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Girls Home – Chapter 1 – The invitation

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The story of an orphan in a group home which doubles as a brothel for the rich and powerful

Chapter 1 – The invitation

I spent most of my life in foster care after my parents were killed in a car accident, and there was no family who claimed me. I bounced from house to house as foster parents got tired of you, and even spent time in group homes too. The state didn’t care about our well being, they barely knew were we were half the time. And they wouldn’t investigate any complaints from the kids who were abused by foster parents, even girls who got pregnant by their foster dads were told to deal with it. It was a huge mess. And foster parents knew this. Right before I turned 11 I was beaten pretty bad by the people I was staying with and they then sent me back to the state. I had been caught shoplifting for the 3rd time and they were tired of it. I got sent to a group home for girls. Most group homes I stayed in were dorms with shitty beds, school cafeteria food that had hardly any nutrition and you were basically ignored. They sent you to school during the day and then you were locked in the rest of the time.

I was sent to live at the Beachside school for Girls in Naples Florida. It was no where near the beach, but it sounded nice. It was more of a reform school for girls going the wrong way. Some girls were in there for drugs, assault, theft etc. Clive and Susan ran the house and there were about 40 of us in there. I was in a room with 3 other girls, one of whom arrived a week before me and the other 2 had been there for over a year. Every night, it would just be me and the other girl who had just arrived. The other 2 would be gone, and would come back late. They were always flush with cash and flashing it around. They would never tell me where they got it, and I was jealous as I had nothing to my name but a teddy bear and a trash bag full of clothes. I found the temptation too great and stole from the girls. I only took 20 from each, and hid it in my mattress. I heard them come home that night counting up there money and noticing that there was cash missing. They woke us up asking if we did it. Both of us denied it, and the girls went off and accused others. I waited a few weeks and did it again and again. I was trying again, and in walked the 2 girls, catching me red handed. Shit hit the fan. I was pinned down by one of the girls while the other pummeled me, punching my face and my stomach. The girl holding me down biting me. Calling me names as they punished me.

An orderly heard the commotion and came in and broke the fight up. He asked the girls what was going on, and they told him I had stolen from them. He told them to clean themselves up and get ready for the evening, and dragged me out to the office. I was plopped down in an opulent office, well decorated, looking like a rich man lived there. Clive was outside talking to the orderly about that I had done, and eventually came in and sat down. Clive was a large man, 300lbs maybe more, balding and hairy. He sat down and stared at me.

“So Emily, I was told you were caught stealing money from the other girls in your pod. Is this true?”

I was shaking and crying scared and hurt from the beating I got. All I could do was nod yes.

“We don’t tolerate stealing here at this school. You were sent here because you were caught shoplifting, and we need to stop this behavior. In this school we believe in corporal punishment, and segregation. You will be paddled, and then sent to the segregation unit for 10 days. You will be in a room on your own and only allowed out for an hour a day. Do you understand this?”

Again, I was so scared I couldn’t speak. I didn’t want to go to the hold, but it seemed like the only option. I nodded my head, still crying.

“Are you really willing to work on your rehabilitation Emily? Would you like to stop stealing and make money like the other girls?”

I looked at him, eyes widening a little. “How do you mean sir? I would like to make some money and not have to steal.” I said, still sobbing a little.

“Stand up young lady and take your shirt and pants off,” Clive ordered.

I stood up but didn’t strip.

“I said take your clothes off Emily. If you want to avoid the hole, you will do as I say.”

I took my shirt off exposing my A cup breasts with pink puffy nipples showing. I didn’t have a bra. My stomach starting to show a bruise or 2. I dropped my shorts and panties, showing my virgin mound with a few wisps of hair forming. He pushed his chair back and walked over to me. His hands touching my breasts, pinching my nipples making them harden.

“You are turning into a beautiful woman. I think you can make a lot of money. Have you had your first period yet?” Clive asked as his chubby fingers molested me. I shook my head no. “Ok, I will give you some pills you will have to start taking.” His hand down to my ass as he pulled me close, his finger slipping between my legs, finding my butthole. He pressed against it, pushing slightly in with no lube or spit.

He pushed me to my knees in front of him. He pulled his pants down showing his cock to me. It wasn’t very big, but at 11 it seemed that way. “The girls who make the most money know how to work this” and he put the head on my lips and wiped the precum on them. Then without warning he put his hand on my head and pushed into my mouth. His cock entering me as he slides slowly back and forth. My little mouth taking his head in and he moans. My teeth slightly grazing his veining shaft. He slapped my face, “No teeth, you need to learn how to control that.” He pulled my head on to his shaft and tried to deepthroat me. I started to gag quickly. Clive laughed as he let me go. He took my hand and I stood up.

We went into a side room with a bed with a mirror on the ceiling and handcuffs on the head and foot boards. He stripped down and motioned for me to sit on his face. I straddled his face and put my pussy close to his lips. He pushed me down on his fat belly to where his cock was and I started to suck it again. His tongue licking my thighs, making it tickle, I squirm a little and THWACK his big hand slapping my ass. His tongue sliding across my lips as his fingers open them. “MMMMM your hymen is still intact Emily, you will make some good money.” He slipped his tongue in to find my clit, circling it. I was sucking on his head while my little hand was on his shaft strokling it up and down.

His finger was ever so softly probing my hole, enough not to pop my cherry, but to get some of my juices. He took his finger and pressed against my anus, pushing it in. I let you a yelp and pulled off his cock. “I didn’t tell you to stop whore” he bellowed as he was probing. “If you want to make money, this is what you need to do. Now take my cock and suck it while I finger you.” I wrapped my lips around his head and slowly took his cock in. I could feel his finger push into my and it hurt, but I didn’t want to stop. I wanted that money the other girls were making. He was thrusting into my mouth as well, getting deeper and deeper. His meaty finger down to the knuckle moving around. His hot breath on my pussy as he licked my clit, making my it feel so good.

All of a sudden he started grunting and thrusting harder in my mouth. His free hand reaching down forcing his cock deeper as he face fucked me. I felt his cock spraying in my mouth, thinking it was piss, I started to gag a little, coughing some of his jizz came out my nose. Stream after stream entering my mouth, he held my head there as he stopped thrusting and collapsed on the bed. “Swallow it you little whore, every single drop.”

He pushed me off of him as Susan walked in. I thought she was going to be mad at me because I had just blown her husband.

“We’ve got a new girl for this weekend Susan” Clive said as he cleaned himself up. “Make sure she is ready to perform.”

Susan walked up to Clive, kissing him, tasting my juices on his face. “She still a virgin honey?” She asked, Clive just nodded. “Get dressed and come with me Emily.”

I put my clothes on and followed Susan to a space I had never seen before.

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    Good one. I enjoyed it and will reas the other two.

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    That was great! Can’t wait for more!

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      Part 2 is up

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    Mmmmm that lucky lucky lucky girl I wish I was her getting all that dick , my little wet honey pot is begging for my fingers since I don’t have anyone to fuck the shit out of me. Pls write a 2nd part.