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Friday night movie night with Lexi

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Continuation of my story involving my sister Lexi and me.

Its been a few days since my sister and I lost our virginities to each other. We have continued to be playfull with each other and are becomming very close. Every friday we do a family movie night. We pick a steaming movie and play it in our living room entertainment center. We use our living room with blankets and pillows to make it comfortable. Snacks from the dollar store are our favorites. Lexi was already showering to get ready because we usually fall asleep in the living room for the night.

I tip toed into the bathroom in our room to get a peak of her in the shower. As I opened the door I heard her giggle. She could see me in the mirror. She placed her hands on her hips and posed like a super model. The steam from the shower was beginning to build in the room and the glass door to the shower was fogging up. She smiled seductively at me as she continued shampooing her hair. Her slender form skewed slightly by the steam and the water raining on her from the shower head. As she closes her eyes and the water begins to flow down her naked form rising her hair. I get a good look at her nipples and her tiny hairless pussy. I get a little hard as I admire her. She turns around and her butt flexes. She is very muscular for a 9 year old. I decide to slip away and think of something else to keep my mom from noticing my hard cock under my shorts.

I am on the couch in the living room when my sister comes out in her nightie. My mom is poring some sodas in the kitchen for the movie. My sister walks in and sits next to me and begins to cuddle up close to me. She pulls the blanket up over us as we sink into the pillows and start getting comfortable.

Awwww…my mom says from the kitchen.
Your sister loves you so much Tyler. You should enjoy that while it lasts!

I smile at her as I hug my sister and resist the urge to kiss her. My mom brings us our sodas and snacks and we are sttled in so she begins to play the movie. We start watching the live action Beauty and the Beast on Disney. As the movie proceeds it does not take me long to begin sliding my hand under Lexi’s nightie shirt. She nestles into my arms more when she feels my hand slide up her skin and find her nipple. Between my fingers I rub it gently. She lets out a moan but catches herself before it gets loud. My mom looks over at us briefly and smiles seeing us have a heart-warming moment.

After about 5 minutes of fiddling with her nipple she began to squirm a little. When she reached up and took my hand off her nipple I was disappointed. My disappointment would not last long though because she slid my hand down her belly and between her warm thighs. My hand came to rest right over her moist pussy. I then realized very quickly that she had not put on any panties under her nightie. I realized she wanted me to molest her the whole time. She even might have planned it. I slid my middle finger between her folds and felt her pussy lips part gently as my finger became wet and slid in. I felt her take a deep breath. I began fingering her in and out slowly for a couple minutes but to me felt like an eternity as time stood still. My mind had not even noticed the movie playing anymore. I found a small bit of skin and rubbed it with my two middle fingers. I learned that when I made circles around that small spot she breathed much faster. I kept a steady pace of circles until I felt her whole body tense up and liquid began to pour out of her pussy. I felt like she had peed on my hand but what I had learned from the internet the day before, I think she came on my hand. She let out a slow breath as her body began to relax but i didn’t stop my circles. She statted tensing up again and she grabbed a hold of my arm and the couch pillow. This time I made my circles faster and faster and then slid my fingers back in her pussy grabbing hold of her hips with my two middle fingers to hold her still while she tried to buck under the blanket wildly. The movement caught my moms attention.

Are you two okay over there?

Lexi mustered to speak up…We are fine mom, just trying to get comfortable.

She had slowed down her movements now to try to hide her excitement and I took my fingers out of her pussy and let my hand rest over her mound softly touching her pussy lips and gently sliding my fingers in her wetness.

My sister suddlenly said, Can we lay sideways mom?

Sure, I’ll move over to the side chair so you can stretch out. She paused the movie.

This is probably a good time to take a small break and use the bathroom she said as she stood up and went down the hall. My sister looked at me with lust as she grabbed my shorts and yanked them down. I took them off and tucked them next to me in the couch cusion. She then laid down in front of me and through the blanket over us before my mom came back into the living room.

