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Got Caught Watching Daddy Fuck Mommy From The Closet (Part 2)

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Daddy fucked me a few weeks ago after, he caught me watching him and mom fucking. I had been watching them from our adjoining closets. I had been doing it for a couple of years. Then, one night I made a noise by accident and daddy heard it. Momma didn’t but, that’s when daddy came into my room, forced his dick into my pussy and took my virginity.

Daddy gave me my first climax. I never had such a wonderful feeling in my life. I was 13 an had no clue how to make that happen myself. I made myself tingle and get wet but, with daddy it was like a bolt of electricity. I didn’t know anything could feel so good. After he made me cum, I wanted to do it a lot. So, whenever daddy wanted to fuck me, I let him.

Whenever mom went somewhere he would fuck me or if she wasn’t gonna be gone very long he wanted me to suck him so he would cum. I hated it. I didn’t like it when he cum in my mouth but, he made me. He said, “If you don’t do as I say, I will have to punish you.” I refused one time and he whipped me with a belt, on my naked ass. It hurt. So, as much as I hate it I suck his dick and let him cum in my mouth.

I still sneak in my closet and watch them fuck. Daddy talks to mom when he fucks her. He acts like she a little girl and he’s her daddy. It makes me horny with the things he says to her. The other night he shocked me by what he said to mom. He was asking her, “Would you do anything daddy wants, little girl?” Mom said, “I always let daddy have his way so, I’ll do whatever you want, daddy.”

Daddy said, “I was wondering what would you think about me fucking a real little girl?” “She wouldn’t be real young, maybe Yvette’s age, better yet, what about Yvette?” Mom said, “What, are your serious, you wanna fuck our daughter?” “Well yeah, I’ve been thinking about it.” “What do you think about it?” Mom said, “I don’t know Daniel, I mean how would she feel about something like, her father fucking her?” I was thinking if I did, I could make her first experience a good one instead of some goofy teenager bumbling through it.”

“Does that turn you on in anyway, you know me fucking her?” He said, “Remember when you were 13, you loved being fucked didn’t you?” “Yes, I did.” Daddy said, “And didn’t you tell me your uncle fucked you when you was 14 an you liked it.” “Yes, I did.” He said, “I’m sure I could get her interested in letting me and I bet money she’s horny because, her hormones are raging and she doesn’t have a boyfriend so, she gets no satisfaction.” “I think she’s probably primed for me fucking her.”

Mom said, “You might be right.” “How will you do it?” “I’m not sure yet, I’ll have to think about it.” “Maybe if you go visit your mom for the weekend, I could get her alone and see how it goes.” “What do you think about that?” Mom said, “That might work.” “I’ll go this weekend.”

Daddy was fucking her the whole time they were talking and he said, “I bet you wish you were the 13 year old girl whose gonna get my big dick don’t you?” She said, “I’m getting horny thinking about you busting her little cherry with your big dick and how much she’ll end up loving it, just like I do.” “Now, fuck me daddy, fuck your little girl hard.”

Daddy rammed her pussy with his hard dick and mommy yelled out from the pain but, I think she liked it.
Daddy said, “I’m gonna cum in my little girls pussy, are you ready?” She said, “Yes daddy cum in me.” Daddy pushed in deep and sprayed her cervix with his cum.”

My head was reeling from what daddy had been talking about with mom. She was getting turned on by daddy fucking me. I wonder if he was gonna have me and mom fucking him at the same time. I didn’t know if I could do that or not. When I saw daddy the next day, I played dumb. When mom was doing laundry, daddy mentioned part of it to me an I acted like I didn’t know anything. He said, “Were you watching me and your mother last night?” I said, “No, I went to sleep early.”

Mom walked back in from the laundry room so, nothing was said. She went to the store later and daddy told me about what he had ask mom. I said, “I don’t know daddy, I feel so uncomfortable with mommy knowing or to have sex with you in front of mom.” He said, “But, your mother’s all for it.” “She even got turned on thinking about me fucking you.” I said, “I don’t know.” I left it at that, I had to think about it.”

Daddy kept talking about it for the next couple of days. I told him I hadn’t made up my mind yet. Then, one night I was watching them fuck and daddy was telling her, “I’ve been thinking about how I’m gonna approach her when you leave.” He said, “I’m afraid she’s gonna be intimidated by you, wondering how you’ll feel about it.” Mommy said, “Well, you tell her it was my idea that you be the one to take her virginity.” “Tell her I think it would be better if it was a man who truly loves her, as opposed to a person just looking for pussy.” “See how she reacts to that.”

