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Farmer’s daughter pays his debt

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Tabby took her mother’s place after her death. Then her father used her to pay off a debt and save the farm.

Tabitha lived with her father, two brothers who were twins, and two years older than her and her two-year younger sister, on a farm in central Kansas. Everyone called her Tabby. Her mother had died two years ago, when Tabby was twelve. It immediately became her position to be the woman of the house, to do the cooking and cleaning and all the other household chores along with going to school.

Within a month of losing her mother, she was taking her place in her father’s bed. Her father was a hardworking man and very strict with his family. He was also a very horny man. He had fucked his wife or had her suck him off almost every night and sometimes also in the morning before she got up to make breakfast so he could go out for a hard day’s work on the farm. Now it was Tabby that had to satisfy his sexual desires. Her mother had been on birth control pills, so her father just kept getting the prescription filled for Tabby to take.

Tabby cried the first night when her father took her virginity but soon found that she liked what they were doing together. The first few nights he gently entered her in the missionary position and slowly fucked her till he reached orgasm. Later he became more and more aggressive and demanding. He started to have her suck him to get him good and hard before entering her. One night after a little over a week from first deflowering her, he did not stop getting blown till he emptied his spunk into Tabby’s mouth. She gagged a little, but he held her head in place till she swallowed. The next time and every time after that, he insisted that she suck him clean after he had finished with her cunt. He taught her how to rub herself as he slammed his prick into her to get more enjoyment for herself. Tabby got to be even better in bed than her mother had been, and she looked forward to fucking with her father.

A couple of weeks after Tabby had moved into her father’s bedroom, her two brothers took her into one of the barns and told her that she was going to start satisfying their needs also. She said no, but they stripped her and raped her right there in the barn. Tabby ran to her father and told him what had happened, only to be told by her father that her brothers had needs too and that she should satisfy those needs so the boys could concentrate on their farm work and not always be thinking about going to town to find a willing girl. But he quickly pointed out that his needs always came first. “And I’ll see that your brothers know that.” For the next year, Tabby went to school, cared for the house and satisfied the sexual needs of three very horny men. Her brothers usually wanted to both have her at the same time, but her father always wanted her just to himself.

The following summer was hot and dry, and the crops did not grow well. Tabby’s father got behind on the payments for some of his farm equipment. One day the man that had sold them the equipment came to the farm demanding that the debt be paid. He and Tabby’s father had a long talk and then the man left with just a small partial payment. The next month the payment was missed again, and the man came back. Tabby’s dad had been thinking about his problem and had decided to offer the man a solution.

They talked well into the evening and shared several beers as they did. Finally, Tabby’s father called her into the room. “I have not been able to pay this man for the debt that I owe him. I own him $12,000. We have reached an agreement to satisfy that debt. You are going to go live with him for two months and be to him as you are to me. You will keep his house and do anything he tells you. At the end of the three months, he will cancel the debt. Go pack a suitcase and he will take you to his home.” Tabby was in shock. “Dad, you can’t …” Before she could finish, her father said again, “go pack, girl. You are leaving with him now.” Tabby went to her room. Her father handed Don Davis the remained of her birth control prescription.

Her father had thought this out. Her little sister was now, in his mind, old enough to take Tabby’s place caring for the house and in his bed so he could do without Tabby in order to keep the family farm. He would miss her, but he and the man had agreed that he could visit and use her sexually sometimes. When she came out, she had a suitcase in her hand. “You will call me Mr. Davis or Sir. Do you understand?” Tabby nodded yes. They left the house. He threw her suitcase in the back of his pick-up and pushed her into the cab. Neither of them said a word on the drive to his house.

They pulled into the garage. It was a nice house not far out of town, and it was on a large lot but not acreage. Don Davis got out, grabbed her suitcase, handed it to her, and told her to follow him, which she did. He showed Tabitha her room. It had a couch and a desk but did not have a bed. “Put all of your clothes in the closet and I mean everything. When we are in the house alone you will never wear anything. Do you understand? “Yes Sir”, the shy young girl replied.

