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Girl Next Door (part 2)

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Continuing slow burn story. Part 1 was a little slow but hopefully worth it.

For the next year or two I managed to keep myself under control, and at least I hope I was able to hide the thoughts in my head when we crossed paths on the street or at a neighborhood party. I don’t think the visions in my head showed on my face, but sometimes the way she looked at me made me wonder what was going on in her head. We shared something in that moment – I saw into her just a bit but at a moment that was extremely… exposed. After that day, whenever we made eye contact, there was a mixed look of anger and embarrassment and… something else… in her eyes. It was almost a feeling of “I’m mad but I can’t say anything about it, but I’m also connected to you and I like it.”

I always tried to play it even – polite and friendly, but not too friendly and I never showed her more attention than was appropriate. However I always wondered if she could see what danced behind that spark in my eye. Over the years she often caught me looking at her from across the room or across the yard. In fact she caught me so often that it became a kind of game. Sometimes I’d let her catch me, then look all goofy guilty when she’d turn her head and meet my eye, and then she’d give me an angry look that always ended when it broke into a smile and she tried to turn away before I’d see it.

When the summer rolled around, she began to wear little bikini type swimsuits instead of the childish one piece suits that all her friends wore. It was no big deal – she had barely even started to develop so she had no real body yet – but it was hard for me not to look at all that skin across the half fence that separated our yards. It was pure coincidence that I did my yardwork on the hottest of days when she was most likely to be out swimming.

Several years passed like this. A safe game between two neighbors who shared something a little bit naughty – not bad enough to get anyone in trouble, but something nobody would talk about. But it was more than enough to create a bond between us that would swell and grow over the coming years. It was innocent enough – for a while anyway, until the night I realized something that changed the nature of my obsession.

Late one night I was in the second floor guest room on the east side of the house. I was very rarely in that room since I hardly ever had guests and primarily used it as storage. I had been in there digging through boxes looking for some old stereo equipment I was going to give to a friend. The overhead light burnt out as I flipped the switch so I was using the flashlight on my phone to search, when suddenly the room brighten from light reflecting off the ceiling.

Naturally the light caught my attention and I wandered over to the window and looked for the source, which turned out to be from a room in Meghan’s house. After a long moment, I realized from the soft decor and preponderance of pink that it must be her bedroom. A short moment later the theory was confirmed as I saw her flop and bounce into her bed. Without conscious thought I turned off my light and closed the guest room door to make sure I wasn’t silhouetted in the window, but soon enough I realized that that was hardly even necessary. The half fence outside her window gave some illusion of privacy, and my window was on the second floor so she’d have to look out and up to see anything. On top of that, my guest room was on top of the garage side of the house, so it was always dark and I’m sure she thought her privacy was intact. She must have because she never closed her blinds.

That first night was a little scary for me – killing my light and shutting that door was purposeful action with highly questionable intent. All the looks and the smiles and the low key flirting were safe and harmless, but this was intentionally crossing a boundary.

But those thoughts barely held me back. My curiosity was as piqued now as hers was that day in the yard. Standing in my dark window I looked down on hers as she pulled a stuffed animal into her arms and gave it a cuddle. That was like a flashbulb in my head as I was smacked in the face with the wrongness of what I was doing – this was a little girl! That was, until that little girl pushed that animal – I think it was a horse, down between her legs and started to rub it up and down, bucking her hips and closing her eyes. At first I wasn’t sure what to make of it – did girls her age masturbate? I did some quick math and figured she was now 12 or 13 years old and I supposed that maybe they do.

Regardless of what other girls do, that was certainly what she was doing. After a few minutes of squeezing it with her legs she quickly got out of bed, stripped off the pajamas she’d been wearing, and threw the horse back on the bed so she could climb atop it and start riding. She left her panties on, but for a split second I saw far more than I had seen before as she swam in the pool.