Daddy said, “That’s a great idea honey.” “I’ll do just that.” The next day I told daddy I heard mom say what she did. So, I guess I’ll do what daddy wants. Mommy left that Friday morning for her mom’s house, 2 hours away for the weekend. Daddy said, “Okay, come here.” I walked over to him and he started undoing my blouse. He took it off, slipped down my bra straps and unhooked it, letting it fall to the floor.

Daddy was holding my titties and sucking on them. He said, “Undo my pants.” So, while he squeezed and sucked my titties I undid his pants, slid down the zipper and pushed them down. His hard dick popped out, bumping into my stomach. He pushed it into me and moaned saying, “I’m gonna fuck you so good the entire weekend and we will tell your mom I fucked you for the first time this weekend, okay?” I said, “Whatever you want, daddy.”

He reached down with his hand and stuck his fingers in my pussy. I loved it when he finger fucked me. He always made me cum. Then, when he fucks me with his dick, I cum many more times. Daddy said, “Is daddy’s little girl gonna cum on my hand?” He rubbed my clit with his thumb an I started cumming. I was thinking about how mom said let it be her idea so, maybe she really did want daddy to fuck me. Anyway, I felt better about it.

Daddy fucked me all weekend. I was a little sore. Mommy got back and hugged me. She said, “I missed my family so much.” I told her we missed her too. She said, “Did daddy talk to you?” I said, “Yeah.” “So, would you be willing to let daddy be your first?” I said, “He was, this weekend.” She said, “Really, how was it for you, honey” I said, “Daddy was very gentle and I’m glad you thought of it mommy.” She hugged me again.

Daddy came in and said, “She did great hon.” “She likes her daddy’s dick, reminds me of her mother.” Then, he kissed mom and said, “I missed you.” She said, “And I missed you.” Mommy said, “I can’t wait to see you with daddy, Yvette.” I just smiled. I felt awkward. When it came time for bed daddy said, “Yvette, come in our room.” So, I did. He stood up and started taking off my night gown. Mommy took off hers. Then, daddy took his boxers off. His dick was hard. Daddy rubbed my pussy and stuck his fingers in me to make me cum and get me turned on.

He was sucking on my titties and mom said, “This is so hot to me, watching you two.” That made me feel more comfortable. Daddy made me cum and he told me, “Bend over the bed.” I did and he rammed his dick in me. Mom said, “Oh my gosh, her pussy can fake more of your dick than I can.” Daddy said, “It does being able to get all of my dick in an pussy.” Mom said, “I’m jealous, Yvette.” We all laughed.

Daddy’s fucking me and mom got down and played with his balls. He loved it. Daddy was smacking my butt and I liked it. He said, “I’m fucking my little girl and she’s taking all of my big dick, it feels so good.”
Mommy had a dildo that looked like a dick. I had seen daddy use it on her once. She put it in her pussy while she played with daddy’s balls.

He fucked me awhile then said, “Okay, your turn honey. He made mom bend over the bed and he pulled out of me and stuck his dick in mom’s pussy. He rammed her and she yelled out but, took it. He was fucking her hard and she moaned with every thrust.

Daddy said, “I want Yvette to suck my dick.” So, he pulled out of mom and had me lay on the bed on my back with my head hanging over the edge. He put his dick in my mouth and started fucking it. Mommy took her dildo and put it in my pussy. She was fucking me with it and it felt good. I was turned on with daddy fucking my mouth and fucking my pussy.”

Daddy said, “I’m gonna cum in a minute. He pushed his dick down in my throat. It made me gag but, he kept fucking my mouth anyway. Mommy said, “Cum on her titties, Daniel.” Daddy pulled out of my mouth, jacked his dick off and cum on my titties. Mom reached up and stroked daddy’s dick. Mommy kept fucking me with the dildo. She pulled it up so it would rub my clit then, daddy reached down and started rubbing it. When he did that, it made me cum.

I felt such a release, must have been tension. Daddy took the dildo and fucked mommy with it until she cum. That was our first time fucking together. I was very surprised how things went but, happy it went well. I went to bed. I heard mom and dad fucking but, I didn’t watch because, I was tired.

The next day mommy hugged me and said, she was excited I was joining her and daddy. She said, “It turns both of us on and we have so many thing we want to do with you.”

I was wondering what was some of the things she was talking about. I guess I’ll just have to wait and see.

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    My kind of family

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