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First time I cheated on my husband part 2

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42 years old. Married 19 years. I have a son and daughter.. This is not the first time now but continues on from the last

I had met a man named David on a double date because my best friend didn’t want to go alone on a date because her date had a friend with him.

That night I had cheated for the first time found out my date had a 9 inch penis. As I mentioned in the last story. We had met regularly to fuck and also had several 3 somes. Sometimes mmf sometimes ffm.

This was the first time I had a 3 some with 2 men. I wont mention the time I had a 3 some with another female. It wasn’t as good. I didn’t really enjoy it.

David had message me and asked me if I wanted to try something new. I told him yes I do. He said good. I have a friend that I want to join us in a 3 some. And I was like what? Wow. Where did that come from?
He said trust me it will be fun. I told him I’d think about it. Next thing before I knew it I was meeting him at a motel and I knocked on the door and he said come in its open. I walked in and both of them are naked and waiting behind the door. They grabbed my hands and walked me over to the bed and took my clothes off. David was behind me and grabbed my boobs from behind. And his friend Steve (fake name) smiled and said hi. And kissed me on the lips and was rubbing pussy while David was rubbing my anus. Then they laid me on the bed and Steve started eating my pussy while David was titty fucking me. Then David and I kissed for a while whilst my pussy was being eaten. Steve was also fingering my ass. I was so wet and horny. I wanted everything to happen to me. I wanted dick. I didn’t care how they did it.
Then I was laying on side while Steve got behind me and entered my anus and was fucking me in a slow speed while I was sucking David’s cock. Steve was holding one of my legs up in the air so my ass was stretched out. David suggested they double penetrated me. So I climbed onto David’s cock. While steve fucked me from behind. They fucked me good. I must have cum multiple times. It was the best thing i have ever felt that day.
When they were done fucking me they both laid beside me. And were feeling me up about. Playing with my tits and pussy. We kissed some more. Steve was a younger guy but his cock was just as big as David’s. So we had alot of fun regularly.

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