“Your father told me all about you. He told me that he has trained you very well sexually and that you are willing, at any time, to fuck or suck him or your brothers. You will keep the house clean, cook the meals and do any sexual thing that I tell you to do. Do you understand?” “Yes Mr. Davis, Sir.” “You are a fucking house whore. You are nothing to me but three holes for me to put my cock in, any time I feel like it. Do you understand?” “Yes Sir.” “OK get your things put away.”

Tabby opened her suitcase and hung everything up or put it in the dresser. Then she stripped and put away the clothes she was wearing. Don, a forty-year-old white man with a little bit of a middle-aged tummy stood in the room and watched her. Tabby was a fairly plain looking girl, the kind you might think of as a farm girl when you saw her. She was 5’4″ and weighed about 110 pounds. She had very fair skin and tits that had just grown to a big B-cup but not yet C’s. They did sit high on her chest with almost no sag. Her thighs did not rub together, and she only had a small amount of pubic hair. He looked between her legs. “You will keep that shaved clean.” “Yes Sir. I will do it as soon as I finish here.”

Don dropped his pants. “Your father tells me that you are a good cock sucker. Come over here and show me how good you are.” Tabby promptly went to him and dropped to her knees in front of him. She looked at his cock, which was as big as her father’s seven inches but a little thicker. It was well bigger than either of her brother’s. She wrapped her hand around it as much as she could and started stroking it as she put her lips around the head and licked the underside. “Take your hand away, slut.” When she did, he put his hands behind her head and pulled her to him, running his cock down her throat and causing her to gag. That didn’t stop him. He fucked her throat like it was a cunt for many strokes before he let her up enough to breath.

Tabby had learned how to deepthroat, but she had always controlled doing it and worked her way to full depth slowly with her father and brothers. Mr. Davis did not give her that option. After the first few thrusts, the urge to gag went away but she thought about how rough he was being. Even her nose hurt from hitting against his body. Tabby loved being with her family and the sex that went with it. She did not want to be here, and it was the first time she had been with anybody outside of her family, but she believed that she should do anything that her father fold her to do. She was doing her part for the family.

After several minutes of throat fucking, Tabby felt his balls tighten and his prick swell in her throat. She knew that she was close to making him cum. She got ready to feel his spunk blast down her throat and fill her gut but unlike her father or brothers he pulled out. He blasted a big load of cum all over her face. Strings were from her forehead, over her nose and down her cheek as well as dripping from her chin. Her new temporary ‘father’ pushed his manhood back in her mouth and she tasted his last few drops as she cleaned him. “Now let me see you eat it all, slut.” Tabby used her fingers to push the cum into her mouth till it was gone. Tabby was relieved to find that he had good tasting cum. One of her brothers had bitter tasting cum and she did not enjoy having him cum in her mouth. “Now go clean yourself and shave that hairy cunt. Then go to the kitchen and make supper.” Tabby headed to the bathroom and Mr. Davis pulled up his pants and went to the living room.

The refrigerator did not have much for Tabby to use for supper, but she put together something and Mr. Davis ate it without complaining. “Tomorrow after school we’ll go to the grocery store.” That night he took her to his bed for the first of many nights. He stripped and got on the bed. “Your father tells me that you are very good at making yourself cum. Show me.” Tabby sat on the bed with her legs crossed and started playing with herself. Shortly Don reached into the nightstand and brought out a dildo that he had bought the day before, after her and her father had discussed what they might do to settle the debt. Tabby had never used a dildo. At home there was always a ready and willing cock waiting to be serviced. She picked it up and turned it on, finding that it was very pleasant both inside her and against her clit. Don stroked himself to erection as he watched. “When you start to cum, climb on and ride my cock.”

When she felt herself starting to get there, she dropped the dildo and positioned herself over him and slid her wet cunt over his shaft. It was tight but felt great, causing her to fully begin a strong orgasm. She rode him through a string of orgasms for about ten minutes before Mr. Davis erupted inside her pussy. She kept riding him till he started to soften inside her. Climbing off she knew that she was to use her mouth to clean him, and she got to it. They had both cum so hard that he was covered in their mixed cum, on his cock, all over his balls and saturating his pubic hair. Tabby didn’t stop till she had licked it all up like a mother cat cleaning her newborn kitten.

