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Fucked in my sexy lycra work out outft by a stranger in a confined room

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I was forcefully taken, and force fucked and bred in my Lycra seamless work out tights by a strange guy behind me in the dark room of the elevator.

My name is Britney Lane and I work for E.B. Financial Services LLC. As the head department manager on the 10th floor. The company gives us generous benefits like four-week vacation on your first year working here, and tremendous stock options. They even have a complete work out center, that is well equipped and very nice for all of us employees in which I use regularly, at least twice a week to keep my sexy figure in top shape.

It’s 8:pm and just finished my financial reports and I’m getting ready to head down to the work out center, so I changed into my work out outfit my new Bloomingdales, black, seamless, workout, Lycra tights and pink Nike trainers with white ankle socks in my office. Because I didn’t like the crowded women’s changing room.

I walked to where the elevators are, and one of the two elevators had a sign that read (out of order) taped on the door. I was annoyed when I was about to press the elevator call button, when the other elevator arrived. The bell binged and the little arrow pointed down, perfect !!

I was scrolling down on my phone when he entered into the elevator, and I barely took notice of the man in the dark suit at the back of the elevator. I absentmindedly pressed the button for the eleventh floor and dropping my gym bag to the floor, when the elevator suddenly shuddered to a halt and the lights went out.

“Fuck”!!! I yelled out

Sorry ! It’s just that I’m in a rush ! I’m going out with my boyfriend tonight”!! I apologized to him.

The strange man in the back said nothing to me.

I shrugged my shoulders and pointed the light from my phone at the elevator control panel call button and pressed it then I pressed the other floor buttons, nothing happened. I used the light to open the door to the emergency phone and found that some vandal had ripped the cord out.

“What the fuck ! Well at least the air conditioning is working”!! I hopefully said.

“Isn’t there supposed to be some type of emergency lighting”!?? I hopefully asked.

Still the guy said nothing to me.

“Are you a mute”!! I sarcastically said to him.

I stared at the face of my phone and my heart sank, there were no little bars; I had no connection.

“What about you ? Do you have any service”!?? I called out to the guy.

Still, he said nothing to me.

“Fuck”!! I began sliding and pushing keys on my phone.

My long well-manicured fingernails caused me to drop my phone as it rolled across the floor while the glow from its screen faded. The elevator was dark the only light source was a single LED “!!

I was very picky about my work out outfit and I loved to show off my well-toned sexy full-figured body. I was wearing my black Bloomingdales seamless work out tights and my pink Lycra sports bra that hugged my large firm 32-dd tits and my exposed midriff that I just put on in my office. On my feet I was wearing cute white ankle socks over my tights with pink Nike trainer sneakers.

I knew some of the jealous and bitchy girls at the gym laughed at me for leaving my make-up on while I worked out, but to me, looking good and beautiful was just as important as feeling good. My eye make-up was light with black eyeliner and mascara, that contrasted with my mauve eyeshadow.

I wore just a little rouge to define my fine cheekbones and red long-lasting lip gloss by Mabelene on my sexy pouty lips, and my long brown hair is in a ponytail.

Suddenly without any warning I was shocked when the guy came for me in the dark elevator, he pushed me against the wall of the elevator and used his bodyweight to hold me there. When I got over the traumatic shock, I began to struggle with him, but by then the guy had one of my arms bent up behind my back and his other forearm pressed down on the back of my neck.

I was in extreme pain, and I couldn’t move at all.

“Stop it !! you’re hurting me !! Fuck you !! get the fuck off me !! Fuck you !!” I cried out as I tried to kick him with my pink sneaker’s.

The guy pressed down onto my neck and lifted my arm causing me more pain and I quickly stopped struggling with him. He was using his bodyweight to hold me against the elevator wall, and I could feel his growing erection pressing in between my ass cheeks.

I really wished that I wore something else instead of my skimpy P.T. work out tights, the guy removed his arm that was forcing my neck down as I felt the guy fumbling around in his suit jacket.

I heard that unmistakable sound of duct tape being ripped off the roll. The guy must have had the end of the tape in his teeth and the roll in his hand. I tried my luck, but the guy was waiting for me to move as he pulled my wrist viciously up my back and pushed me up against the elevator wall with his body.

I hissed in pain, but I didn’t give him the satisfaction of crying out !

“Okay !! Okay Stop”!!!! I shrieked out as I went limp.

He forced both of my wrists in front of my waist and began to bind them together with the heavy-duty duct tape, now I was really starting to panic.

“Help Rape !! Rape !! Someone please Help me”!!! I screamed out but my cries only echoed inside the elevator.

