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Girlfriend Groomed Me Part 3

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Family Sex Ed. Became More Exciting Than Expected.

Wendy & I wanted to allow her girls freedom to explore their interests, not pushing our desires upon them. After showing the daughters about their anatomy and how to pleasure themselves, They wanted to know what their Mother enjoyed and why it was so exciting for her. As we taught them about masturbation, the two sisters wanted to watch their Mom give me a hand-job and especially witness the ejaculation. The look of intensity on their faces made us all more excited to show the pleasures we were feeling. Once Wendy made me shoot off, the girls wanted to see it repeatedly. They each wanted to lend a hand to experience the excitement “first-hand”!! Their Mom was eager to teach them how to handle a man to render the best results. Jessy, the older daughter was shaking and dripping wet with excitement to take charge and bring me off to see me shooting cum. She said it made her feel all-powerful with a grown male. It was so obvious when she had an orgasm as she caused my ejaculation. Then her younger sister wanted Her turn to do it too. She was a bit upset when her Mom told her she would have to wait a while until the man could recuperate and replenish his ability to make more semen before she could expect him to renew a full erection. In the meantime, I suggested we could all play with Mom and see if we can help bring Her to orgasm. Wendy usually had powerful squirting orgasms. Having all of us give her our full attention made her more excited. By now each of us was turned on and dripping wet. As Wendy’s excitement mounted, I became fully erect again. I was giving her serious oral as the girls played with Mom’s nipples and watched how I was licking and fingering their Mom. Wendy was moaning and thrusting her pussy at my face as I slurped up her nectar. She began to erupt and grunt and push against my mouth just as I probed her bum with a finger. She inhaled hard and erupted with a sweet candy fountain in my face. As she was squirting so hard I rubbed her clit faster and harder. That just made Wendy shoot off in liquid spasms, soaking us with her pussy juices. Jessy & Amanda cheered for their Mom’s exciting orgasm. They wanted Mom to show them how to make themselves squirt too.
By now Amanda had focused on my erection. She said it was her turn to handle it and make me shoot off too. She was kneeling in front of me stroking my erection slowly, full length, watching my face and admiring the purple crown as my precum began to show and drip down my shaft. She looked into my eyes and asked if she could taste me and make more juices come out. Her Mom told her to lay on her belly and use both hands. Stroke his cock with one hand and play with his balls at the same time. You can pull his balls down a bit to stretch the skin tighter. That makes his cock more sensitive to your stroking. It might take longer with more effort and concentration to make him shoot, after having cum just a minute ago. We can all help to get him ready faster! Wendy had me go on all fours so she had access to handle everything more easily. She instructed her girls to lie down close and watch for a while first. Wendy stroked my penis and balls from behind with one hand, inserting two fingers in my back door. The girls both gave out their “EEUWs”, Mom! Wendy explained that she was going to massage the prostate gland. This is how you get to it up inside on the backside of the base of the penis. As it is rubbed, it causes him to get an erection again faster. Wendy kept stroking me and tugging on my semi-hard shaft. She was already making me drip precum, showing off her handy work. Wendy offered up my purple glans as she squeezed precum out of the tip. She told the girls again that my precum was her favorite candy. Now they each wanted to taste it too. Wendy told them it was only hers to sample for now. She instructed the girls where to see and feel the muscles that made a man shoot his semen. She showed the base of my penis shaft and told the girls, this is where you will feel the spasms as the man ejaculates his semen. The two young girls were getting impatient and asked Mom to hurry up and make him shoot off for us. We love to see the cum spurting out like that. That’s our favorite part!! Can we feel him shooting too, Please Please?! Mom told them that this was just instruction time; watch and learn! Another trick I could use to make him hard, faster, would be to use a vibrator in his butt to massage the prostate gland. That works so fast, that it can cause ejaculation far sooner. Let’s see how close we are to making him blast off!! Wendy made out like she was taking a closer look at the condition of my erection, noting how well she was doing making me drip and how hard I had become. She then told the girls she was going to finish the job and bring on the ejaculation. instructing her daughters to notice how strong the spasms become as well as the amount of semen we were able to restore with stroking and massaging the prostate gland. I was aching and throbbing as Wendy made firmer gripping strokes and bending my rock-hard cock backwards to show off her dripping results. I lost my control and my mind with her loving touch. The third eruption spasm blasted off by the time the girls saw it splashing on Mom’s lap They were reaching to feel my cum hitting their hands as I was cumming off. Wendy pushed past them as she laid down and took me in her mouth, sucking the rest from my twitching erection. I was in heaven with her continuous stroking, as well as both girls handling my balls now. OH, Mom, That was so awesome! We want a turn too. Can we make him cum too? Jess said it was her favorite to watch it shooting so much cream!! Amanda said she wanted most to feel it shooting and taste it, if it tastes that good, she said, looking at her Mom, still licking her lips.
After another few visits, we were usually nude all the time and playing together. Our family evenings in the hot tub became several times a day. There was so much fun and pleasure with everyone feeling so comfortable nude and masturbating together. The young girls really did enjoy watching us making out. They told us it looked amazing when my cum squirted out of Mom’s pussy as we were fucking. Wendy always loved to walk about with cum streaming down her legs or teasing me to become erect again sooner than expected. The girls were constantly asking to have their turn at stroking me off, so they could see and feel it happening. We had to remind them all the time, that they should wait to do their own horny guy when they find someone they really like. For now, we have to be happy with playing together as you are learning.
It was only a year later that Wendy had a fatal heart attack and passed away. The girls went to live with an older sister I never even knew of. That was in 2000. The Daughters are both adults now with their own families.

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