Over the next few weeks things continued in about the same raunchy way. Don treated her like a cum bucket but physically she loved it. Emotionally it was a different story. Often, he would set up cameras and record the things he was doing to her. He did take her shopping for food and clothes. The clothes he bought her were all very slutty. She didn’t wear them to school, but he had her wear them when he took her anywhere. Many people that knew her, saw her dressed like that and with a man other than her father and they all stared at her and whispered to one another.

One day Don returned home, and he had a guest with him. When Tabby saw a stranger walk in with Mr. Davis, she ran to her room. He had not told her that someone was coming so she could put clothes on. “Get you fucking ass out here, cunt. Come greet our guest.” Tabby slowly came out, her naked body on display and her head down. “This is my boss, Mr. Nelson. You will call him Sir. You are going to help me get a promotion. Come kiss him hello.” Tabby walked over to him. He was around 50 and only an inch or two taller than her. He was quite fat and going bald. She walked up to him and placed her lips to his. He promptly shoved his tongue into her mouth and grabbed her tits. “Go start supper and bring us beers.” The men went into the living room and sat down.

Tabby got the beers first, and then looked to see what she could make that was big enough to feed three. She decided on spaghetti. While it was cooking, Don yelled for her to bring more beer. When she entered the room, she saw that they were watching one of the DVD’s of her and Mr. Davis fucking. They both had their cocks out and in their hands. “Come sit by me, girl and show me that you are happy to see me.” “Yes, Sir.” Tabby sat next to Mr. Nelson and within seconds he had his mouth on one of her tits and a finger in her cunt. After several minutes of being mauled by the chubby older man, Tabby pulled away and said that she had to get back to the kitchen before dinner was ruined.

After Tabby set the table and called the two men, they came into the dining room. Mr. Davis was still jerking off. He walked to the table and splattered his load of cum on Tabby’s plate of spaghetti. “Everybody, sit and enjoy this slut’s cooking.” Without a word tabby ate her cum covered meal and the men smiled at her as she did. After they finished eating, the men went into the living room and Tabby started to clean up after the meal.

When she was finished, she went to be with them. They were nude and still watching one of Don’s many DVD’s of him fucking Tabby. Tabby sat next to him. “Go over and sit with our guest and make him feel welcome.” Tabby moved over to Mr. Nelson’s side, laid her head on his shoulder and took his cock in her hand. For several minutes Tabby stroked him as they watched the show. His uncut prick was only about five inches, but it was as thick as her temporary father’s. After a few minutes Mr. Nelson stood, held Tabby’s hand and told her to take him to her room. She looked at Don who nodded yes. Then she stood and taking his hand, led Mr. Nelson to the bed that she shared with Mr. Davis.

He laid on the bed, on his back. Tabby got on with him. She pulled the foreskin back, exposing his cock head, leaned forward and gently ran her tongue around it. She liked the way it jumped at her touch. Soon her lips slid over it and found their way to the base of his hard manhood. He started moaning and thrusting up into her sucking mouth. “Get on your hands and knees, slut.” When she did, he positioned himself behind her and quickly entered her fuck hole. Holding her hips and pounding hard and fast into her still tight young cunt made him ready to cum sooner than he wanted to. He held still till the urge subsided. Pulling his cock out, he repositioned it at her ass hole and started to push.

Tabby pushed it away. She had never had a cock in her ass and did not want to start now. She spun around and swallowed him to the root. It didn’t take her but another couple minutes before she had him coming down her throat. She kept sucking till he softened, which did not take long. His ejaculate was strong and sharp, not something that any girl would look forward to having a mouth full of. She tried for several minutes to suck him hard again but with no luck.