The guy laughed and bit off a piece of duct tape and put it across my mouth stifling my screams,

“MMmmmmmmmpphhh !!!!!!!!!!! Mmmmmmmmmmpphhhhhhh”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! “Mmmmmmmpphhh”!!!!!!

Except for my feet I was neatly bounded, and the guy simply held me against the elevator wall with one hand while he took off his jacket shirt and tie with the other hand and dropped them on the floor.

I heard his belt unbuckle and his fly unzip while I trembled in fear, then I heard the guy’s pants fall around his feet, and he kicked them off followed by his briefs.

He pressed his naked body against me as his hard cock nestled into the valley of my Bloomingdales work out seamless tights. He thrusted his cock in between my Lycra-clad ass cheeks, my black tights were sheer and fitted like a second skin, I can feel the girth of his cock through the smooth elastin fabric of my tights.

He gripped my sexy Lycra covered hips and humped away at my smooth tight ass, as I screamed into the tape,

“MMmmmmmmmmpphhhhh !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MMmmmmmmmpphhh !!!!!!!!!!! Mmmmmmmpphhh”!!!!!!!!!!

I heard him moan in pleasure, “Aaaaaahhh”!!! as he molded himself into me while his hands moved to my big tits, and he felt and squeezed them through the slinky figure-hugging Lycra fabric. He just stopped rutting my ass and was now slowly thrusting himself between my tight Lycra fabric covered legs and he’s enjoying the feeling of my soft and sexy slippery black tights on his cock.

My body was involuntary responding to his attention, while my nipples hardened as he caressed them, while I was enjoying the sensations of his hard cock pumping my bare pussy through my tights, as I felt my pussy getting wet.

He sensed my compliance, and he slipped his hands inside my sports bra and squeezed and felt up my large 32-dd tits, then to his delight he felt me adjust my stance as I opened up my Lycra encased legs wider so that his erect cock can rub on my Lycra covered pussy.

He heard me moan with lust, “Ohhhhhhhhh”!!!!!! so, he reached around and removed the tape from my mouth. Then without any warning, he quickly spun me around and kissed me, crushing his lips against my luscious red lips, while his hands went back to my big supple tits. Then he yanked down my pink sports bra and lowered his face into my firm 32-dd tits and began sucking them, causing me to moan out, “Ohhhhhhhhhh !!!!!!!!!! Ohhhhhhhh !!!!!! Ohhhhhhhhh !!!!!!!!! Yeah”!!!!!!!!!!!!

I lifted my bound wrists and placed them over his head so that I was locked into his embrace, while his cock pushed into my Lycra encased pussy. Then I lifted myself up on the balls of my pink sneakers so that his cock was rubbing on my wet pussy. Then his large cock started pushing through my black seamless tights and into my pussy. While I started rutting him like a cat in heat, I lifted up his face so I could kiss him.

Then he gripped onto my Lycra encased thighs and lifted me clear up off the floor, while I clung tightly onto him as he pressed me against the elevator wall, while wrapping my Lycra, black, seamless tights encased legs around his waist.

Now I was able to meet his pelvic fuck thrusts with my sexy and revealing black seamless tights that prevented him from penetrating my tight pussy with his cock. He let go of one of my thighs as I wrapped my black Lycra covered legs tightly around him, and clung on to him. While his hand slid down inside the waistband of my black tights.

I thought he was going to pull them down but his hand snaked deeper as his fingers found my extremely wet pussy, he caressed my pussy and inserted two of his fingers inside me as I bucked and squirmed screaming into his mouth, “MMMmmmmpph”!!!!!!!!!!!! But it was a scream of lust, not anger.

I wanted him badly as I kissed him and tasted his breath, he tasted like fresh spearmint and his after shave smelled exotic, while the feel of his hairy chest against my Lycra encased body and my bare exposed skin and tits was very provocative and exciting that drove me fucking wild !!!

This much older guy was very rough with me, and muscular compared to the frail soy-boys or pale skinned executive types that I usually fucked. He removed his fingers from my pussy, so I got very upset with him because he had me wanting more but he knew how to work me down there.

Where so many other men had disappointed me but this total stranger, sexually assaulting me in this elevator knew exactly how to satisfy me with his hands.

Without me knowing, he scratched his fingernail against the crotch area of my black Lycra seamless tights, and eventually making a hole through the Elastin and Lycra blend fabric. Then he removed his hand out of my tights and placed it back on my Lycra covered thigh, then he turned my body trying to line up his big cock with the hole he just made in my black tights. While I sensed what he was doing, I helped him by moving my sexy ass until his throbbing red cockhead found the little hole he had made. Then he thrusted upward as I pushed downward, until his throbbing red cockhead popped through the tiny hole in my black, seamless, work out tights.

