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Fan fiction: Harry Potter

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Hermine and Ron Weasley have some fun at Hogwarts.

Hermine had made another batch of polymorph position, and she could hardly wait to try it out she had a plan for it, and it involved Ron.
Saturday when most of the students were headed for Hogsmeade. Hermine took Ron up to the room of requirement. As soon as they had entered, they looked around themselves at the large bedroom they had entered.
A king-sized bed cupboards and dressing tables were spread around the room. Ron smiled. He knew he was about to get lucky.
Then he felt Hermine pull out a few hairs from the back of his head.
She told to get undressed, and she started to remove her own clothes.
They both stood there naked looking at each other. Hermine then told Ron to drink his polymorph potion.
In moments Ron looked like Hermine and Hermine looked like Ron.
Ron was thinking kinky, but I could be down for this. It could give me an insight of how to get Hermine to orgasm when we have sex.
Hermine/Ron put his arms around Ron/Hermine kissed he on the lips and looked into her eyes. Now I want you to think about this very carefully before answering. Hermine/Ron started to stroke his cock and asked Are you really sure you want to try anal. If you’re willing to do it this way I will do it the other way later.
Ron had been pressuring Hermine into trying anal he had gone as far as poking two of his fingers in her arse while going down on her.
Ron/Hermine thought well she did just agree to do it the other way around next time. “Okay let’s do it.”
Ron/Hermine lay on the edge of the bed Hermine/Ron lubed up his finger and started fingering Ron/Hermine’s arse after getting two fingers in up to the knuckles he lubed up his cock and slowly entered her arse. As soon as he was all the way in, he went hard and fast and shot a load in her arse. Then he went down on her to show her what a female orgasm feels.

A week later Hermine led Ron once again to the room of requirement. Ron’s arse was still sore but today it would prove worth all the pain. Today all his prays would be answered. They both started to undress and as he dropped the last of his clothes, he looked at the naked Hermine with a ten-strap-on dildo and holding her wand.
Hermine smiled I told you would do it the other way.

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