He got out of bed and led her to the bathroom. Placing her in the shower and telling her to get on her knees, he approached her again. Thinking that he was ready for more sucking, she opened her mouth at the approach of his hanging prick. As his cock touched her lips, it erupted in a strong stream of warm yellow urine. Tabby jumped at the unexpected filling of her mouth with this man’s piss. She coughed and spit. Mr. Davis took his pecker in his hand and guided it, so he sprayed her all over her face, on her tits, in her hair and back to her face. “Open your fucking mouth”, he said in a demanding tone. She did as she was told and again her mouth was full of piss. She thought it was never going to end but his stream weakened and dried up. After having her suck the last drops from his prick, he left the room and went back to get his clothes. Tabby showered and went back to the living room just as Don was saying goodbye to Mr. Nelson. She heard him say that it looked like the promotion was his and that he looked forward to visiting again.

“Get to my bed and wait for me on your hands and knees.” Tabby went and got on the bed. Ten, then fifteen minutes went by. Tabby was sick of staying in this position, but she stayed, placed as she was told to be. Finally, Don came into the room. “He told me that you pushed him away when he went to butt fuck you. Your actions could have cost me that promotion, you stupid whore.” He pulled his belt from his pants and gave Tabby three hard lashes across her ass. Red welts appeared where the belt struck. Tears ran down her cheek. “Nobody has ever fucked my ass and I didn’t want him to do it. I gave him a great blowjob and didn’t even complain when he pissed on me.” “You know not to question anything you are instructed to do by me or anyone that I tell you to be with.” He hit her one more time. “Yes, Sir.”

Her temporary master went around to the front of the bed and presented his erect cock to her face. She promptly put her mouth around it. Grabbing her head he throat fucked her for only a few strokes. Pulling his now wet manhood from her mouth, he went behind her and lined himself up to her small brown puckered hole. One hard push had him halfway in her poop shoot. The second push buried him fully in her shit tube. Tabby screamed in pain, but she was butt fucked hard and fast till Don had filled her bowels with his seed. He went back around her and pushed his prick at her face. She could see that it was cum covered with small streaks of brown and red on it. He grabbed her hair and pulled her to him. She opened her mouth and accepted his nasty manhood into her mouth. He pushed her down onto the bed. “I’m very displeased with you, you fucking cum bucket. You had better never cause me trouble like that again. Put that dildo in your ass and it had better still be there when I wake up in the morning.” He climbed into bed, rolled with his back to her and went to sleep.

The next week was what had become normal. School, cooking, cleaning and getting fucked any way that Don desired. Then he gave her news that excited her. “Tonight, your father is coming to visit you. He will be here for dinner so set another plate.” Tabby squealed with delight and ran to the bathroom to get herself ready for his arrival. Then she made the best meal that she knew how to make. At seven o’clock the doorbell wrung. Don greeted Tabby’s dad. When he entered the room, she ran to him with a huge smile yelling “Daddy”, jumped up, wrapped her naked legs around his waist and her arms around his neck and kissed him deeply.

She stayed right tight to him and sat as close as she could get. After dinner they sat in the living room with Tabby cuddled up tight to her father and she kissed him on the cheek. Don played a movie of him fucking all of Tabby’s holes as they talked. Her father had never seen her ass fucked. She could see the bulge growing in his pants. They watched and talked for a while. He reminded Tabby’s father that she had four more weeks to stay with him before the debt would be settled. “Why don’t you take her to the other room so you can be alone for a while?” Tabby grabbed her father’s hand and led him to the bedroom. He sat on the edge of the bed and looked at her. “Are you OK?” “Yes Daddy. I’m OK but I would much rather be home with you and my brothers.”

Tabby reached over and unzipped her father’s pants and fished his cock out. “I saw how hard you “were getting as you watched the movie of me getting fucked. I miss being with you. Please fuck me. Fuck your daughter long and hard.” He stood and Tabby lovingly undressed him, dropped to her knees in front of him and promptly swallowed his wonderful cock. He moaned with pleasure. While she was sucking on his meat, he told her about life at home. How her little sister was doing a pretty good job taking her place while she was gone, cooking, cleaning and sexually satisfying the three men. “But you are still a better cook and a better fuck than she is.”

