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Family Reset

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Hi everyone I’m Reece I live with my mom who is currently single, well until she met this guy who I think is no ordinary guy. Mom is now 43 and works at a hair dressing salon. She is 5ft 9in has an average type body, long straight brunette hair with bangs on the forehead.

Quite a number of guys tried chasing her but didn’t get anywhere close. But now things were about to change with this guy she is now seeing.

Mom acts very strange towards me before she goes to meet him she gets bossy and rude and even tells me to hide somewhere when he comes over as if she is keeping me secret. But why?

I usually hid in the attic but I always got covered in dust and sneezed heavily trying to keep my sneezes as quiet as possible so her guy wouldn’t hear.

I’m now getting curious to know who he is, so this time I decided to hide under moms bed and lay still be fore they fucked.

One night I went under moms bed and removed one of the floorboards so I could hide deep enough to not get noticed by leaving a huge slit in the carpet so I could easily poke my head through it.

Leaving a sticky note on the fridge telling mom I was at a friends house, when I actually wasn’t. Mom came home at 3am in the morning after a friends night out read the note then removed her clothes and walked upstairs fully nude.
As I’m under the floor looking through the cut in the carpet her phone rings and she answers.

“Come in I’ve left the door unlocked.”

He walks upstairs into the room seeing mom sitting on the bed as she slowly spreads her legs.

“What took you so long, I’m so hungry for your cocks!”

You read that right he has more than one cock. The stranger proceeded forward kissing her till it escalated into hardcore sex, both of his throbbing penises slammed her pussy and butthole his thrusting getting harder and faster.

“Ohh fuck fuuuckkk!” mom moaned and cried.

The strangers voice sounded deep and double layered who was he, is he not human.

“Lie down on the floor bitch.” said the stranger menacingly.

Mom lying on the floor on her back as her partner lifts her legs and locks her feet behind his head continued to double penetrate both her pussy and ass. As I’m watching Mom turns her head and sees me looking back at her, her eyes widen in shock and horror as tears began to form she quickly feigns a smile to not let her partner realise.

Mom looks at me lip syncing, “Don’t look at me, don’t look at me.”
Her partners thrusts getting harder and harder I also can see her gold pendant with my name on it as shakes, her tears causing her eye liner to drip down her face leaving black lines the whites in her eyes turning pink.

The strangers cock cums fills up her pussy as he lowers his mouth toward her lips mom quickly intervenes holding his chin back so he doesn’t see what’s under the bed.

“No not yet, I need more.” said mom.

His second cock cummed in her butthole filling her with lots more cum, before he pulled both his throbbing cocks out.

Now things are about to take a sinister twist!
Mom stood up looking into her partners menacing dark eyes.

“My face is a fucking mess!” cried mom.

“Give the sweet cream a moment to absorb.” said the stranger.

“I don’t get it?” mom replied looking puzzled.

As the potent cum absorbed into her body she began to transform, her eyes rolled up and back. Her behaviour and voice changed now sounding demonic. “I only want you now!” she said as she licked lips at the same time removing the gold pendant as it dropped between her feet.
The demonic stranger laughing under his breath.
I’m now shaking like a leaf realising mom is possessed.

“Reece honey, come out from under there grab my legs to help you slide out.” said mom.
Holding both her legs I slid my body out from the carpet then emerged from under the bed.

“Stay on your knees!” As she placed her hand on my head still shaking.
Her partner reaching for something in his bag.

“Close your eyes babe.” Mom gently whispering into my ear.

Her partner passes the object to her revealing a long knife. Mom tilts my head to the side hacks the blade into my neck then cutting of my head with a sawing motion. Holding my severed head high showering her naked body with my warm blood, she orgasms and rubs my blood over her skin before throwing my head to one side.

Staring into the strangers twisted evil eyes, chillingly saying.

“Time to start again with a new family.”

The demonic stranger laughs as he proudly looks at my transformed evil mom.

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