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Girl Next Door (part 1)

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This is a slow burn that simple men might not enjoy. That’s okay. I’m much more interested in you complicated women. Multiple parts that escalate.

Apologies for the lack of action in this first part, it’s really more of an intro. Slow burn that might scare some off, but a few good girls will be drawn to it and want the more that comes next…

I bought my house as an investment years ago, but I kind of fell in love with it and never did put it back on the market. Ok, maybe it wasn’t just the house that made me want to stay. The girl next door had a hold on me.

When I moved in Meghan was just a kid. Shy but friendly and respectful. Cute as a button and obviously the apple of her parents eyes. I was never close with her parents, but we were always on good terms as neighbors and they’d always invite me to their bbqs and pool parties, and even to Thanksgiving once or twice over the years as they knew I was alone next door most of the time.

But as time went on I found myself turning down their invitations – not because I didn’t want to come. The opposite in fact. I wanted it too much. Even though the parents were friendly and outgoing and obviously thought well of me, I found that when I went to their house, it wasn’t them that I was excited to see, it was Meghan. The mom even tried to set me up on a date once or twice in the early years, but as they watched the parade of women that came and went from my place over the years they understood that maybe I wasn’t the serious type.

My fascination began in the strangest of ways. On a perfectly innocent fall day when she was maybe 10 or 11 years old a seed was planted. Obviously, despite how cute and seemingly shy-flirty she seemed to be, she was way too young to be the object of any rational desire, but apparently not too young to be curious about the ways of nature. After this seemingly minor event that became the origin of a much deeper story, I found myself trying to remember when I first became actively curious about sex, and I’m pretty sure I wasn’t as young as she was on that day. That notion has always reaffirmed my increasingly sure thought that Meghan was, is and always has been a creature of sexuality, even if she didn’t know it.

She was in her front yard playing and I happened to be enjoying a late morning cup of coffee looking out my front windows on the slightly upscale suburban neighborhood. The neighborhood that I had correctly intuited that property values would only increase. I had been in the house for just over a year and was finishing a couple of projects and figuring out juuuuuust the right time to put it on the market. The thoughts in my head were of interest rates and closing costs and I barely noticed the two dogs sniffing each other across the street.

But she did.

My eyes drifted to her and I saw her staring intensely across the street, whatever toy she had been playing with hanging forgotten in limp hands. I followed her gaze and saw the object of her attention just as the real action started. The across the street neighbor’s doberman bitch had attracted the attention of a wandering german shepard, and as beasts will do, the courtship was very short and the shepherd was currently mounting the doby with a dumb enthusiasm. I watched the clumsy dance that dogs do for a moment before my eyes flicked back to Meghan.

She was sitting in the grass, cross legged and mesmerized by the scene across the way. For a moment I questioned my responsibility as an adult neighbor – should I run outside and distract her from the coupling that was just beginning to find it’s rhythm? Should I turn the hose on the dogs and punish them for what only came naturally? But thoughts of good neighborly watching out soon melted away as I became as hypnotized by her as she was by them.

Not that she was doing anything other than watching the show, but it was the way she was watching. She oozed intense fascination, curiosity, and wonder. She looked at those animals like they were the most interesting thing she’d ever seen. No, that’s not quite strong enough – more like it was the most important thing she’d ever seen. She looked like she was taking pages and pages of mental notes as the two dogs came together and the male began to pump furiously. I watched them for a minute or two, caught myself by the raw intensity of their coupling. The female in that strange animal place of wanting and accepting the violation being delivered on her, but shrouded in a feeling that she was scared to death and wanted nothing more than to run away. The male seemed almost confused and lacking control or full understanding of what was happening, but it didn’t matter because his body and instinct knew full well what to do.

As his jackhammer thrusting began to look like convulsions I looked back to Meghan. Even from here I could see that her breath was coming fast and while the look in her eyes was still intense, there was a glazed quality that suddenly made me very curious what was going on in that little mind of hers.

It wasn’t long before the scene was pretty much over. Poor dogs – they look even more awkward after the act was done than human teenagers do. I watched Meghan as she came back to herself with a shake of her little head. She seemed almost drunk as she looked at the toys in her lap like she’d never seen them before. She stood up, dusted herself off, and started to turn to head back inside her house.

But as she turned her gaze somehow felt my own and before I knew it her eyes were locked on mine. In one way it was like looking in a mirror as both of us silently shouted in the surprise that one feels when they’ve been caught doing something very embarrassing. Neither of us had taken a single action, but it was like we both thought the other must be able to read the guilty thoughts in our heads. I don’t know how long we locked eyes, but it seemed like an eternity.

Something came over me in that long moment. Something I’d felt many times in my life, but rarely at this deep and subtle instinctual level. Instead of shrinking away from the shameful intensity of the moment, I leaned into it. I had nothing to be ashamed of. I had no reason to be scared. Hell, if truth be told I deeply enjoyed the little scene of youthful perversity that had played out before me. So I didn’t look away. Instead, I raised my cup of coffee, offered her a little salute with the cup before taking a drink, and winked at her.

The wink seemed to break the spell for her. She immediately turned ruby red and dashed into the house and slammed the door behind her. A shiver of guilt passed over and through me as I felt a little bad for embarrassing her like that, but it was nothing compared to the deep dull energy pulsing in the bottom reaches of my guts. Though overpowering a little girl with a stern gaze is far from a mighty challenge bested, there was a strange sense of victory in it that affected me on a new and deep level.

That night I called a woman that I’d been seeing and fucked her raw. I had all but broken it off with her and hadn’t called her in a couple of weeks so she was happily surprised when I reached out, but by the end of the night she knew it was the last time we’d see each other without me having to say anything. The sex was amazing. Urgent. Hard. Delicious and viscious. Needy. No sweet words or gentle touches. Barely any kissing or foreplay. She knew from the moment she walked in what was going to happen and she embraced it. But at some level she knew that the thoughts and images in my mind as I threw her around and pounded her relentlessly were not of her – she was just a vessel for this new and intense fire burning in me. I made a half hearted attempt at being a decent guy and assuring her I’d call again, but she knew that was a lie even if I didn’t.

From that day on I couldn’t not think of the girl next door when I thought of sex. It was terrible and of course I’d never tell anyone, much less act on it, but there was no stopping the primal interest her primal curiosity built in me.

To be continued…

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  • Reply GoodBadGirl ID:4glk83qrc

    I was bummed that Mr. Rudy didn’t get the dog involved. I bet anything that little Megan would have gotten soooooo wet.
    But the story was really good. Very realistic and that’s really rare here! Can’t wait to read more

    • RudyGardet ID:4glk83qrc

      Lol you weren’t the only one who was bummed! I wrote this story for a lovely dirty girl who I knew liked some dark stuff like Daddy Rudy, but I wasn’t sure about beast and I didn’t want to scare her off if that was too much. I started with those hints hoping she’d take the bait, but she barely mentioned it and instead really got off on the way I wrote Meghan with attitude cuz she was like that too. A little hottie who knew from young that men wanted her and she both loved and hated it. Anyways, she didn’t nibble at the doggy bait so I stuck with the theme that kept her cumming to my thoughts and words, but I always regretted not going there. Maybe if I get some good comments in that direction I’ll write a part 7…

    • RudyGardet ID:4glk83qrc

      Also, feel free to chat me up if you’d like GoodBadGirl. I like your name, and your disappointment that I didn’t go there in this story. Maybe you can inspire a new chapter…
      RudyGardet on Kik and Telegram, Session below.