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Flashing more strangers

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Hi it’s me E I’m back again. It’s been a while since I done anything but last night I finally got back to doing stuff in public. It’s basically summertime where I live, here it doesn’t get dark until around 8ish. I went outside wearing a sweater, shorts and a pair of shoes. Just three pieces of fabric between me being naked and everyone else. I walked to a nearby park there was a bench facing the highway. I looked around and saw no one do I pushed my shorts to the side my cock was already hard and because if my dad’s extremely hairy genetics my pubes were also sweaty. I started stroking my cock slowly my cock only half exposed. I looked around, there was still no one around so I pulled out my cock and spread my legs wide on the bench. I pulled out a rubber band and tied off my cock. Then I began going to town stroking it fast. My cock started to leak I looked and on the right a car was coming, I pulled my hood up and kept stroking as they sped by. I felt a tingly chill down my cock and back as another car drove by. I started stroking even faster as I lifted up my hoodie and pulled my shorts down all the way, I was basically naked. I saw a car coming but it started to slow down the it fully stopped at the side if the road. I knew there was no going back so I just kept stroking, I then used my free hand to play with my nipples while I stroked. It felt so good I couldn’t stop, then I came shooting a massive load onto the ground. After a minute or so the car got back on the road and sped away. I pulled my clothes back in order and walked home.
That’s it for that story, if you want to talk(dethirty on discord)

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  • Reply HornyBoyo ID:e9pi4gb0d

    Whats you’re full discord

    • Student13bx ID:5xrvgwwhj

      My user is dethirty

  • Reply HornyDad4play ID:60aeri741

    That’s hot!!! I’d stroke that cock for you!! hit me up if you have session