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Got Caught Watching Daddy Fuck Mommy From The Closet (Part 3)

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Daddy, mommy and I, had been having sex almost every night after she got back from visiting her mom. I was really enjoying being fucked by daddy an I loved the fact mom knew and was okay with it. She actually seemed just as excited as I was. And, I know daddy loved having two women to fuck. But, he had been talking about he’d like to see another man or two fuck me and mom. I didn’t know if I like that or not. I didn’t want anybody else to know were were involved in incest.

It seemed like mommy was okay with other guys getting involved. After I left their room the other night, I listened from the closet. I heard him say, “I don’t know if she’s gonna go for it or not.” Mom said, “I think I can talk her into it, we’ll just keep at it.” She said, “Who did you say you had in mind?” Daddy said, “Its a guy I know from years ago, who I ran into a couple of weeks ago.” “We were talking and started talking about sex.”

“He was pretty drunk and told me he fucks his daughter and has been ever since she was 9 or 10.” “She’s 18 now and when she comes home from college, she fucks him.” “He’s been divorced several years.” “He ask if I ever fucked my daughter?” I said, “Yes, I did.” “He slapped my hand high five and said, ain’t it the best pussy you ever fucked?” I said, “I’d have to agree.” “He told me to invite him over sometime, he’d love to see what I was fucking.”

“So, I was thinking I’d invite him over to fuck you both.” Mom said, “Well, he sounds like a safe person.” Daddy said, “Plus, he said, he knew several guys that have sex with their daughters.” “It must be a club or something.”
I quit listening at that point, sounds like they want to do this and are gonna keep after me, until I do. I was thinking about it and wondered what all they would do. I fell asleep wondering.

The next day mommy started right off. She told me about a friend of daddy’s who fucked his daughter and she thought he’d be the perfect person to invite over. I said, “If it’s what you really wanna do, okay, I’ll agree.” So, daddy was gonna set it up for the weekend.

When Friday got here I was nervous. I told mom and she said, “Here, take a half of this, it will calm you down and you’ll be fine.” I took it and ask what it was. She said, “It was an Ativan, it’s for anxiety.” Well, it did calm me down. I felt okay. The door bell rang and two guys came in. I was surprised that there were two.
Daddy friend said, “This is Anthony and this is Link.” Link happened to be a black man and very good looking. Daddy shook their hands and said, “I’m Daniel and this is my wife Amy and my daughter Yvette.” Daddy said, “Ladies this is Andy, we went to college together.”

Mommy played the bar tender and got all of them a drink. We sat around an talked and they had two or three drinks when daddy said, “Let’s get to why we’ve come together.” So, we went into the bedroom and the guys weren’t shy about stripping, including daddy. Me and mom were taking off our clothes when Link came up behind me and started by unhooking my bra from behind me. He had the biggest dick of the three.

He stood behind me and reached around the slid my panties off of me. He cupped my titties with both hands and pressed his dick against my ass. Anthony was dealing with mom, taking off her clothes. Daddy stood in front of me and stroked his dick. He said, “I want you on the bed, on all fours, Link is fucking you an you’re gonna suck my dick.” So, I got up and Link stuck his dick in me. He was pretty thick. It felt good. He was holding my hips fucking me when daddy stuck his dick in my mouth.

Daddy was so hard. They all were. I liked sucking a dick while getting my pussy fucked. Link was very attentive to my pussy. He was playing with my cljt. I was getting turned on. Daddy started his talking thing. He said, “My 13 year old daughter is sucking daddy’s dick while her pussy is getting fucked by a stranger an it making my dick so hard.” He said, “Fuck that pussy hard Link, fuck her hard.” Link started fucking me harder. I was getting ready to cum on his dick. Daddy put his dick deep in my throat. I gagged but, he kept it in there. He said, I’m gonna cum in you mouth baby, here it comes.” He shot his load in my mouth and told me to swallow.

I didn’t want to. I shook my head no. He was holding my mouth and said, “Swallow.” He twisted my nipple so hard, I swallowed. He said, “Thank you.”

