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My girl friend decided to surprise me by waiting completely naked for me to come home to. Well obviously I was unaware of her plans and normally I would have called her to let her know I was bringing a friend home with me, but my phone died. So i got home and let him go in before me. He stopped in his tracks. Believe me we all were just as surprised as the other. I broke the awkward silence and told her hi sweetie I brought a friend home then Louann shocked me when she came over to kiss me and introduced herself to Bill. Then told us she would be right back and that she was going to toss something on. Still shocked Bill and I went to the kitchen where Louann joined us. And that’s all she did was toss something on. It was her thin almost see through short tied robe. She made herself a drink and sat across from us. She grinned and said that she bet us boys was hungry after a hard day at work and ended with asking us if we were just thirst for now. I told her yes. So she got up and got us 2 more beers. As Louann moved about we could see most of her perfect tits. After a few rounds we started playing truth or dare. As the game went on the dares got more physical. I had Louann crawl around the table showing off her sexy ass. Then I had Bill strip to his boxers. Then I l had to do the same next time Bill was dared to suck Louann’ s toes. Knowing that made her horny and he would be between her legs getting a good view of her shaved pussy. Not just 1 he had to do each one for 2 minutes. Knowing Bill was probably hard now and possibly poking through his shorts as I was. I had her get under the table and lick and kiss every inch of our legs that she could see.
She started with Bill at the bottom and slowly worked her way up. Louann was so hott by the time she made her way to the top insides of his legs. Her hand went to his hard cock as she buried her face into his crotch licking his balls. And pumped his cock with her hand. Bill moaned, I seen the top of her head as she licked the shaft of his cock uo and down. Then into her mouth hos cock went. She scooted around so she was out from under the table. I got up and to my knees behind her. Sliding my cock into her pussy as she continued to suck his . I now was slamming her pussy balls deep. Fucking her hard and fast. Moaning and thrusting back on my cock she began squirting all ove me and my cock. Bill went stiff gasping that he was cumming Louann slowed her pace taking him balls deep into her throat working his cock with her throat muscles taking 4 long hard gushes of his cum into her belly then I let loose 3 hard blasts in her tight pussy. She then sucked me clean then said that she was ready for some serious fucking. Stood up taking our hands and walked us to the bedroom.

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