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/*I started college when I was 18 years old. I knew NOTHING about what to expect. I had enrolled late, so I missed the orientations that would of told me about registering for classes. Everything was done in a mad rush. I enrolled on a Wednesday, spent Thursday and Friday signing up for classes, getting my dorm assignment, moving in to my room, getting books and supplies and anything else I needed to start classes on Monday. I keep thinking OMG WTF AARGHH.
Monday came and went. I survived and began to settle into somewhat of a routine. I found that it was best to ask for help from girls. They were usually really helpful and nice without putting out some of the shit guys liked to pull. And it was a nice way to start a conversation. But the end of the week I had met and introduced myself to quite a few young women. It was nice to walk into a class and see a girl recognize you and smile. That usually prompted me to sit down by them if a space was available. I made a very serious effort to remember their names and a bit about themselves. I made a few male friends too, but I mostly talked and stuff with the girls.
Before I knew it a few weeks had passed and I started finding out about and fitting in to the college life.
Rush week started, and although I had not intention of joining a frat it was fun to go to the parties. And lots of non-Greek parties were going on to. By the way, the drinking age for beer and wine was 19. But nobody really checked. So lots of beer, girls, and pot to be had.
Me and a couple of guys started off hitting the parties. I introduced them to some of the girls I knew. I was buzzing pretty good and sat down on the couch. “Jane”, a girl from one of my classes sat down beside me. “John! I’m glad to see you. I thought I wouldn’t know anybody here.” I said,” yeah I came with a couple of guys but they ditched me.” She said, “is that them talking to the 2 girls over there?” Looking where she pointed I said, “Yes that’s them” and we had a good laugh about that. We start talking about classes and stuff. Then somebody turned the music up. So we moved closer to hear each other. I loved the strawberry smell of her hair when I spoke into her ear. She started laughing at the stupid story I was telling her while imitating the instructor. It was getting noisy and crowded with people. I Said “you wanna go outside for a bit? It; . stuffy in here” She said “sure I could use another beer.” So I grabbed her cup , helped her up off the couch and headed to the keg. My buddy Jeff was there smiling like a dope as he filled our cups. “John! where have you been?” not wanting to get sucked into a lengthy conversation, I said “Just making the rounds. Hey Jeff this young lady needs her cup filled.” and pointed him at a pretty standing there with a almost empty cup. I then turned away and started walking with my new friend out the door.
The cool evening air was welcome on my face. I handed her drink to her, and we sat astraddle on the railing around the porch facing each other. I said “By the way, I’m John.” hold*ing out my hand. Taking my hand she said “I’m Sammi” I looked into deep blue eyes highlighted by her dark brown hair, She had on snug fitting jeans with a white knitted top that showed off her breasts very nicely
We sat there drinking and talking for a bit. I noticed her cup was almost empty. It made me realize that maybe it was time to step it up. I took the last swallow of my beer and asked her if she wanted a refill or anything. She said “no thanks, i think I’m going to head back to the dorm” “Me too.” I said “I’ll walk you.” I threw our cups away and stepped off the porch, turned and waited for her. She went to step off, missed the step and began to fall. I put my arms out and caught her. She fell into me full force which caused her breasts to end up on my face. “Sorry” she said. I’m glad I was there to catch you.” With that she put her arms around my neck and kissed me. We kissed for a bit, then she looked at me with those beautiful blue eyes. Somebody yelled from the porch, “Get a room already” followed by hoots of wooohh. Laughing, I put my arm around her and started leading her down the walk to Campus. After a few steps she put her arm around me too. She then put her hand into my jean pocket. Oh boy! My cock got hard immediately. As I walked My cock was rubbing making it even harder. We got to my dorm first. She asked if she could use the bathroom. My dorm was an old mansion. my room was at the back in what would of been the servant quarters back in the day. This meant that My room had its own bathroom. When she came out she said, “this is a really neat set-up. Do you have it to yourself?” ‘No, I was supposed to have 2 roommates, only one guy never showed and the other one is gone for the week-end. I ducked in to pee. When I came back into the room she was sitting on my bed. I sat down next to her. I rested my hand on her leg and looked into her eyes. I could feel something pass between us. I said, “You have the most amazing eyes. Their color is the most beautiful blue. I laid my hand beside her face and brushed her hair out of her eyes. Then I tentatively moved closer. She closed her eyes, licked her lips, then tilted her head slightly to me. I took this as a good sign and kissed her lips. Feeling her lips part slightly, I worked my tongue into her mouth until I met her tongue. I began to feel light with anticipation. It was the most amazing feeling. Touching and holding her I could feel the desire starting to build in us. I brushed my lips across her neck as we lay back on the bed. My hand came to rest on her belly Her top slipped upward exposing her mid-riff. I found her naval and began tracing circles with my finger. Then I laid my hand flat on her and began working my hand toward her breasts. I could feel her hard nipples through her bra which had a front clasp. I debated how far I wanted to push it . I didn’t was to go too far and ruin the moment, but yet it felt like she was pretty willing to explore further. My fingers decided for me and deftly undid the clasp of her bra. When I placed my hand on her naked breast I felt her inhale sharply
and was rewarded with her beginning to suck on my tongue. we began kissing harder. I slipped my other hand up her top raised her a bit and with one deliberate motion slid her top off. OMG her tits were shaped perfectly like 2 small ripe melons with cherries on top. I took one in my mouth then the other one and when I her cries of pleasure , started working my way down her belly to her naval. I put my tongue into it tasing the sweet flavor of her skin. Undoing he top snap of her jeans met with no resistance. I pulled her zipper down, hooked my thumbs into the waistband of her jeans and began to slide them down. She responded by kicking her shoes off. She was now naked in my bed. I took in the sight of her perfect mons covered with a patch of dark pussy hair. I was drawn to it like a magnet to steel .I nuzzled it inhaling her woman scent. my tongue found her very wet pussy lips and began to lick then and her hard nub of a clit. She went OOOGH and grabbed my head between her knees, driving me harder into her pussy. I began licking an sucking until I felt her orgasm beginning. Then I slid my tongue in as deep as I could, reached up and rolled her nipples firmly. She started panting then convulsing with every twitch of her pussy. I stood up shucked my clothes lined my cock up and entered her in one swift movement, I felt her cum twice. Then i began to take care of my needs. I felt a huge load building up and it didn’t take long until I was ready to explode. Right then, she felt me pause then clamped down on my cock with her pussy causing to me explode inside her. This made her cum again, She clamped her legs around me the we both went limp and fell asleep.

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