It was a frustratingly short moment as the moment she climbed back up on the bed everything from her stomach up was hidden by the angle of my view. For a moment I thought about going to the backyard to see more, but quickly realized that would be a very dangerous idea. It was no matter though, because almost instantly I was mesmerized by the riding motions she made.

It had only been a few minutes, but as I leaned into the window frame I felt the pleasurable pressure of the sill against the raging erection that was throbbing in my pants. I quickly unzipped and dropped them, and watched and played with myself as she rode her horse. I was never sure if she reached orgasm that night, but I sure did. It made quite a mess, but over the next days and weeks I turned that previously almost completely ignored corner of my house into a well supplied masturbation den.

I brought up a tall barstool from the kitchen so I could sit and enjoy my scotch in the evenings. Most nights there was little to no show, just a young girl entertaining herself before it was time to turn of the lights and go to sleep. A few times she teased me terribly by starting her playtime and getting me all excited, only to then shut off the lights and leave me wondering what she was up to in that darkness.

Weeks and then months passed and I started to learn more about her in bits and pieces. Soon enough she progressed beyond playing with stuffed animals and started using her fingers to play with her clit and tease her little pussy. I learned that she had a temper and looked awfully cute when she came to her room red with anger after a fight with her parents. I learned that she liked to read, but I was very curious what books they were that apparently often inspired her to reach her hand down her panties and rub away with one hand while holding a book in the other. I learned to cherish the nights when she layed on her back to play because I got a full view, but there was also a pleasant bit of tease and mystery when she was just outside or only partially in view of the window. Sometimes she did something on the far side of the bed that I could never quite see, but I guessed by the position and angle of her feet on the edge of the bed she was in a chair or something with her legs propped and spread.

Then came a night where she tried something new. Even from my distance vantage point I could tell something was different with her. Her hair was wild and she paced around the room like she was angry, and while she did look a little flushed it wasn’t like how she usually looked after fighting with her parents. Watching her pace back and forth and sit on the bed only to stand up a few seconds later and start pacing again made me notice some changes that had apparently crept in over time.

I’d seen her body a hundred times by now in dozens of outfits and positions, but the way she stomped when she walked gave a little bounce and jiggled that seemed new. It was the end of winter so I hadn’t seen her swimming for a while, but now that I was paying attention I could see big changes in the way her hips curved, how her legs were becoming strong instead of skinny. Her breasts had been coming in for a little while but now they were more than just the mosquito bumps that for some reason had made me feel the most guilty and dirty when I saw them. Soon enough she started to calm, but seemed to still be wrestling with something. Finally she seemed to either make up her mind or give in, and the next phase in her solo sexuality began.

Lucky for me this was a night that she left the lights on, which made a little more sense after I saw what she was doing – she needed to see. Tonight she didn’t mess around, and stripped off all of her clothes. She sat on the edge of her bed and spread her legs a little, toying lightly with her breasts and gently rubbing between her legs as she inspected the item she’d had clenced in her hand.

It was a vibrator. Nothing big or fancy, just one of the thin hard plastic kind with a simple screw bottom base, probably lifted from her mother’s drawer (I certainly wouldn’t be surprised to find out that Meghan’s mom and dad were very active. Hmmm, in fact, her dad is a really good looking guy, I wonder….). She twisted the base and jumped when it came to life and startled her but she recovered quickly and I saw a devilish smile on her lips just before she leaned back and her face slipped out of view.

But the rest of her was in full glorious view. Trim legs spread, on hand leaned back to support her, the other one guiding the vibe to her little cunt. All of it on display before me as she faced the window. I wondered if she might know. If she might be putting on a show for me, but then I realized that she was probably in this new position to block the sound with her body and keep it as far from the door as possible.

As she began to play so did I. I could have cum in seconds if I’d let myself, but I didn’t. As she played and I thought of her being sneaky and worried about getting caught, her father entered my thoughts. I had to wonder if he ever passed by her door late at night and heard sounds that made him Wonder what was going on. If he did, did he linger? Did he listen closer? Did he think about opening the door?