I was loudly moaning out, “Ohhhhh !!!!!! Ohh my god !!!! Ohhhhh my god !!!!! Ohh god !!!! Ohhhhh”!!!!!!!

his throbbing red cockhead entered through the tiny hole in my tights and parted my wet pussy lips. But I wanted his whole 8-inches of big throbbing cock inside me now.

I pressed my Lycra encased hips and pelvis down hard with all my might and the hole in my Bloomingdales, black, seamless work out tights, ripped open enough to allow his fully erect 8-inch cock to slide all the way through deep up inside me.

Then I quickly locked my Lycra covered ankles around his back and I began to fuck him while he held me in his strong muscular arms, while I pressed my big 32-dd tits against his hairy muscular chest, I kissed him deeply while fucking him hard.

He very roughly kissed me by shoving his tongue into my mouth and down my throat as my eyes widened with his roughness with me, he gyrated his hips to meet my pelvic thrusts to ensure that I get the maximum penetration from his fully erect 8-inch cock.

He has me up against the elevator wall, holding my black Lycra covered thighs and he’s fucking me harder and harder as I fucked him back squealing out, “Oh god !! fuck me !!! fuck my rich pussy”!!!!!!

“Ohhh !!!! god !!! yes !! yes !! Oh god !! your cock is so fucking thick and big it’s stretching my pussy”!!!!

We both felt our orgasms approaching as he pushed me into the elevator wall again while ramming his throbbing red cock all the way deep inside my fertile womb, while he pulled my ponytail so my head was forced backwards as he sucked and bit my neck while I felt him cum and explode deep inside my womb, filling me up with his baby making seed as I yelped out, “Ohh !! god !! you came in me”!!! Ohhh”!!

I fought back at him as my Lycra encased legs shook, I thrusted my body wildly against him causing my own orgasm as I squealed, “Ohhhh !!!! god !! I’m cumming !!!! I’m cumming !!!! Ohhh yes”!!!!

I pushed his face from my neck and passionately kissed him while my Lycra covered pussy was spasming and constricting all around his big red throbbing cock, squeezing all his semen into my tight pussy.

I was highly stimulated and horny as hell as I rocked side to side, twisting and grinding my pussy against him. My pussy was highly stimulated as I orgasmed again in waves of pleasure, while we humped and grinded hard against each other, gasping and moaning, “Ohhhhhh !!!!! Aaaaahh”!!!!! as we
came hard together.

When we finished cumming together, he continued to press and hold me up against the elevator wall as I still clung on to him, we softly kissed and nuzzled tenderly at each other like long-time lovers.

I whispered into his ear, “Who are you”!???

He let go of my black Lycra encased thighs and dropped me to my feet and we kissed again. Then he looked at his luminous dial on his watch, then he lifted my hands from around his neck and gently unwrapped the duct-tape, while he kissed me again passionately one last time and gently pulled away from me.

He felt around in the dark and recovered his clothes and got dressed, while I pulled down my pink sports bra over my large 32-dd tits and readjusted my black work-out seamless tights.

I felt the hole in my Lycra tights that he made, and it wasn’t really that big, but the Lycra-Spandex had stretched to allow his big throbbing red cock to penetrate through them.

My expensive Bloomingdales work out, seamless tights were drenched with my pussy juices and whitish cum and his huge amount of thick, white sperm, which was still leaking from my very swollen and bruised pussy.

I looked down at my wet tights and smiled, thinking that if anyone who sees me would just think that just had a heavy work-out, which was very true and that’s why my top and tights are soaked.

Again ! I whispered to him, “Who the hell are you”!??

Suddenly the elevator lights came on and the elevator jerked upwards with a force so strong that I fell to the floor. The sudden brightness of the lights and the speed of the ascent disoriented me, my eyes were nearly blinded by the harsh fluorescent lights after being in the dark so long.

Suddenly the elevator doors opened and the guy that had just fucked and bred me, gently and firmly walked me out of the elevator and he slipped my phone back into my gym bag and dropped it beside me, then he quickly walked to the outside doors and vanished into the night.

Still disoriented and blinded by the bright lights. I took out my phone that he had and there was a message and a phone number for me that he left, it read (My name is Big John and my phone # is at the bottom call me tomorrow if you want another breeding fuck in your sexy work-out tights !! Big John) .

I was so happy that I smiled and skipped in my black seamless tights and my pink Nike sneakers making my way to the ladies’ room, wondering if this was all a dream as my hand went down to my crotch while my finger explored the tiny hole in my black tights, I stuck my finger into my wet pussy and brought it to my mouth and tasted it.

