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Girl Next Door (part 3)

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Things heat up in this episode. Thank you to those of you who enjoyed the first two parts, I hope you enjoy…

Meghan’s parents threw a big 4th of July party every year. They always invited me, but I’d turned them down the last few years since my obsession with their daughter had begun. More than ever I wanted to say yes. To be closer to her. To speak to her. To touch her – just a little bit. But I knew that it would be beyond dangerous – that it would be impossible to hide the thoughts racing through my head.

Instead, I decided to ‘do some yard work’ that afternoon. I did the usual mowing and trimming, waving to Meghan’s parents and the few other adults I knew as I worked, but my eyes constantly drifting to her.

It looked like mostly a family party and I recognized Meghan’s uncle and his family from previous years. I remembered they had a boy – he had annoyed the hell out of me at a party a few years ago, and then I realized that he was the kid Meghan was playing with in the pool. Not having kids I’m not used to what’s normal for how they age, but the annoying kid from a few years ago was clearly a well formed older teen now, probably 18 or 19 years old. Meghan must have been around 14 at the time, but the way she looked at and roughhoused with him set off alarms in my head. At first I couldn’t believe the families weren’t putting a stop to their obvious flirting, but then I realized that they couldn’t see what I did. They didn’t know the secret Meghan that I did. They didn’t recognize that flush in her chest, or the tense way she tapped her heel when they sat at the picnic table and ate.

Once I noticed I couldn’t unsee. She was all over him. Disguised as cousin’s playing she had her hands all over his muscled chest and shoulders. He looked half annoyed and half confused, but he went along ‘playing’ with his little cousin like they always had. I suspected that he more than anyone else there had a sense of what I saw.

A strange jealousy started to grow in my gut as I angrily pulled weeds and watched the display of repressed teenage sexuality playing out in the yard next door. It made no sense – she wasn’t mine. She barely even knew I existed, right? I had zero claim, but I couldn’t help but feel that her cousin was infringing on something that I wanted. I was fixated on them – him really – when suddenly I realized that she was looking right at me as she clambered on his back, legs wrapped around his torso trying to dunk him. Like the night when she looked up in my direction, I froze. I watched as her laughter slowly died and the smile on her lips dropped as we stared at each other. Eyes locked. Could see see what I was thinking? Was my ridiculous envy clear on my face? Did I look a fool? Why the fuck did her lingering eye contact make my cock swell? There was no joy in seeing me – if anything there was the anger and a shy embarrassment that she’d displayed every time we saw each other since that day in the front yard. I think it was the fact that she didn’t look away that got to me. Why wouldn’t she look away?

The moment was broken when he twisted around and gripped her by the armpits and threw her laughing across the pool. Flustered, I dusted off my hands and went inside, gulping down a beer and squeezing my pulsing dick through my cargo shorts, thinking of those eyes on mine. I needed to cum, so I headed up to my station even though it wasn’t our usual time. Over the past few years it had just become the place where I was most comfortable stroking, even when she wasn’t around.I settled into my chair and thought about her in her skimpy bathing suit and released my aching meat from my shorts. Just as I was about to lean back and close my eyes to allow the fantasy to flow, some movement in her room caught my eye.

It was Meghan coming in to change out of her wet suit, so of course I perked up and watched. She started by untying the bikini top and letting it fall to the floor. I swear her breasts were developing every day. She ran her fingertips around her areolae and down her flat tummy. I noticed another change there – the soft skinniness of childhood being replaced with a lean but muscled flat stomach. I knew from watching her that she ran cross country and played basketball, plus of course the many hours in the pool but as I soaked in her body today I could see some maturing there as well.

But her fingers didn’t stay on her belly for long. Furtively, like she had tried to resist but in just couldn’t, she dropped her hand lower and quickly and almost angrily massaged her mound through her bikini bottoms. I wasn’t at all surprised after how she had been in the pool just moments ago. But then something changed, and fast.

I couldn’t see her face, but her startled backward stumble and panicked grabbing for a towel to cover her tits clearly indicated that someone came into the room.

As she took several steps back and almost left my view through her window, the older cousin came into view from the other side. Even though I couldn’t see their faces, much less hear their words, the interaction they were having was crystal clear in their body language. He took a few slow steps towards her and I could see and feel the tension in his body. He moved slow, but with no hesitation. One hand was squeezing at his crotch, which somehow looked both unconscious and aggressive at the same time.

As he moved closer, she moved back. I could read the fear and panic in her body, but strangely no feeling of flight. She moved away, but hesitantly, like some part of her wanted to be caught.

As he stepped closer to her they frustratingly moved mostly beyond what I could see through the window. All I could see was the young man’s muscled shoulders bunching as he did something with his arms. Fortunately after a few seconds she swung back into view – or more correctly he swung her back into view – holding her tight by the shoulders and forcing her to sit on the edge of the bed. He partially blocked my view, but I could see that the towel was gone and her chest was bare and heaving with the bright red flush that traveled up to her bright red face that I recognized very well from her many nights of excitement. At first she tried to cover herself with her hands, but soon she seemed distracted or something and they dropped away to her sides.

As the cousin’s stark white ass came into view I understood what she was distracted by. My little Meghan was seeing her first close up cock! I wondered then if it might be her first cock ever, but for some reason I suspect that this little girl had peeked at her daddy more than once. Maybe that was just perverted wishful thinking on my part, but I had seen the way she gravitated toward him, always sitting in his lap and giggling with him. Totally normal behavior for any father and daughter, but having some insight to this particular girls sexuality my mind made some educated guesses about her curiosities.

