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Giving Kaylie A Shower

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Kaylie ask for help her hair had a rubber band stuck in it , see her naked is a dream I love seeing her little pussy dripping wet.

Kaylie is back at our house to my relief I miss touching her at night.Im so excited I know tonight ill be feeling her little pussy get wet and watch her orgasm as I eat her little 10 year old pussy.

I’m not sure but I think Kaylie was awake the last time I jacked off in her pussy
If you have never jacked off in a little girls pussy it’s a must do .Feeling Kaylies little tight cunt and shooting cum in her hole is some of the best orgasms I’ve had molesting kids in my life.

My wife went upstairs to fold laundry she told Kaylie to get her shower and get ready for bed.Its almost 10:30 school is done so we let Kaylie stay up as late as she wants after her shower.Little girls here in the Philippines until they wear a bra they will walk around with no shirt on after or before showering and I love that i see plenty of breast buds here .Kaylie had been in the shower for about 3 min and she yelled for me.

Getting to the CR (Comfort Room) I ask what you need baby girl.Kaylie opens the door,get this rubber band out please ?, she ask me.Wow what a view soap all over her body that little brown pussy is so shinny and looks so inviting I have to see if Kaylie will still let me wash her like I did when she was little.

It took a min I had to cut the rubber band to get it out.I pretended I needed Kaylie to hurry I needed to use the toilet bad so I started to wash her and she allowed it.She was facing away from me I’m sitting on the toilet arms around her waist washing her pussy and rubbing soap into her pussy split.Shes so slippery I begin to rub her clit the 2nd figure 8 motion I did to her clit she opened her legs up more and her knees quivered a little.I push her legs open more pull her onto my lap put her legs over my knees and spread her pussy fully open and tell her let me wash it really good.She was in bliss I could tell she loved how this felt.

Little girls don’t act like a slut how some stories will portray,they act shy and sometimes scared they barley talk when they feel the first tingles in their pussy.The most fun for me is letting a little girl know I’m molesting her.Kaylie is sitting on my lap legs drapped over my knees pussy spread wide open soaped up slick and I’m rubbing up and down from her cunt to her clit super fast.The door is closed most of the way so I can see if my wife comes down I for sure don’t need her catching me rubbing Kaylies pussy.

Do you like how it feels baby girl,I ask Kaylie ,she just nods her head yes and continues to watch as I rub her little pussy.It takes about 5 min and Kaylie is full on exploding with a massive orgasm sitting on my lap it’s so erotic.My cock is rock hard I’m gonna jackoff in front of her and see how she reacts.As her little body quivers her toes are curled legs twitching trying to close I stop rubbing let her finish her orgasm and stand her up.Kaylie did you enjoy how that felt between your legs you had an orgasm and now I’m going to make mine have an orgasm .I pull my shorts to the side pull my hard cock out and start fast stroking I need to cum fast before my wife comes back down.Kaylie is watching amazed at what I’m doing in front of her.Ive sat on my bed when Kaylie is watching TV in our room both under the blanket and I stroke my cock.She sits and watchs I don’t cum but I give her thoughts and I’m sure she wonders why I’m rubing between my legs and now she sees what I’m doing.

20 or so good fast strokes and I’m shooting streams of cum out of my cock it felt amazing to finally cum in front of 10yr old Kaylie.After I finished cuming I ask her if she liked how I made her feel and she said yes.I said you can’t tell Nanna or Mommy OK you can tell lexie if you want to OK baby Uncle plays with her too.

It was an amazing orgasm to watch little Kaylie have I’m so horny writing about it .Kaylie is here all summer it’s going to be so erotic spending it with my 2 great nieces.Im not sure if I had told how I opened the door to being so open with Kaylie or not.She did open her eyes a few times when I was eating her out as she slept I just stopped and didn’t move.She would close her eyes and either pretend to sleep or go back to sleep I didn’t care long as she came was my goal and she did every time.

Young girls pussy is the best I currently have 3 I’m molesting it’s been almost 20 years since I molested a family member my step daughter was my last victim.I swore I would quit but philippine preteen girls are open with their body I had to have their pussy.

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  • Reply Australia. [email protected] ID:1cn96ee27z4d

    Fantastic story I guess if the opportunity is there you have to take it. It’s one that you’ll never get again as long as you’re happy and not abused as the main thing.

  • Reply Bigfatcockforu ID:n0up4g3hk

    When in military I use to visit phillipino whore houses love the ladies but would really love to try them at 10 or 9 or8 or7

  • Reply B3nnie_Boy ID:59pm8y9hj

    i wish i had a 10 year old too