Girlfriend surprised me with a young boy

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My girlfriend is around 38 I’m 42 , we recently got friendly with some nudist’s , we had no idea they where in to going into selected woods often near a beach I won’t say where the place is anyhow , we are pretty open minded with them being the same as us , we have asked them about how it works walking around in front of others

Without clothes do guys get aroused as Janet his wife is pretty Shapley and not bad looking Phil her husband already told as guys definitely do and even touch themselves as they chat to Janet. And that she doesn’t mind and have very nearly had sex with them but on last minuet decided against it ,

They have a 14 year old son who, We have only met. The odd occasion he is Jane’s stepson .Phil told me he’s from a previous relationship and lives with his mother most of the time but does spend holiday with them and stayed around a lot ,

So me and my girlfriend are Trisha & paul , I forgot to say anyway Jane asked us did we fancy trying the nude thing out with them ? Hmm I said to Trish what do you think ? that night we discussed it , Trish knows I like showing her off as she’s attractive and sexy looking she dresses up for me we get off on guys looking at her but never taken it further

So we decided to meet phil and Jane and give the nude thing a go , We arranged a day and although we was nervous obviously, We was looking forward to it ,

Trish came down stairs with a skin tight dress just about covering her arse and a t shirt also very tight , Her breasts looked fantastic, But Trish I said were going naked ffs ? What’s with the sexy dress ? Well I want to look the part don’t I ? Ok so we meet phil and Jane at there house

They’re ready and Jane’s dressed as Trish has low cut top showing her tits and a mini skirt , they had spoke over the phone and decided they was gonna look like sex pots thinking their gonna turn all the guys on at the location before they strip off with us ,

But Trish had no idea they had planned on taking the stepson and introduce him to nudist and their way of life , I asked Trish would she be comfortable with the 14 year old stepson joining us nude ? John is name was and apparently both women said he was a really good looking boy agreeing with each other out of earshot of young John ,

Anyway we all get in to Phil’s VW camper and set off there’s a lot of chatter going on between the two women on the hour long drive , So we arrive and there’s people there not too many close by but there’s woods and most disappeared,
Phil is the first to strip off , then myself my cock is slightly bigger than Phil’s I have to say I was relieved,

I was dying to see his wife Jane in the nude I think she had already figured that and smiled as she stripped, Trish did the same she’s not one for being shy and before long both women are stood bare footed gorgeous tits on display , Phil says are you getting horny paul I say well yes! phil interrupted it’s fine mate it’s normal , just try not too get carried away , he then said fkn hell paul Trish is fit isn’t she ? So I said you only just noticed we both laughed

Well next thing young John starts stripping and both women was watching him the young lad had no problems at all getting nude I was really surprised even Phil said not much bothers the lad ,

Trish whispered to me look at the size of johns cock he’s 14 and it’s bigger than yours and Phil’s I said I know We have noticed you know ,

So we are walking through some woods on a ten minute route too the beach young John never took his eyes off my Trish , I said she’s got lovely tits John hasn’t she ? He smiled and said they are fantastic better than my teachers at school you aught to see hers paul they are nice but not as nice as your Trish’s ones , A voice says loudly thank you John , shouts Trish chatting she says have you not got a girlfriend?

No he says I like older grown up women grinning from ear to ear .the banter carries on a while Trish shouts laughing oh you like milf’s then John smiling ,So the banter is getting more and more hot between them , John said are you a milf Trish ?

So Trish at this point shouts to Jane , did you hear that young Randy arse John likes milf’s don’t you John ? He then just bursts out actually you and Jane are the type I like , really ? says Trish then says what would you do if I was alone with you then ? Jane blurts out he would shag you Trish look at his dick , we all looked and he had a massive hard on ,

Jesus I said to Phil , I know he’s a bloody horny little sod and a cock bigger than most he’s bloody blessed ,

So we arrive at the beach, we all lay down Trish says bring the sun lotion over John , his fkn dick is fully erect it waggled up and down and side by side , I am getting turned on knowing he fancied Trish and is showing it , being nudist is very rewarding I start realising Jane by now is just happy to chat with her husband phil their a about five yards away now ,

John stood very close to Trish with his cock still pretty hard , She says to me paul young John wants to have is way with a milf and I’m the one and says it as a joke then point at johns cock and says look at it laughing, So I then say very seriously with that serious voice , why do t you let him fuck you then ?

Trish says what? You’re serious aren’t you ? I say well only if you and him want to do , Do you want to John ? I said he then says yeah I would love to do it but only if you let me ? Trish then said you’re not gonna get jealous if I agree? No it’s turning me on Trish so she feels my hard dick you really are love ,

Er? John do you think you could handle me then ? So I sit down he walks a step or two over Trish feels his erect cock , I nearly came at watching her first touch

The young lad asks Trish to open her legs and she obliged and He says can I lick it ? Please do Trish says and next thing he’s driving her crazy with his tongue, fkn hell paul look at him and reaches for his dick , by this time phil and Jane are watching Jane starts encouraging him along with Phil he says paul are you gonna let him ? Yeah bloody right i am and so this young lad is about to

Slide his dick in to Trish all 3 of us watch then out of the blue Jane bends forward and holds johns cock and starts feeding it in to Trish holding his balls as he shoves forward he starts thrusting hard , I look around and Jane’s rubbing herself Phil’s wanking edging as he watches his son fuck my girlfriend, Oh paul he’s good oh jeez it’s nice

John then grunted and slapped my girlfriends thighs I’m gonna cum he then emptied his sack in Trish’s pussy , we all ended up fucking each others partners and young John lost his virginity with my girlfriend it turns Trish on a lot knowing that , he now calls to our house to have sex with Trish and Phil’s wife Jane sometimes comes with him and drops him off but also plays around with me , Phil is easy about it all and doesn’t mind but rarely joins in or even wants to do

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  • Reply Linda ID:27m32exik

    Very poorly written

  • Reply English language teacher ID:1ec2mvukfq97

    Punctuation is important. Many of your sentences have to be read a couple times to understand what you are saying.

    • Don’t suffer fools and whacked school ✍️ ID:1cqqkrlm4gcw

      I knew that when I finished , I tend to type fast and correct at the end but unfortunately it may not have come to your attention theirs no editing facilities, but you read it anyway and presumably understood it , I have a stunning girlfriend and I deal with foreign companies earning myself a very good living so at the age I am trust me grammar isn’t really a concern

  • Reply Australia. [email protected] ID:1cn96ee27z4d

    Good story your girlfriend enjoyed herself in the main thing

  • Reply Linda ID:27m32exik

    Very poorly written.

    • Don’t suffer fools and whacked school ✍️ ID:1cqqkrlm4gcw

      Yeah but you read it , who cares only you ,

  • Reply I know my girls age... why don't you ID:1ehle0kv2

    Your girlfriend is around 38?
    WTF kind of idiotic writing is this?

    • Don’t suffer fools and whacked school ✍️ ID:1cqqkrlm4gcw

      Er? What kind of idiot would question why i mentioned my girlfriend’s age ? Because we ain’t fkn kids you moron ,we ain’t married so that makes her my girlfriend ffs ,

    • I love my auntie ID:1cqqkrlm4gcw

      Good for you , I can’t even remember what month or year only that she’s around er ? 38 is that such a terrible thing ? Give yourself a little badge