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Got Caught Watching Daddy Fuck Mommy From The Closet

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When I was little, I think I was 10 or 11, we lived in the last house my dad built for us so, I was probably 11. My closet and mom and daddy’s closet connected. They had side by side sliding doors. It was cool how they worked but, I used to watch mommy and daddy fuck from those doors. I would sneak into my closet and peek into their room through their side of the closet.

Man oh man, did I get an eye an ear full. I could see them in the bed very clearly. My mother had a very beautiful petite body with big titties. Daddy loved her tits. I hoped one-day I would get ones the size of hers. They were a 32 D. My daddy had a big dick. It was long and thick. Mommy couldn’t take it all. I would hear her say, “Oh Daniel that hurts, you’re putting it in too far.”

I saw his dick. It was kinda scary to think a man with a dick like that would put it in my pussy one day. When I was 7 my uncle tried to put his in me while I was asleep. He couldn’t because, he was too big. But, I saw daddy standing naked facing the closet stroking his while mommy undressed. He sat on the edge of the bed and made mommy get on her knees.

He held his dick up and said, “You gonna be a good little girl and suck daddy’s big dick?” Mommy said, “I’ll do whatever you want daddy.” He said, “You better or daddy will have to punish his little girl.” Then, he put it in her mouth. He was holding her head and moving her head up and down on his dick. He said, “Ooh baby, suck daddy, suck daddy’s dick for him.” Daddy saying these things made my pussy twitch.

Daddy made mommy get on the bed on her hands and knees. He got behind her and put his dick in her pussy. Mommy moaned as he fucked her hard. I didn’t know if she liked it or it hurt her. She would grunt every time he rammed it into her. He would reach down and grab her titties, squeezing and pinching her nipples. She would say, “Ow, that hurts.” Daddy said, “It hurts when I do this, huh?” “That’s why I’m doing it now, just deal with it.” I saw mommy wincing in pain. She just let him continue. I think daddy had a little mean streak in him.

Daddy said, “Your pussy is daddy’s little fuck hole that makes him so happy.” “How many dicks have fucked this pussy, do you even know?” Mommy said, “Quite a few, daddy, 20 or 30.” I was surprised when I heard mommy say that. Daddy said, “You let all them dicks cum in here?” Momma said, “I let ’em all cum in me, they liked my pussy.” Daddy’s dick was sticking out straight and hard. He wasn’t putting all of it in her. He pulled it out once and stroked it then, stuck it back in her.

Daddy said, “I’m thinking about cumming in your mouth, would you like that?” Mommy said, “I want you to cum wherever you want.” He pulled his dick out of her pussy and said “Okay, turn around here an open your mouth.” He was stroking his cock as mommy turned around and put her mouth on it. Daddy was feverishly pumping it saying, “Start sucking it, suck, suck, suck it, oh here it comes, ahhhh.” He was cumming and grunting as he cum.

Cum was running out of mommy’s mouth as daddy kept squirting it in her. He reached down and squeezed her titties. He said, “That was great, my little slut.” “You turn daddy on so much.” “Now, stand up and let daddy make you cum.” He sat on the edge of the bed as mommy stood in front of him. He took his hand and put three fingers in her pussy then, started finger fucking her fast and hard. He was doing it so hard, he was shaking her. He sucked on her titty while he pounded her pussy. Mommy had her hands on his shoulders with her legs spread.

She started moaning and she sprayed stuff all over daddy’s hand and arm. He did that and made her cum three or four times. She finally said, “Okay , stop I’m weak in my legs.” Daddy pulled her to him making her straddle his legs as he sucked and rubbed his face between her titties. Daddy said, “My dicks getting hard again.” She laughed and called him a sex fiend. She crawled up in bed and he got in bed spooning up against her.

I guess he stuck his dick in her from behind because, he was ramming into her but, I couldn’t see anything.I heard mommy say, “I love your hard dick fuck me hard.” Then she said, “Ow, ow oh Daniel, your dick is just too long for my pussy.” Daddy said, “I’m gonna stretch your pussy if I keep pounding it long enough.” Again she said, “Ow, ow, ow.” He fucked her for awhile then cum in her pussy. They both fell asleep and I snuck out of the closet and got into my bed.

I was excited by what I saw. I didn’t understand all the things they were saying. I just knew it made my pussy excited an I was thrilled to see daddy’s dick and what he did with it to mommy.

I watched them have sex a lot. Maybe daddy was a sex fiend because, he fucked mommy almost every night. He tied her up to the bed one night. He spread her legs apart an used an big thing that looked like his dick and fucked her with it. Mommy moaned like she liked it. I saw him lick her pussy with his tongue. It sounded like he was sucking on it. Then, he got up on her chest and fucked her mouth but, cum on her titties.

