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Family tradition

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14 year old Lilith gets deflorated by her 68-year old grand-grandfather, as the family tradition prescribes.

At the age of 14 I knew all about sex. From very early, mom and dad had given me ‘sexual education lessons’, first by telling me how it works and later on, when I was 9 or 10, they invited me into their bedroom and showed me how they made love to each other in a variety of poses. I simply loved to see my parents make love.

Now, on my 14th birthday, they gave me some nice presents – my own pink vibrator and a pair of crotchless panties in a shiny pink silk fabric. I was so enthousiastic about it that I asked them if I could try them on.

‘Of course, my love,’ daddy answered, ‘you’re a woman now. I am so curious to see your little cunt.’

‘Oh, she’s beautiful,’ mom replied, ‘you’ll sure love it, Dan.’

It’s true: daddy hadn’t seen my snatch yet. He always said he didn’t want so before I would be 14. I was so excited to be able to show him! So I put on the panties and mom led me to their bedroom, she put me on it and spread my legs. The she ordered me to pull the parts of the panties aside and give daddy the sight of my virgin cuntlips.

‘Are you going to fuck me, just as you do with mum?’ I asked.

‘No, sweety, I will just look at it for now.’ And after he looked at it for a minute or so, he sighed and said it was the most wonderful thing he’d ever seen.

‘That is becauce mum shaved it yesterday,’ I moaned, ‘she wanted to surprise you.’

‘I really am surprised,’ he nodded, ‘it looks as if it’s a ten year old’s’

‘I hoped so,’ mum said, ‘you deserve the best, Dan.’

‘But why won’t you fuck me?’ I asked.

‘Well, that’s another story we couldn’t tell you before,’ mum ansered, ‘get a shower and come downstairs. There will be guests for you in ten minutes time. Make sure you’re tidy between your legs, baby. There’s a big surprise for you, you’ll see.’

While showering, I asked myself impatiently what other surprise they would have for me. I heard the doorbell and the sound of voices. I rapidly put the clothes on that mum had given me: the crotchless panties and a thin white cotton dress, white socks and my new white shoes. I didn’t need a bra yet, allthough I wore one when I went to school. It was obligatory to wear one there.

I jumped down the stairs and to my surprise the house was already full of people: my grand-grandparents, my grandparents, my own mum and dad, two of my aunts and uncles and four of my nieces. Two of them were pregnant, one in her seventh and one in her fifth month. Lydia was 17 and Norah was 16. They both left school as soon as they knew they were pregnant. They were sitting between their (and my) grand-grandmother and grand-grandfather. Everybody was excited and laughing.

We had a drink and there was a giant cake with my name and the number 14 on it, which i had to cut in pieces. After that, daddy ordered everybody to keep silent for a speech. Grand-granddaddy stood up: ‘Dear Lilith,’ he started his speech, ‘now you’re 14 and a woman, or about to be, as I heard you still don’t have your periods, you’re old enough to be initiated in the family tradition. Just as your aunts, your mother and your nieces, I will have the pleasure to breed you. It’s a family tradition indeed, and after you will be pregnant from me, you will have sex with your uncles, your father and your cousins whenever they want so. But the next one to breed you to get pregnant will be your grandfather and after him the third child you will bear will be your father’s. That’s how it goes in our family and I am sure you will be happy to honour the tradition. So let’s not wait and start right now.’

All the guests stood up and cleaned the table, except for the two pregnant nieces. Mum and her sister Dora put a thin matrass on the table, on which they spread a red silk cloth. Mum and grandma helped me out of my dress and daddy took me in his strong arms and lay me on the matrass. Granddaddy spread my legs and then grand-granddaddy undressed with the help of grand-grandmummy. When he was naked, she went to her knees before him, took his penis in her mouth and started to suck. After a while, grandmum took over and in turn my mum did the same. Now grand-granddad’s penis was big and heard. He pulled my legs just until my buttocks were on the table side and spread them. He put his dick in my fanny and gently started to move. Once he reached my hymen, he stopped and solemnnly said: ‘I now make a woman of you, Lillith, and allthough you won’t be able to bear a child, After your defloration, no one is allowed to touch you except for me. Once you’re pregnant, all male family members are allowed to fuck you, but the first in line to breed you, will be my son, and after him your father. Always be obedient to any man in the family, also to your uncles and to your cousins from their fourteenth year on. Do you promise?’

‘I do,’ I whispered.

Then he stuck his swollen dick deep in me. It hurt, of course, I had to scream. All the guests cried out and applauded as grand-granddad slowly moved on in me and finally put his seed in me. I was really excited but afterwards I couldn’t tell it made me as hot as when I fingered myself. It looked more as a ritual defloration without the excitement I experienced when dad and mum fucked each other.

My pregnant nieces sat next to me for dinner and told me how happy they were, being pregnant. Since they were expecting, the fucked with any of their (and my) relatives. I asked them if they lay with my father too. ‘Oh yes, of course, and he’s a real good fucker, wait and see!’ they assured me, ‘but since you seem not to have your periods yet, you’ll have to wait. And even then, grand-granddaddy will wait until you’re sixteen to breed you properly. And once we’re sure you have a bunny in the oven, any man and boy in the family can fuck you at any time as they want. You will lead an exciting life from then on,’ Lydia exclaimed, ‘they are all so sweet and they’re all excellent fuckers.’

That evening, before we went to sleep, mum said: ‘Dear Lilith, maybe you have some questions about our family tradition. If things would have gone right, I would be made pregnant by my grand-granddad, but he died before I was 14. So my granddad took over my defloration. I was 16 when I got pregnant, that’s the right age with us. You’re grandmum was pregnant from me at seventeen and het mother, your grand-grandmum was only fifteen when she first gave birth. Your grand-granddad, the man who will be father to your first child, is now 68 and you will bear the last of the children he will breed. So you are the last vital link in a vast chain of his breed. I love you, Lilith, and I hope you will serve the family as all of the females did before you. Never ever even think of rejecting one of our family men if they want to fuck you. As no one of them is allowed to wear condoms, they will fuck you one they know you’re bearing child. After your granddad and your father have got you pregnant and you will have your third child, you will be sterilized and become a family slut, just as your female ancestors, your aunts and your nieces. And I tell you this, my sweet daughter, it is a wonderful life to serve men. I praise myself lucky to be born in this family and one day so will you.’

She kissed me to sleep and I prayed I would soon have my first periods.

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