Ready to start the movie again? She asked as she turned out the lights so the TV would be easier to see.

Yep! My sister said while simultaniously reaching back and grabbing my shaft in her warm hand. She stroked it up and down a couple times and it got even harder. She wiggled a couple of times and then i felt the warm sensation of her pussy swallowing my cock head. I grabbed her hip firmly as i felt her push back into me and my cock buried deep into her pussy. I felt her ass press against my pelvis and she breathed deeply again. I saw her hand cover her own mouth as she stifled a moan of blissful pleasure. I held my breath as I began sliding in and out of her. She was so wet and slick that my balls began to feel squishy. It was like a pool of her slick love juices between us. This was so errotic. I kept my eye on my mom and slowed down my thrusts each time she moved or looked in our direction. I didn’t want to stop and there was no way I wanted my mom to find out. I felt myself beginning to get close. My balls were tightening and tingling. My stomach began to ache. The. I felt Lexi’s hand reach around and grab the back of my butt check and pulled it toward her. I knew she wanted me to go deeper but I was already close to cumming. I whispered into her ear that I was close. She grabbed my butt check tighter and sqeezed it into her ass. I couldn’t hold it any more and I released it. Squirt…squirt…squirt directly into her pussy. I held her hip tight and still while i held my breath again. My body was tense and my arms were sqeezing her close to me. I filler her pussy with as much cum as I could.

My sister reached down between our legs and with her fingers scooped some of the cum that was seeping out. This candy is tasty she said aloud as she licked her fingers. I kept slowly thrusting my cock in and out until it started to soften. My mouth was dry and I felt really thursty. I grabbed my soda and took a drink from it while Lexi repositioned herself. She placed my cock upright between her butt cheeks and I could still feel her wetness. The movie played through and finished but Lexi and I had not fallen asleep. My mom said she was tired and was going to head to bed. She gave us a kiss on the forhead each and disappeared into the hall toward her room.

I thought Lexi would want to go to sleep but she had other plans. The second my moms door closed she went under the blanket and enveloped my soft cock into her mouth. It was seconds before it was hard again. She climbed back up my body like she was in a hurry. Both of her legs straddled me and suddenly she sunk down on my cock. It buried into her pussy and she kissed me deeply and aggressively. Her tongue slid against my tongue and she began riding my cock up and down. Her pussy started slapping my legs she was riding so hard and fast. I grabbed onto her ass cheeks and started thrusting upward to meet her downwards. This made my cock go very VERY deep and I felt like I had reached the bottom of her cervix. I came again. Mid thrust I just started streaming cum blasts into her pussy. It was instinct and passion and ferral need to fuck her. She let out a silent scream and then I felt her spray all over my tummy. She laid on top of me in a huff. Out of breath. She looked up into my eyes. I pushed her hair off of her sweaty brow and looked into her eyes.

I love you she said.

I love you too Lexi.

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  • Reply Gonzo ID:7mkmumjj44

    That was so cute and would love to read more.

    A lady I dated had two daughters but the 9 year old loved to cuddle and watch TV. Her mom Linda thought it was cute that her daughter took to me so fast and loved it going to bed having to work the next day. What she did not know was her daughter was rubbing and jacking me off under the covers and I was fingering her lil pussy. It all started when she felt my hard cock and reached back and got a hand full and gasp out loud.
    As soon as her mom went to bed and a heavy sleeper I must add. I puller her on top of me and ate her out while she sucked me. She did a good job and actually took most of my load swallowing as fast as she could. A lil hard though when she is almost screaming in orgasm, convulsing and drenching my face. I have always loved to cuddle with them and lil girls always love to cuddle with a man as it is a natural born instinct.

  • Reply SmokeyD1979 ID:1d06xg8fq1zv

    Next part please where mom catches them and joins in

  • Reply Johnny55 ID:153kguyjoic

    This was awesome!