This went on for about two years. I guess I was 13 when I bumped their door one night as I watched him fuck her. Daddy’s head darted around to the closet door. Mommy didn’t act like she heard anything. Daddy was fucking her from behind on the bed. Ever now and then he would glance at the closet door. He’d never done that before. I wondered if he knew I was watching.

After he cum in mommy, she got under the covers and daddy stood in front of the closet stroking his wet dick. He said, “I’m gonna fuck you again so don’t go to sleep.” Mommy said, “Okay daddy but, hurry up because, I took a sleeping pill.” He kept pumping his dick until it was hard again. Then he slid his hand down the length of his dick pointing it straight up in the air. He went schew, with his lips and I knew, he knew I was watching. He was showing me how big and hard it was.

He stroked it a couple more times then smiled at the closet crack. He climbed in bed and fucked mommy again. I snuck out and got in bed. I thought crap, I screwed up. He knows, how am I gonna look at him tomorrow? I finally went to sleep.
I woke up later that night with my panties off if me and daddy on top of me between my legs. He was sliding his fingers between my pussy lips. It scared me to death. I said, “Daddy, what are you doing?” He said, “I’m gonna give you what you’ve been looking at.” I said, “I’m sorry daddy, I shouldn’t have been snooping and watching you and mommy.”

He said, “That’s alright baby, did you like what you saw?” I said, “Uhh, well it excited me and scared me too.” He was sliding his finger through my pussy lips over my clit. It was feeling good. He said, “Did daddy’s dick scare you?” I said, “Yeah, it’s so big.” He said, “It is big but, it feels so good when it’s in you, did you see your mother?” I said, “Yeah but, she said it hurt her because, you put it in too far.”

He said, “Don’t worry about that.” He moved his hand and spread my legs apart with his knees. I said, “Daddy, I’m a virgin, what are you doing.” He said, “I’m gonna fuck my baby girl’s pussy.” I said, “No daddy, you can’t, I’m a virgin.” He said, “I know but, I’m gonna be your first.” I’m trying to get out from under him but he’s so strong. I can’t move. He puts his dick at my opening and starts pushing it in.

I’m feeling a lot of pressure and now, pain. I said, “Don’t daddy, it hurts so bad, you’re too big for my pussy.” He said, “It’ll stretch baby.” He rams it into me and gets his dick in. I yell out but, he covers my mouth and pumps it in more and then starts fucking me faster. It’s going in farther and farther. He’s fucking me fast. Then, he pushes it deep and holds it there.

I’m crying but, when he holds still I can catch my breath. He takes his hand off my mouth and said, “Better baby?” I said, “I don’t know daddy, it’s not hurting while you’re still but it hurt a lot at first.” He started going in an out slowly an I kinda liked it. It felt so hard and full in me. Daddy said, “Your pussy is so tight baby.” Daddy said, “How long you been watching me and mommy fuck?” I said, “A couple of years.” He said, “Wow, you’ve saw some shit ain’t you baby?”

I said, “Yeah daddy I have.” He said, “Plus, you could hear us couldn’t you?” I said, “Yes.” He said, “Wow.”
Then he said, “Did it turn you on?” I said, “Yeah.” He’s fucking me now with nice long strokes an it feels so good. Daddy reaches down and unbuttons my night shirt so he can suck on my titties. My titties aren’t as big as moms but, they’re a very full B cup. Daddy sucks them so hard, it made my pussy twitch.

He said, “I’m gonna cum in your pussy baby.” I said, “No daddy, you can’t.” “I’m not in birth control.” He said, “I don’t care, if you get pregnant you get pregnant. I’m gonna be the first one to cum in your pussy.”
“I was pleading with him but, he wouldn’t listen. He said, “Are you gonna cum on daddy’s dick?” He reached down and started rubbing my clit with his thumb. It was feeling good. I could tell the way he was flicking it, it was hard.

Daddy started talking. He said, “Cum on daddy’s dick an you will be my little cum slut, like your momma.”
“Cum baby, cum, it’s ready, it’s hard.” Then, I cum. I had never had a climax before. I had tingling feelings but, never anything like what daddy did to me. Those feelings will make me let him fuck me again. It was great. Daddy said, “There, how was that?” I said, “Oh daddy, it felt so good.” Daddy said, “I’m gonna cum now.” His dick swelled up an he shot his load into my virgin pussy.” I felt it striking my cervix, stream after stream of cum, filling my pussy.