“Oh my god I’m not dreaming !! It’s real sperm inside me”!!! I smiled and walked to the parking lot and got into my car and drove home, so I can call Big John for a date at my house tomorrow night and wear my sexy Bloomingdales work-out outfit for him !!!!


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  • Reply Jor-el ID:1cz1pz7j26yu

    I would love to be trapped in a elevator with you with your hands pinned above your head. Great story Brittney👏❤

  • Reply dude at work ID:b9lcskrekn3

    what is this an advertisement for spandex

    • BRITNEY ID:1e8sh3tot8dn

      I always loved spandex and all sorts of hosiery dude !!! It makes my legs and figure look fabulous and it feels so good !

  • Reply Sick Littles only ID:1dq1arvc6owp

    Amazing 👏 🤩

  • Reply Slim56 ID:1e32x0bcb75j

    That was so fucking hot, had me hard as a rock. Once again your description was fantastic and made me blow huge load for you. Your friend and always horny fan Dave

    • BRITNEY ID:1e8sh3tot8dn

      As always daddy slim !! thank you very much from your online sexy daughter Britt

  • Reply Anon ID:5ers3kqrd

    Are there really girls out there that actually have cnc/rape kinks? Irish here, and I don’t know any around

    • BRITNEY ID:1e8sh3tot8dn

      I do !!

    • Courtney ID:8aga5tv1

      I’m not sure why, but as a woman I’ve noticed that at least in my part of America, the more left-leaning women seem to have rape kinks that the right-leaning women don’t. Maybe that’s completely wrong but just what I’ve noticed a lot. Me personally, I don’t have a full on rape kink but I do enjoy when my husband is rough with me in bed. It fulfills that caveman urge to breed but I know he loves me and will never actually hurt me.

    • BRITNEY ID:1e8sh3tot8dn

      I’m in no way a left leaning woman Courtney !! but ever since I was raped !! I now crave it as long that’s not violent and just like you !! I want either my current boyfriend or my separated husband doing it to me !! Britt

    • Courtney ID:8aga5tv1

      I didn’t mean you were Britney. I just mean from what I’ve seen personally that seems to be the case however it’s a very small scale. It’s more likely thousands of years of men using women the way they want has just imprinted on our brains the desire to be used even if we don’t think we want it. It’s another great story by the way, I just submitted another one of my own which should be up anytime now.

    • RudyGardet ID:4glk83qrc

      Personally I suspect a lot of modern rape kink is born of repressed or suppressed normal sexuality. Girls are told and socialized to believe that sex is bad and they’re bad for having normal urges and curiosities. Maybe they internalize it and believe it, so by those rules they’re bad if they want it.
      But they do want it. They all do.
      So rapey shit takes that away. You didn’t ask for it, ask it, choose it. It’s thrust upon you (pun intended). Take away choice and you’re not being bad, but you still get your pussy filled and used like you crave even if you try to deny it. Maybe that goes along with Courtney’s theory about lefty women. Feminism and female empowerment is great, but maybe it makes those women who might be more sexually liberated but more anti-patriarchy even more succeptible to the unconscious liberation of having choice removed to get the hard dicking that a significant part of their soul knows it needs.
      Plus we’re just fucking animals (pun again intended). So many of us like the rough stuff because it’s a physical expression of our core desires. I’ll bet that’s also a huge part of why many of us enjoy beast stories here.
      If any ladies would like to chat about it, I’m RudyGardet on K and Telegram or here’s my sessions.

  • Reply AlabamaSlamma ID:1dldx4zlgtds

    Some guys have all the luck.

    • BRITNEY ID:1e8sh3tot8dn

      You never know Slamma ! your luck just might change !!! Britt

  • Reply Big Bad John ID:1fuvflep49a

    Your stories are so fucking descriptive baby doll, that I felt that I was in the elevator with my thick hard cock between your Lycra encased thighs asI gave you a hard fucking!! I’m just about to go to bed and I know that I’ll be dreaming of our bodies pressed together with your hard nipples rubbing against my hairy chest as I thrust my meat into your pink wet pussy. I hope you will have similar dreams and wake up with a dripping pussy. I know that my cock will be hard and throbbing!!! Another erotic masterpiece Princess. Love you baby, your big horny stud Johnny Looking forward to the story of nurse Britney making me better!!!!!

    • BRITNEY ID:1e8sh3tot8dn

      Oh John !! you were there with me !! I pictured you being the rough alpha guy and just taking and fucking me like an animal up against the elevator wall in my Lycra tights ! breaking me like a wild horse then inseminating me with your seed ! making this rich bitch yours now !! Sweet dreams baby and I’ll see what nurse Britney can do for my Johnny !! love your sweet princess Britney