Those thoughts almost made me blow my load but my eyes and mind were distracted by her orgasm just in time. Normally watching her cum makes me, picturing us doing it together, my hot spray covering her little bare body, but this time there was something new and it pulled my attention in a different way. I let my cock go because I wanted to fully absorb the sexual creature exploding before my eyes. I’d seen her play and experiment before and she’d brought herself to pillow biting shivering orgasms many, but nothing I’d seen compared to this.

Perhaps it was a combination of my new appreciation for her recent development mixed with the vision of exaltation before me. Maybe it was the inner turmoil and energy I’d seen in her pacing, which I now believed was an external expression of her internal biology – her developing body and raging hormones finally catching up to the dirty mind that had grown in her before it’s time. Maybe it was nowhere near as complicated as all that and it was simply that the new discovery and sensation of the vibrator affected her in new and deeply effective ways.

No matter what the reason, the result was a thing of steamed beauty to watch. While my hands rested on the window frame, my cock stood straight, rigid, and pulsing, bobbing up and down with the rhythm of my heartbeat as I watched her body go into what looked like a seizure. I’d seen her shake and tremble before, but this was like and earthquake. I could see the muscles in her thighs and tummy tense and flex. Her toes curled and her feet shook in furtive kicks. She flopped down flat on her back and the hand that had been supporting her went to her small breasts and she squeezed and massaged them vigorously as her orgasm wracked her body. Previously she had toyed with her nipples a little here and there, but this was much more… needy? Angry? She was squeezing and pulling so hard I was a little worried that she’d bruise herself, but the way the convulsions picked up again when she did made it clear that while there may have been pain, the pleasure outweighed it by far. At one point her legs closed around the vibe almost like she was trying to stop herself and get it away from her pussy, but apparently her body was at war with itself in that regard and the hands one and kept it lodged firmly against her clit until finally the orgasm ended.

But before it did, I did join her. It caught me a little by surprise because I was still leaning against the window frame with both hands enthralled by the show, but the scene was apparently too much for me. For the first time in my life outside of wet dreams, my balls clenched and my shaft spasmed as I shot my load without even touching myself. It almost bent me in half in surprise and tensing stomach muscles, but when I realized what was happening I straightened my back and leaned into it and let it fly – literally.

We both spent a few minutes recovering, but I watched closely as she rolled into a ball facing my direction. She was still red, but now not with tension and anger but just the heat that had built inside her. Whatever it was that had been bothering her was washed away and the look of still trembling contentment on her face made her almost look angelic, except for the way her hands were tucked between her legs.

The vibe was only an occasional part of her play after that, a special guest and a rare treat for her. The times she was able to use it were almost always more exciting, but soon I recognized that there was more going on than just the new toy. I saw that same agitation and tension in her face and body on some nights, and those were the nights that she – and I – came the hardest, with or without the use of her mother’s toy.

One night was especially hot and she tried something that became a new favorite – for me as well. She was in her usual position that she seemed to prefer with the vibe, leaned back, legs open, fortunately always facing the window and me. But this night she seemed extra on edge. She was extra squirmy in a restless and dissatisfied way. Finally she almost seemed to give up and sat up and leaned forward, little elbows on little knees and little frustrated chin in her little palm. Her face showed that she was struggling with something, wrestling with an idea or something that made her uncomfortable but she couldn’t get away from.

At one point in her seeming internal debate she threw her head back in frustration – I could almost hear the ‘harumph’ that I’m sure escaped her lips – but for a moment her gaze was aimed directly at me. I froze, suddenly afraid that the jig was up. That I was caught. I fought hard the urge to run away, my rational mind knowing that she probably couldn’t see me in the dark of the guest room, but movement might catch her eye. Like a deer in headlights I sat wide eyed staring at her, and her seeming to stare back. My heartbeat thudding in my ears, until finally she seemed to make a decision and looked away.

She got up and turned her back to me – a rare treat because I seldom saw her butt, which was definitely getting more shapely by the day. As if she was reading my mind, she slowly bent over her bed, her legs and ass looking deceptively mature in such an accidentally seductive pose.