Then, he went over to mom. She was sitting on Anthony’s dick with her back to him and daddy stood in front of her and put his dick in her mouth. She was sucking him and playing with his balls. Anthony was fucking her, lifting her up and down on his dick. Daddy was squeezing her titties. Link said to me, “I’m ready to shoot baby.” He pushed in deep and cum in me. I did enjoy his dick. He helped me off the bed and said, “That was nice, Yvette.”

Anthony cum in mom and daddy pulled his dick out of moms mouth, without cumming. Everybody took a breather. Daddy was wanting to fuck my ass with a dick in my pussy. I knew that was coming. Anthony was gonna fuck me and Link was gonna do mom. Daddy was gonna do my butt. I wasn’t wild about it but, I knew it was something daddy really wanted.

Daddy had me lay on the bed on my stomach, with my knees bent under me so my butt stuck out. He put oil on my butt and his dick then, put it in me. He took a while to get it in. It hurt but, I took it. He finally rammed it in me. It hurt a lot. He held on to me and rolled over on his back. Now, Anthony got up on me and started fucking my pussy. Oh my gosh, it was a feeling I can’t describe. I felt like a stuffed pig. The feeling of two dick sliding inside of me was amazing. He was also playing with my clit. And, he made me cum.

That eased the discomfort I had. Daddy was so turned on. His dick was rock hard. Anthony was torturing my titties, rolling, pinching and sucking my nipples. Link had mom sitting on his dick. I saw her bouncing up and down. I heard her grunting every time he thrust up in her. I’m sure he hurt her because, he was longer than daddy. Daddy and Anthony fucked me a long time before they cum. Andy cum first and he got off then, daddy rolled back over and fucked my ass so hard before he cum. He said, “I love your ass.”

When he pulled out of me I felt like, it was still in me. Link cum in mom and we took another breather. They had some more drinks and I even had a few sips of daddy’s bloody mary. It was strong, I could taste the vodka and I felt it too.

Daddy said he wanted me and mom to lay on the bed and he wanted the guys to go by and fuck our pussy then, move to the other pussy. So, they lined up and fucked our pussy’s awhile and then moved and another dick would fuck us. Actually, it wasn’t bad, it felt good. You could tell the difference between the dicks. They would squeeze and suck our titties. Link grabbed me and pulled me down on his dick a then, fucked me hard. He made me cum. His dick hurt me but, I let him because, I was having a climax.

We were fucked several more times an I even liked it. Being fucked by three guys was a turn on. Knowing that these men fucked their daughters made it exciting to me too. After Link and Anthony left mommy said, “I’m gonna take a long bath.” Daddy came over to me and said, “I’ve never been so turned on as when I saw Links big dick fucking your pussy, while you sucked my dick.” “How did you like that big one?” I said, “It felt good daddy.”

I said, “He made me cum over and over.” Daddy pushed me back on the bed and rammed his dick in my pussy. He said, “I don’t know if my dicks ever gonna go down, I’m so turned on.” He’s fucking me and said, “You’re gonna be daddy’s little cum slut.” “I love watching men fuck you baby.” “I’d love it if you were raped by a gang of big dick guys.” I said, “Daddy!” He said, “I can’t help it, I’m being honest.” “It turns me on.”
I told daddy, “I’m never gonna be into that daddy so, don’t ever ask.” He slapped me on my titty and laughed. He was fucking my pussy then, all of a sudden, he rammed it in my ass.” It took my breath away and hurt. But, he kept fucking me. I said, “Daddy, that hurt.” He said, “I’ll be done in a few.”

He fucked my ass longer than a few then, finally said, “I’m cumming, honey.” He cum and finally pulled out. My ass will never be the same. Daddy said, “That was great.” We’re all exhausted. I showered and got into bed. I slept late on Saturday. We’ve yet to talk and discuss the events of last night but, I know we will. Until then.

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  • Reply [email protected] ID:1qkwnvpb0j

    Just finished reading up to hear.
    Would love to read more from you

  • Reply Terence ID:2wcg8yx49i

    My girlfriend’s daughter was 13 and one time she hid in the closet for a joke intending to jump out later and ended up watching me fuck her mom, no shit.

    • Frankie ID:1cyit7azr3mh

      I’m 14 now

    • Australia. [email protected] ID:1cn96ee27z4d

      Yes I think we have all done that at one stage spied on your mother and father brothers or sister having sex. I think it’s just normal.