And I suspected that curiosity was a huge part of what I was witnessing now. I was on the edge of my seat half afraid and half hoping that the boy would force himself on her. That would put me in very awkward position and I truly didn’t know how I would react. Fortunately, while he clearly was behaving ‘inappropriately’ toward his little tween cousin, she wasn’t fighting and he wasn’t forcing. She was nervous, caught off guard, but she was also fascinated and a huge part of her wanted to see more.

The scene was frustrating for me because most of what I saw was his back and butt as he stood there. I couldn’t see for sure but from the motion of his arm and the slight rocking of his body I could tell that he must be stroking himself. My mind filled in the blanks and I could easily envision Meghan staring fascinated at the erect cock just inches from her face, mouth slightly open, breathing coming fast.

The view improved a little as he took a half step to the side and then closer, straddling one of her legs so that he could edge closer to her. She leaned back to get some distance – although I had to wonder if it was because she was afraid of the dick or because she was still studying it. Then again, maybe it had nothing to do with his cock and was more about pushing her bikini clad cunt against his leg. Regardless, he twisted just a bit so I got a glimpse of her mesmerized face every once in a while.

The scene didn’t last too long – I’m sure the boy was incredibly wound up after the roughhousing in the pool – but just toward the end the boy seemed to get frustrated with her lack of action, so he reached down and grabbed one of her upper arms and guided her hand to his dick. The spell was broken for a moment and she looked up at him, fear back in her eyes and she shook her head no, but as soon as he made her wrap her fingers around his meat her attention returned to that surely throbbing rod.

She seemed frozen for a long moment, but then when he started to rock his hips it was like she remembered what was happening, and she started to stroke. Now she looked back up at his face, but this time there was no fear. In fact, it was the opposite as an extremely cute little proud smile crossed her face, surely impressed with the effect she was having on him.

And quite an effect it was. She wasn’t going that fast – clearly she was still entranced by his hardness in her hand – but it was no surprise that it only took a short bit of stroking before I saw his butt cheeks clench and his body stiffen.

My view was blocked almost entirely for “the money shot” but his orgasm had been building for a while so it came and was done quickly, at which point he awkwardly bent to pull his wet swim trunks back up, stuffing his deflated dick in them the best he could. Before he was even fully situated he was stumbling toward the door, most likely embarrassed and worried about what he had just done to his little cousin.

But his departure revealed a glorious site. Meghan sat with her chest covered in the young man’s spunk. She had a drunk smile on her face and leaned back to one side, supporting herself with one hand while the other traced itself through the mess that he’d left on her. At first she explored it delicately with just a finger or two, but when she brushed it’s sticky slickness across one of her nipples her whole body quivered and she swept her whole hand full of the sloppy stuff and squeezed and massaged her tit until it was glistening.

Watching her like so many times before but again witnessing another step in her development, I remembered my own straining prick and started to rub myself as I watched her. As if we were connected, as soon as I touched myself, it seemed like she had to do the same. She laid back flat and roughly shoved her cum wet hand into her bikini and started finger fucking herself furiously. I could tell that she wasn’t hardly playing with her clit at all, she had several fingers inside – she needed something in her.

Just like her cousin, her blood was up and her own orgasm didn’t take long. Just as the familiar trembles of her coming climax started shaking her legs and belly, she slipped the fingers of her other hand across another pool of spunk and sucked them into her mouth. That was too much for me, and my own eyes closed as I savored the rise of my own load, wishing more than anything that I could shoot it on her like her lucky cousin did.

As the initial wave of my orgasm started to pass I opened my eyes so I could finish the ride with her in my sight, but it turned out to not be that simple.

So comfortable in my private secret observation post and masturbation station, I had completely forgotten that I didn’t have the cover of the darkness of night to hide my spying. When I opened my eyes to take a last look at her, I found she was looking right back at me.

At that moment something happened to my body that I had never experienced before and never have sense. I was horrified at being ‘caught’ while half my body and mind wanted to shrivel and shrink away, some deeper part seemed to be charged by it in a very powerful way. It was as if my orgasm stopped in the middle, and it might have stopped entirely, except for one thing.

She wasn’t moving.

She wasn’t shocked or scrambling to cover herself or look away.

She was looking right at me, exposed and caught in what was likely an incredible humiliating act, but she just lay there breathing heavy and looking at me. In fact, it was hard to see from the distance, but after a moment of eye contact her eyes dropped to my dick in my hand, and almost like she was giving me permission, my orgasm came back with a vengeance and I shot a double load onto the window. The climax was so powerful that even though my rational mind was SCREAMING that this was taking things way too far, my body was running the show and I grunted out loud like an animal and flailed at my cock with a viscous strength I’d never experienced. Wad after wad of hot cum splashed against the window and dribbled down, smearing across her image making it look like her whole body was covered in my seed.

By the time I recovered, she was gone. My view of her room was limited by what I could see through the window so I’m sure she was still there, but for a brief moment I wondered if I had fantasized the whole scene.

But then I saw the damp outline of her pool, sweat, and cum soaked body on the pink bedspread, and a much darker spot showing the V of where her legs met when she made her own cummy mess. .

I cleaned up and went about my evening waiting for a knock at my door with an angry father or the police, but nine ever came. Once it was dark I went to the guest room and looked out the window. Her bedroom light was on, but her drapes were closed. They stayed that way from then on. My fun was over.

(to be continued)

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