I picked up the binoculars that I had added to my window side masturbation station a while ago. I rarely have to use them, but once in a while they come in handy. I watched as the tip of the vibe poked out from between her legs and she rubbed it back and forth a bit. Her knees started to buckle and bend as the pleasure started to wash over her body. I wasn’t sure if it was an adjustment to make things more comfortable or a final giving in to the thoughts that had been driving her tonight, but soon she climbed up on the bed and was on all fours.

Something changed in her body when she settled into that position. It was like she had given herself over to something and now instead of fighting it she let it wash over her and she seemed to both relax and tense at the same time. For the first time that I’d seen, she shifted the orientation of the vibe and slowly but firmly inserted it in her tight little cunt.

I could tell from here that it was a tight squeeze, but she seemed determined. I couldn’t see her face, but the way her back arched and the way her body began to rock screamed satisfaction. She wasn’t rough – that time – but she began fucking herself with the vibe faster and faster. What I wouldn’t give to know what she was imagining as she felt her pussy filled for the first time.

For me it was easy – so easy and so perfect – to put myself there behind her. Inside her. Seeing her like this, in this most basic and primal of poses, unknowingly offering herself to me. As I stroked my cock faster and faster, but she was calling to something deeper in me. Now that her eyes weren’t on me, free to move again I lifted one foot to rest it on the window frame as if it was the edge of her bed as if I stood behind her. I joined her in changing things up. Instead of my usual light stroking, I clamped my hand hard around my hot steel shaft and squeezed. My eyes rolled as my imagination translated the grip of my hand to the tightness of her virgin cunt. I slipped my other hand down to lightly squeeze and stroke my balls, which I almost never did. My hips matched the pace of her rocking as the vibe slipped in and out, and I imagined my balls slapping against her glistening wet slit.

Like so many nights before, we came together, but again it was something new. As she shuddered and her shoulders dropped as her orgasm washed over her, my liquid seed rushed from my tingling balls dancing with my fingers, and shot out of my compressed shaft like a garden hose with a thumb over it. It damn near knocked me off my feet, but I leaned forward on my one propped knee, resting my hand against the cold window like I would her warm back if only it was real. One imaginary but still physical step closer to what I really and desperately wanted.

As we settled ourselves after, I felt once again that I was a lucky voyeur getting to watch the sexual awakening that I’m sure most girls go through, but I’d be willing to bet few do so with the primal ferocity that I saw in Meghan.

(you lovely dark ladies who felt seen or touched by this scene are welcome to reach out and say hi. I’m RudyGardet on Kik and Telegram and my Session is 05ecc33a56f10f66a2a863fc45aab296a61053357420737d4a08d24882387f0f7a)

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  • Reply GoodBadGirl ID:4glk83qrc

    Wow. Just wow. Are you sure you weren’t looking through my window? I swear this is soooo much like how I started playing with myself. I was younger tho. I think I discovered my clit when I was like 7 or 8 and I didn’t even know it was sexy I just knew that it felt good but over time it was just like you wrote it. I came soooo hard during the first part of this story remembring how good it felt back then. Then I came again when she used her mommy’s vibe. This story made me wish a pervy neghbor was watching me back then.
    Seriously Mr Rudy, you write prior girls well. Makes me wonder if you have daughters of your own 🤔. If you do I bet they are lucky girls to have a dada like you!

    • Eric ID:1ebnvchqwlav

      Ohhh, you sound darling yourself. I bet you were lovely, in your exploring and all! giving a show for fellow pervs to enjoy!

  • Reply BreederDad ID:1cyit7azkc8z

    Please please keep this up. Phenomenal writing

    • RudyGardet ID:4glk83qrc

      Awww thanks. I probably should have started with some of my lesser writings. This one is the longest and best that I’ve ever done. But thanks for the encouragement, maybe it’s time to dust off my keyboard fingers and either continue this story or start new. The hardcore stories here definitely inspire me.