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Forced to

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Hi Jules here. I want to share my night trip to the camping beach.
I was camping with family members for a 3 day weekend. It all started off ok and pretty normal. Well as normal as this family gets lol.
We had everything set up by 2 pm and had a late lunch. Johnny, my cousin had told me about a quiet beach on the camp grounds, so I decided to go explore. Wearing my new tiny bikini with a short wrap around cove up on. Closed with only a tie rope like belt at my waist, I guess made me look a little slutty. But with class. Off I went on my quest. I found my destination after about an hour. It was getting late in the day, and the sun had crest now on its way down. With what little day light I had left I quickly enjoyed the water on the deserted beach I found. After cooling off I found an even more secluded spot to lay out, and off came my top. Which wasn’t to much to worry about. And my bottoms was tiny enough not to worry about any visual tan lines.
I had been laying there for almost an hour and sort of cat napping. And suddenly I felt hands softly rubbing the back of my legs. At first I thought it was Johnny. And as gross as you may think we have fucked. And we will again im sure. Any how half asleep I began to enjoy getting felt up. As the hands moved up and down the insides of my legs each time moving further up as they slowly went up.then down. My pussy was getting wetter as they grew closer. Parting my legs to welcome the invasion. The invitation was accepted as his fingers reached their goal. Pulling the crotch of my bikini to one side. Rubbing lightly up and down the wet slit of my pussy opening. I moaned and raised my hips to meet them. It did not go unanswered, sliding in to find my clit. Trapping it between his thumb and finger rolling it between them then milking it like a little cock. I quivered, whimpered as he worked my clit softly between his thumb and index finger bringing me to a small but very enjoyable flowing climax. Then feeling his rough whiskered covered cheeks between the cheeks of my ass. Then something I’ve never felt before, a tongue swirling around my ass hole. Omg that felt so devine. I told him that it felt so good and asked why hasn’t he done that before. Only answer I got was a grunt followed by his tongue pushing harder into my ass as he began to fuck me with his tongue. Then I felt another set of hands on me.
I rolled over in shock and now fear yet still wanting this not to stop. As I spun over he expertly slid my bottoms down and completely off of me. And the other hands found my hard nipples.
I focused to see the new hands belonged to a handsome well built black man. Squatting over my head in baggy shorts revealing his big beautiful black cock growing in them. I looked down to see another well built black man gripping my legs as he lowered his lips to my shaved pussy. I tried to pull away but the grip from his arm’s tightened up around my legs and ass as his tongue parted my pussy lips. With the other man’s hands now firmly. On my bare tits keeping me pinned to the ground. He squatted lowering his long thick hanging cock closer to my mouth looking for penetration. I shook my head from sid to side to avoid the monster that was offered to me. Then the other clamped down on my clit and sucked it in and out of his tight lips. I moaned as my mouth opened the other seized the opportunity of the opening snd dropping the head of his cock into me
I soon lost all resistance one hand found a head full of hair to gently rub and to thank him for the pleasures given to my pussy, and the other wrapped around a 3 inch thick cock now sliding in and out of my willing mouth. Soon they had me on my hands and knees fucking me with equally huge cocks at both ends. I have never felt that full in any hole. I could feel every vein on the long thick shaft and the huge head as he now plunged in and out of me. And taking the other as far as I could in my mouth. Feeling them both start to swell in preparation of unloading. I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to take it all. Even with the risk of getting pregnant I still wanted to feel him blast my pussy full with his cum as much as I wanted to swallow the other man’s Huge Black
Cock down my throat as they both would cum. He grunted and said oooo yesss over and over as he shot 7 long hard blasts into my pussy. I was so ful with his cock that I actually felt his cum fill and stretching me even more till it found the only escape. Which was around his cock flowing like rapids out of me. Which sent me into multiple orgasms. Driving my desire to swallow the cock in my mouth as he began to grunt as well telling me he was going to cum. Hearing that fueled my desire and lust to take him deeper. Then when he yelled omg and I felt his cock swell even more. I gave him a few strokes with my lips tightly wrapped around his monster I could feel his cum flowing up his beautiful black cock which made me cum hard several more times and I plunged down on his cock forcing it deeper each time. Then it felt like my throat opened up completely for the 10 inch man meat and abled me to take him balls deep all he said was yessse as he began to fill my belly with his sweet salty thick cream. I gagged a little and swallowed a lot on his throbbing cock as he emptied his balls into the bottom of my throat. We introduced ourselves after we fucked and they invited me to their cabin who they shared with 3 other buddies. Yes I went

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  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:2dd0x5np8m

    Beautiful! What great guys to give you such a good time! No wonder white girls worship big black cocks!!

    • Matt ID:1ck78njowllr

      White guys do too. I’m married but hang out with 3 black guys that fuck me all the time

    • Cracksniffer ID:2dd0x5np8m

      Been there too, Matt. Love it!!