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Girl Next Door (part 4)

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Yeah, yeah I know it’s long. So’s my dick and I don’t get too many complaints about that.

The next few weeks were miserable. I’d check her room every once in a while but the drapes were always closed. Sometimes I could make out a silhouette beyond, but barely. Often I would sit and stroke imagining what was going on behind those curtains, but it was nowhere near the same. We would still cross paths once in a while or see each other across the fence in the backyard – I swear she spent all her free time in the pool. So much so that my backyard landscaping was starting to look professional from all the time I spent back there with one eye on her. She had a hard time looking me in the eye and she still had that half angry half embarrassed air about her, but I caught her looking my way on more than one occasion, and I got the strong feeling that the angle of her lounge chair or the way she bounced 3 times on the diving board before launching was somehow for me. There was no denying that we shared something. My witnessing two of her dirty shameful secret moments – that she knew of – created an uncomfortable but undeniable bond between us.

One afternoon her dad called me over to the fence and I was afraid the jig was up as I had been staring hard while she sunbathed, but he only wanted to ask if I would take care of their dog and water their plants while they were going to be away for a week on trip. Of course I cheerily agreed and he handed over the keys to the front door. As we finished and he turned away I caught Meghan watching and listening with a scared look on her face.

Of course the minute they were gone I made myself comfortable in their house. I snooped in every nook and cranny of the place, finding quite a few sex toys and light BDSM equipment in her parents room, including the slim vibe that I’d seen Meghan enjoy on several occasions. There was something electric about knowing that Meghan had almost certainly done the same snooping, and I wondered what thoughts were in her head when she examined the fur lined handcuffs, nipple clamps, dildos, and other tools of the trade. Not hard at all to imagine her outside her parents door, leaning against the wall with her hand in her panties frigging herself madly while listening to her father groan and her mother gasp, trying to puzzle out the difference between the slap of flesh or leather.

And of course I spent a lot of time in her room, soaking in the smells, exploring her underwear drawer, laying on her bed and jerking off thinking about her riding me. I opened the drapes and up at the window of my guest room, and I was surprised to see that it wasn’t quite as dark as I thought it was. I mean, you couldn’t really see anything in detail, but I could make out the outline of the chair I used and there was only a half moon that night so I wondered if you could see more sometimes. I breathed a sigh of relief that she hadn’t spotted me earlier!

As I reset the drapes and turned away from the window I noticed an air conditioning vent in the corner of the wall above her bed. It was exactly what I needed. The next day I went to a high-end security store and bought a high-resolution motion activated micro camera with audio that had a very long battery life and a Bluetooth transmitter. It was a pricey piece of equipment, but I was sure that it would be well worth it. I took it home and played with it on my computer and the app on my phone that allowed me to review the footage and activated anytime I wanted to. Once I was sure it would work I took it over and installed it in the vent. The angle was perfect and would give me a top down view of her bed. Finally I wouldn’t be limited to what I could see through the square of her window.

The next few months after they returned were a madhouse of masturbation for me as I viewed hours of footage from her bedroom. Something had changed in Meghan since she had closed me out. Her masturbation had always been urgent, but now it was almost frantic. I had to remind myself that this wild sexual creature was not a mature horny slut like many I’d know – she was still mostly a kid. But the way she abused her cunt and wore herself out seeking orgasm after orgasm was anything but childlike.

Fingers and vibe on clit and inside weren’t quite enough for her anymore it seemed. I saw her playing with and exploring her cunt, stretching her lips and contorting her hands and arm to see how many fingers she could get inside. She used a cute fashionable white belt to slap her inner thighs and chest, playing with pain as a way to delay and heighten her orgasms. Sometimes she was so rough on her nipples and ever growing tits that I worried about her leaving marks, but the pleasure on her face always made me forget my concerns and enjoy the show. She even started to explore her asshole, and the night she had her first anal orgasm was quite a show.

She was caught off guard by how quickly and powerful it came on as she slid the vibe in and out of her ass, and she let out a surprised choking squeal as all the muscles in her lower body clenched at once. So loud in fact that she had to recover quickly and scramble under the covers just in time before a knock came on the door and her father asked if she was ok. Breathless she said she was, but he opened the door a wide crack. She was breathing heavy and nearly vibrating with crazy energy, but she was quick on her feet and said that she thought she’d seen something out the window and it scared her. Like a good father he came in and checked out the window, leaving me quite happy that I wasn’t using my old spot at that moment or I may very well have been caught!!

