’re gonna make it really wet.” My pleads would go unheard, or heard yet ignored, still vibrated, most of the time on a higher setting.

10 year old me was addicted to getting my little pussy vibrated, especially by force. The vibrations would shake my clit through my panties making me moan so loud, I guess Trisha and Peter could hear.

*knock knock* “WHO IS THERE?” Uncle drew would shout in a tone as if he was angry yet cautious. “Daddy it’s me and Peter… can we play too?” Trisha said through the door. “Uhh not right now honey, sweetie is busy, I’ll play with you later tonight.” “Oh come on dad, I wanna play too! I wanna see what you’re doing to sweeties pussy!” Peter demanded his father open the door and give him and his baby sister a show.

Hesitant at first, uncle drew decided to let them in and lock the door behind them. “Okay if you’re gonna play with us, you play my way. Trisha, get on the bed and lift up sweeties costume so we can see her fluffy little tits.” Trisha did as she was told exposing my still developing sensitive nipples. “Okay now suck on one and pinch the other Trisha.” Uncle drew directed Trisha to have me completely at her will. She started licking my right nipple and poking in my left nipple, then pulling on it and twisting it around. It felt so fucking good paired with the massager over my panties shaking my baby button. “Peter, come here and look close at what I’m doing to sweetie. You see how her panties are soaked? That means she likes it. Whenever a girl is wet, it means she wants it. Learn to take control and take girls by force if they put up a fight. As long as they’re wet, they want it”

Peter watched closely as I was desperate to get away from the massager and her sister playing with my little budding tits. I was bound to the bed posts and couldn’t get far, but I would moan and scream whenever I would feel the orgasm coming, which was uncle Drew’s queue to fuck with me even more but giving my button a break. He couldn’t have me cum so soon, now that his kids were being taught a lesson at my expense.

Dripping wet, chest exposed and completely humiliated by all the feelings and physical touch I was experiencing, uncle drew decided to take it up a notch by taking out a pair of scissors. “Uhhh uncle drew? What are you doing? Oh god please don’t hurt me!” I begged, so afraid of what he would do with such a sharp object. “Don’t worry sweetie doll, I just need these to get rid of your panties. I promise you won’t feel a thing.”

I heard a snip snip and then felt a breeze on my pussy. He had cut my underwear right off me. I’m fully exposed. Peter couldn’t help himself but dove his tongue right into my little pussy slit. I was wet after all. I could feel his tongue swirling around, up and down on my little button. It felt SO wrong but my body loved it. With each lap I could feel my button get tingly and warm. He was licking upwards faster now and “uh uh UHHH AHH PETER WAIT STOP AH AH AHHHHH PE- AHHH OHHH ohhh uh uhh uhh ohh my god Peter… why…” I couldn’t help it, I came on his face.

“Wow” Peter was in heaven. Sniffing up my preteen sex aromas, licking up all my cum. A sense of fulfillment was glowing on his face. He finally got me. He made me cum and there was no escaping. I watched him get up then take off his pants. I was only 10 and Peter was going to try to get me to take his 16 year old cock. No way! “HELP” I started shouting for anyone to hear me. I knew what was happening was wrong but I doubly wasn’t ready for what Peter was thinking.. “HELP! GRANDMA PLEASE HELP HELP I DONT WANT TO PLAY ANYMORE.”

“SHUT THE FUCK UP!” Peter slapped me. I was in shock and starting to cry “noooo please uncle drew stop him please” I pleaded. “Peter that’s enough.” Uncle drew stepped in between Peter’s rock hard cock and my glistening wet baby hole. “Her first time is spoken for. You can’t. But Trisha might want to…” without taking in that last part, I was relieved that I was saved. My right virgin baby hole was safe. Trisha laid down next to me, I didn’t realize she had taken off all her clothes. I looked over and saw her spread her legs as Peter positioned himself on top of her, inserting his cock inside her little baby part. “OH MY GOSH TRISHA!” I screamed “shhhh do you want grandma to hear you?” She replied. For me that was enough to understand she wanted her brothers cock buried deep inside her preteen pussy. I couldn’t even fathom it.

I lay there, still tied to the bed posts in my Snow White costume just about torn off me as Trisha got pounded fast and hard by her brother. It is as if they’ve been practicing, they were so good at it, all I could do was watch.

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