When Tabby felt his balls tightening and his prick swelling in her mouth, she stopped and laid him on the bed, on his back. After letting him calm down a little bit she climbed over him and sank her pussy down over his erection. Tabby worked with enthusiasm, bouncing up and down, rubbing her clit and squeezing him with her cunt muscles till she felt him bathe her insides with his fluids. This sent her over the edge, and she gritted her teeth and ground her pussy against him as she had a hard orgasm. Tabby collapsed and just lay beside him in his arms. After several minutes her father started to get up. “I have to go now, Tabby” “Wait, I still have to clean you up.” Tabby kissed her way down over his hairy chest and stomach and sucked his shaft clean of their fluids. He started to get hard again and Tabby thought she was going to get another fuck, but her father got up. “I really have to go.” “Say hello to everybody for me and tell them that I’ll see them soon.” As she stood in the living room waving goodbye to her father, a tear ran across her cheek. Don stood behind her with his arms around her and her tits in his hands.

Early one evening about a week later they went into town to do some shopping. Tabby was dressed in a white, front buttoning blouse that tied in a knot just below her breasts and it was unbuttoned enough so that all the cleavage that was made by the push-up bra was nicely on display. She also wore a very short hip hugging red skirt so that a lot of her middle was exposed. She followed about a step behind Don as they walked. As they passed a middle-aged man sitting on a bench in front of a store, he spoke to Don. “Hey Mister, is she wearing any panties?” They stopped in front of the man. Don looked at her and then back to him. He reached down and lifted the front of Tabby’s skirt, exposing her naked, shaved pussy to him and anyone else on the street that might have been looking. The man reached out and touched her bald pussy mound. Smiling, he looked at Don. “How much to fuck your little whore, Mister?” Don looked at her. Her eyes pleaded with him to say no. He looked at the man again. “Fifty bucks.” “Sounds good to me.” The stranger reached for his wallet.

They each took one of Tabby’s hands and led her down the alley that was next to the store. At the end of the alley, Don spotted a large cardboard box. He flattened it out on the ground and told Tabby to get on her hands and knees on it. He took the money from the stranger and held his palm out pointing him to Tabby. The fortyish stranger walked in front of her and dropped his pants. He was already about half hard. Tabby knew what was expected of her. Leaning forward, she took him in her mouth. Soon he was his fully hard average six inches. Tabby could tell from the taste that he did not pay much attention to hygiene.

As soon as his male equipment was ready, he moved behind her and with one push was buried full depth in her cunt. With her skirt pulled up to her waist, he held her hips and slammed himself into her. He only lasted about three minutes before he filled her. She felt his cock pulse four times as it emptied into her. He pulled out. Mr. Davis sternly told her, “clean him.” She did as he said and sucked the stranger clean. “Now thank him.” “Thank you for fucking me, Sir.” As they turned to leave the alley, they saw that two men and a woman had followed them into the alley and watched the happenings. They quickly left before Don, Tabby and the stranger exited the alley. Tabby could feel his cum dripping down the inside of her thighs.

Tabby was the talk of many around this fairly small town. Although she dressed the same conservative way for school that she always had, the boys in school started asking her out or asking her to go into the boy’s room and give them a blowjob or a fuck. She shyly turned them all down as Don and her father before him had instructed her. One teacher gave her detention and while alone in his classroom after school, let it be known that he intended to fuck her. She said no but he would not take no for an answer. Before she was allowed to leave, he had buried his cock in all three of her holes and cum twice.

Tabby was excited, as it was almost time for her to move back to her home and be with her family. After school Don told her that the next day, he would be taking her back to her father but that night he had something special planned and that she should not plan to get any sleep. “A lot of my friends and other people have asked me about being with you. I have arranged a going away party. Starting a nine o’clock two men will come to be with you, and you will completely satisfy their every wish. I told them that they have you for one hour to do with as they wish. At the end of the hour, you will clean yourself, then two more men will come to be with you for an hour. There are a total of sixteen men that I have invited to come be with you for your going away party.”