But I barely saw him because much more interesting was how she watched him. When he was looking she smiled her little girl smile, but when he was dutifully checking the window her eyes were all over his body. He had been in bed so was only wearing boxers, and I had to admit he was looking pretty good for his age. Apparently Meghan agreed and I could see the sheet’s bobbing slowly as she slowly teased her clit while admiring his back and ass as he made her feel safe. When he came to her bedside and bent down to give her a kiss, I could sense how badly she wanted to move her close hand those few inches to feel his daddy dick in those boxers.

The door was hardly closed before she was back at it again, obviously further inspired by her father’s presence. I thanked my past self profusely for having sprung the extra $200 for a camera with audio as I heard her whisper and grunt, “oh daddy please, yes daddy. I’m your girl daddy. Please please daddy. Let me touch it please daddy. Oh god yes! Yes touch me there daddy. It feels so good. I love you daddy, please let me make you feel good too. I need your cock daddy. I neeeeeeed it. I want to touch it and squeeze it and kiss it and suck it. Do you like that daddy? Am I a good girl? Am I your good girl daddy? God yes. Yes daddy you can fuck me. Please daddy I need it. I neeeeeeeeed it. I need you inside me. Please. Please!! Please!!! Fuck yes! Yes daddy! Oh god yes!!!!!!!!!”

As I watched the perverted but incredibly hot scene playing out in black and white on my computer screen I imagined that I was her father. That as soon as that door had closed I had had to slip my dick from my boxers and give it a quick tug so I didn’t go back to my wife with a raging hard on induced by our hot daughter. I imagined standing there in the hall, and then hearing her little whispery desperate voice calling out to me and saying all of these nasty and terrible things that made the blood in my cock pulse harder than it had in years. My sweet little girl talking like the nasty whores in the porn that he watched when he was alone. Hearing that so familiar ‘daddy’ in this context over and over would be overwhelming to him, and he would have spurted his deep and awful excitement all over the hall carpet as he heard his little girl cumming with his name on her lips. Needless to say my orgasm was incredible that night too.

The audio added a whole new dimension to my obsession and insight. I was a secret observer to dozens of screentime conversations between Meghan and her school friends. She was obviously somewhat reserved there, but, like I’m sure all girls her age, she constantly talked about boys. It was interesting though that a common theme between her and her friends was them being scandalized by how much Meghan seemed to like older boys. She was shy, but it was almost like she couldn’t lie when it came down to it and her best friend seemed to be an expert at reading and pushing her. One night they had a conversation about one of their teachers where Meghan got very flustered but eventually had to admit to her friend that she thought he was cute. That night she fucked herself doggy style again – a position that was clearly a little awkward solo so she didn’t use it often, but when she did it shook her.

It was also new to be able to see her face more and clearer than I had been able to from my window. I learned to recognize many moods and thoughts by the way she bit her lip, huffed her breath, and blinked or squeezed her eyes. She clearly had a very active and varied fantasy life. Sometimes she’d play slow and sweet, mock kissing whoever she was thinking about and smiling as she stroked herself slowly. At these times she almost looked her age – just a young girl exploring her body and sexuality. But other times it was frantic and wild. Desperate and hot. Her head would whip from side to side and her breath would come in heaving gasps. Often at these times her eyes would stay open – perhaps because the play was more about the physical feelings and need than fantasies. Then there were the in between times where clearly she was letting herself explore darker thoughts. These were usually slow, sometimes torturously slow. She would tease herself and talk to herself. She’d caress her skin lightly and then pinch with sudden viciousness. I usually couldn’t make out too many words because she was only talking to herself, but when I did they would curl my toes and make me ache to know the full story of what was going on in her head.

One night she was texting with someone on her phone and was clearly agitated. I could tell by the way her fingers stabbed at the screen she was angry, but in between messages she was playing with her nipples and almost unconsciously rubbing between her legs. Her body language reeked of confusion and trepidation, until finally she unbuttoned her shirt and took a pic of her cleavage. I perked up, both because of the new kind of activity, but also from a surge of something – jealousy maybe? – that flashed through me. Did she have a boyfriend? She was constantly talking about boys but I hadn’t heard that there was anything serious going on. She sent the pic, and huffed irritatedly when the reply came, but proceeded to slip her bra down and take increasingly revealing pictures, until finally she was bare naked and taking close up shots of her glistening wet cunt, lips spread wide with her neatly painted fingers.

This went on for maybe 20 minutes or so until she got some message in return that changed her focus, and she would tap her screen, watch, rub, and tap again a few seconds later. I zoomed in on the image on my computer and could see that she was watching someone stroke their cock and cum. She watched it over and over until she came herself, and then sent one final – once again angry – text message. The reply made her growl and throw her phone across the bed. I had to rewind and zoom in again to see that what she received back was a face pic of her cousin, grinning like a mad satisfied fool after pushing her into giving him what he wanted.

(to be continued)

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