Daddy pulled out of me and said, “Well, that was the tightest pussy I’ve ever fucked before.” He said, “When I realized you were watching me fuck your mom it made my dick so hard.” “Do you remember when I held my dick up, stroking the length of it so, you could see how big it was?” I said, “Yeah.” He said, “I knew I was gonna fuck you with it later an I wanted you to see it.” I said, ” What about mom?” He said, “She took a sleeping pill.”

Daddy said, “I’ll go get you the morning after pill tomorrow, since they’re available now days, just in case you might have gotten pregnant.” I said, “Thanks daddy.” I ask daddy, “Are you gonna do me again, daddy? He said, “Oh yeah, I’ll be fucking you again, when I can.”

After daddy left I kept thinking about that great climax I had and wondered when I’d have another. I never thought I’d like my dad fucking me but, that feeling was amazing. Daddy brought me the pill the next day and told me he told mommy he thought I should get on birth control. She was surprised but he said, “You never know what all a teenager will do or what somebody might do to her.”

So, mommy came to me and told me she thought I should get on birth control. I agreed and off to the gynecologist we went. I know that was so daddy could cum in me. But, the pills did help regulate my periods so, that was a good thing.

A few days later mommy went to the grocery. She usually was gone a good 2 hours. So, daddy came to me as I was in my room. I only had on my nighty. He walked up to me and took it off of me. I was shy but he told me, “Stand up straight and let me look at your body.” He took my panties off. He said, “You need to keep that pussy shaved close all the time.” He twisted my nipples an I reached to cover them. He slapped my hands and said, “Stand up straight and don’t try to stop me from doing whatever I’m doing.”

I winced in pain when he went back to rolling my nipples. He sucked on them. Then, he slid two fingers in my pussy and finger fucked me hard while I was standing up. It felt good and I thought I was gonna have another climax if he kept doing it. He was in a pair of shorts without underwear. He pulled them down under his balls and his dick was hard.

Daddy said, “Have you ever sucked on a dick?” I said, “No.” He told me I’d have to suck him.” I said, “I don’t wanna do that daddy.” He looked at me very sternly. “Well, you’ll do it anyway.” “Cum for me baby, cum on daddy’s hand.” In a few minutes, I did cum. It made me weak in my knees. Then daddy turned me around and rammed his dick in me. I gasped as he started fucking me. He was pounding my pussy and it started hurting. I said, “Ow daddy that hurts.” He kept doing it.

His dick was swelling up like śš he was gonna cum when he pulled out of me and spun me around and cum on my titties. He sighed as he stroked his dick. He said, “I can’t wait until your pills go into affect.”
He squeezed my titties and said, “This was good.” He walked out and left me standing there covered in cum. I went and washed up and went back to my room.

I wasn’t sure I was gonna like being made to do things. I’d just have to wait and see….

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  • Reply Bob ID:1comn0nruc7a

    So hot to have your daddy fuck you!!! I liked how you watched him and your naked mom have sex. I’m glad you finally got to enjoy daddy’s cock. Now I want to read the 2nd part. I hope you post more parts and tell me how you enjoyed having sex with him and probably others!!! Please let me know when another part of the series is available. Thanks!!!
    Love, sucks, and fucks,

    [email protected]


    • Yvette Renee ID:1a912bhj

      Part 2 & 3 are up. I hope you enjoy what happened.

  • Reply friend in need ID:3ywnlf2hl

    this reminded me of a chance happening i stopped by a friends place no answer at the door so looked thru window and saw Jenny getting tag teamed by her two teen age boys she saw me i gave her the thumbs up and left. it wasn’t five minutes my phone rang she said please don’t tell on me i told her to drop over and we would talk about it. well she did the next day , i asked her when did this all start and why she said i flashed the boys in fun and they rushed me in the house and both fucked me it happened so fast i liked the sex so we have kept it going. so am i ok with you not telling on me, i said only if you will give me a little pussy once and a while said ok want some now i did too.

    • Gonzo ID:7mkmumjj43

      Lovely move and I just happen to do this a few times myself. It wasn’t blackmail because I threw out the options and she picked the one she got the most enjoyment out of that’s all.

  • Reply Good wife 69 ID:1dagrn2as3x4

    Amazing! Nothing like watching your parents fuck and then get fucked. Would you have your husband do the same too?

  • Reply Horny4chat ID:2wcj0j70qi

    Good start but I think mom needs to be involved, anyone fancy chatting on session post your session IDs

  • Reply Australia. [email protected] ID:1cn96ee27z4d

    Fantastic your dad fucked you now. You were going to be his little slut. He will want your pussy more than he will want mummy.