Nine o’clock arrived and the doorbell was wrung. The first two men were Don’s boss, Mr. Nelson and a large black man. The town was in an area where blacks and whites still mostly kept to themselves, at least as far as the public face of the town was concerned. Tabby had never been with a black, but within minutes she could never say that again. Don got a real thrill at seeing the color contrast as the black man’s ebony cock slid in and out of her snow-white cunt and also her mouth.

The second pair was a pair of boys about her age, maybe even a little younger, but she did not know them. Their father brought them and watched as they lost their virginity with Tabby. He couldn’t stand just watching so after the boys had quickly finished their first fucks, the father got himself a blowjob with the first woman he had ever been with that could deepthroat. The boys quickly came back for seconds as young men can, but they were done well before the hour ended. Tabby had time to go to the bathroom and relieve herself and to clean out her insides.

The third pair of men were double fucking her, one in her cunt and one in her ass when Don couldn’t hold out any longer. He stepped up to her and throat fucked her till he fed her a big load of cum. This was the first time she had ever had all three holes filled at the same time. Then he stepped back. One of the next men showed up with his big German shepherd mix dog named Rex. Don looked at him and nodded his head yes. Tabby had three cocks to satisfy that time but only two of them were human.

The next couple had to wait a several minutes for Tabby to finish, clean up and be ready for them. The hour had run long because she was knotted to the dog, and it took a while for them to get apart. The men and every set of men after that enjoyed watching the show of the previous men fucking Tabby as they waited for their turns.

Again, Don felt the urge in his cock and shot another load into Tabby’s stomach. He enjoyed watching her get fucked, especially in her throat. He thought about when a cock head went up and down in her throat, the moving bulge almost made it look like she had an Adams apple. One time Don jerked off in a glass and several times he had other men add their cum to the glass one time. Only one man had only been able to cum once.

The sun was well up in the sky when the party ended. If you count Don and Rex, Tabitha had sex with 19 different partners that night. Tabby just lay exhausted on the floor in a puddle of cum. “I want french toast for breakfast. Go make it.” Tabby pulled herself up and went to the kitchen. She called him when it was ready. She did not make herself anything. She didn’t feel like eating. Don entered the kitchen carrying the drinking class more than half full of thick, off-white cum. He sat at his meal and handed Tabby the glass. “You will be leaving after we finish breakfast.” “This is your final meal with me. Drink up.” Tabby hesitated but lifted the glass to her lips. The thick contents slowly poured from the glass into her mouth. She had to swallow four times before it was all gone. After he finished his french toast, Don went into the living room.

When the kitchen was spotless, Tabby went to the living room. “It is time for you to go home. Go pack the things you brought with you and the things I bought for you. Your family will enjoy seeing how you look in them.” Tabby ran to the closet, took her suitcase and filled it with her things. She made sure she had the pair of lacy, pink, crotchless panties that she really loved. She went back to the living room still naked and waited to see that outfit Mr. Davis would tell her to put on for the trip home. “OK, get in the truck and let’s go.” Tabby understood. She was still going to be naked when she got home. She put her suitcase in the back of the pick-up and climbed in the cab.

They pulled out of the garage and headed down the road that went to her farm. It was about a fifteen-minute drive between the houses. They passed an 18-wheeler. The driver looked in the pick-up and saw the naked teen sitting in the passenger’s seat. She shyly waved to him. The 18-wheeler almost crashed.

They drove down the long driveway at Tabby’s father’s farm and stopped. Mr. Davis leaned over and kissed her for the first time. “You were a good sport about all of this, Tabby.” This was also the first time he had ever called her by her name rather than cunt or slut or whore or cum bucket. They got out. He carried her suitcase to the house for her. As she entered the house she stood there, naked. Across the living room she saw her family, Her father, two brothers and her little sister. They were all naked too and the three men all sported firm erections. She noted that while she was gone, her little sister had grown and developed noticeably. She ran to them, and they shared a group hug.

Don Davis spoke to Tabby’s father and told him what a fine daughter he has. He also told him that if he ever needed more farm equipment, he should talk to him about it because he would very much enjoy having Tabby come spend some more time with him. He paused for a minute and then added, “or maybe her little sister.” He left. Tabby was happy to be home.

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