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Emily and Sarah part 6 birthday party continued

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The crew are all ready to experience something new tonight hopefully their new member is receptive.

Cat: that thing is impossibly huge
Greg: uh thanks!
Joanna: and look at these muscles!
The little girls all clamored to themselves
Ashley: I’ve never seen a penis before
Sarah: I have but that thing is huge!
Emily: no you haven’t! Only in your videos!
Sarah: it still counts!
Ashley: what do we do with it?
Sarah: it goes inside of you
Ashley: where would it fit?!
Emily points to her pussy and Ashley has a look of terror on her face. Joanna looks over to the girls and shushes them.
Greg: what was that?
Joanna: the girls are just a little excited…
Joanna reaches down and runs her hand along his long shaft excitedly
Joanna: ok come this way
Joanna leads him to the bed holding the tip of his cock and pushes him back into the bed all the girls sitting around him.
Greg: why is this bed soaked?!
Joanna: me and the girls have been getting ready all weekend for you. We got a little carried away…
Greg pinching the thick cum on his hands between his fingers
Greg: I see… well I hope you still have enough energy for me!
Joanna: I think you’re just the second wind we all need
Joanna takes his cock in her hand and starts stroking it. His cock is at least 3 and a half of Joanna’s closed fists tall and just as thick. Joanna starts flicking the tip with her tongue teasing. Greg puts his hands behind his head in a lounging position but bumps his elbow into cats knee.
Greg: oh sorry! Whoever you are haha
Cat: it’s ok, I like your dick
Greg: oh thanks! I grew it myself!
Cat: haha looks like Joana is growing it more!
Ashley: it’s going to get bigger!?
Sarah quickly shushed Ashley
Greg: how many of you are there?
Cat: 5
Greg: oh wow! Today’s my lucky day!
Joanna is now licking from sack to tip as cat carcasses his body
Greg: who was the one talking before?
Cat: that’s Ashley
Greg: I like your voice Ashley. You sound really cute
Ashley: thanks!
Greg: do you wanna maybe… sit on my face?
Everyone looked at each other
Ashley: o….k….
Greg: it’s ok don’t be nervous! I won’t bite
Ashley crawls over and lowers her self onto his face.
Greg: wow you’re petite! I can tell by how thin your thighs feel around my head!
Ashley: thank you!
Greg began to lick to everyone surprise it was going as planned.
Joanna began sucking his cock up and down she offered it forward to Ashley
Joanna: would you like a taste?
Ashley: sure I guess
Ashley leaned forward and grabbed the cock her hands too small to reach around the whole thing she put the tip to her mouth she couldn’t get past the tip her mouth was too small.
Greg: mmmm go further Ashley !
Ashley: I can’-
Joanna shushed her and took the cock back into her own mouth
Greg: mmm yeah
Ashley rocked her hips back and forth still reaching forward and stroking his cock
Joanna soon got up and sat on it. Joanna slowly worked it further and further inside herself
Greg began eating Ashley more passionately. Sarah leaned forward and started kissing her while she was being pleased. Cat began playing with Joanna’s tits sucking on them and emily sucked on cats and fingered her. Joanna started moaning the loudest she’s ever done all weekend as Greg starts thrusting up into her smashing into her cervix with his hard cock. Joanna’s screams get very high pitched as he goes faster and harder holding her hands down at her sides to make sure he gets nice and deep. He can feel her fat ass slapping against his balls and it drives him mad with lust. He darts his tongue inside Ashley’s pussy and she lets out a loud moan. Ashley and Joanna moan louder and louder as they’re both penetrated by Greg Joanna cums all over Greg’s cock but doesent want to stop and keeps going. Ashley cums next dripping down onto Greg’s face but Ashley can’t go a second round. Sarah hops on top next. Greg without a word goes to work again. Sarah keeps Ashley beside her touching her kissing her loving her while she’s fucked by this strange older man’s tongue. Joanna watching Sarah enjoying herself so much feeling herself filled completely she cums again this time harder than before. Cum is all over his cock as she slips it out he starts squirting cum up into the air.
Ashley: woah!
Sarah leans forward to give it a taste. She’s not sure if it’s Joanna’s cum she’s licking, his, or a combination but she loves the taste. She takes her turn stroking and licking it until cat gets on top.
Cat: I’ve never been with a guy before so… maybe start slow?
Greg: mmmhmmm
Cat takes her turn working the cock between her still sore pussy lips. It takes a little bit but inch by inch he makes it in and once he’s in he fucks cat. Emily would be jealous but she’s never gotten to watch cat ride a cock before and that makes her tits bounce more than ever. Cat knows not to leave emily out for long as she pulls her by her side and slips her tongue in her mouth holding her close letting moans lose into her tiny mouth sends chills down Emily’s spine as she swoons beside her. Greg starts pumping faster cats tits bounce higher emily sits on the side fingering herself watching her love get plowed and is loving it. Cat likes feeling his balls slapping into her ass as he thrusts up deep inside her. Cat’s surprised she could take the whole cock comfortably unlike the other night. Maybe it was because she got so stretched out the night before? She looks how hot and bothered little emily is on the side, she sees Joanna still playing with her pussy on the side watching, she sees Sarah getting close and that’s all enough to send her over the edge and be the next to cum and cum just as hard as Joanna
Cat: shit dude! You know how to work that thing too!
Greg: thanks I try haha, who’s next?
Everyone looks around, Sarah moves to get on top next but Joanna grabs here forearm to try and stop her. Sarah looks at Ashley. She wants to turn her on the way emily got turned on watching cat. She sits on top the massive cock. She immediately regrets her decision but feels like she can’t back out now. She try’s to sit down on it. She wedges little by little.
Greg: you guys just get tighter and tighter!
Sarah takes it back out, spits on her hand and rubs her pussy and try’s again. She gets the whole tip in to everyone’s amazement but that’s it.
Greg: ok ready now?
Sarah: I think so-
Greg grabs her arms and pulls her down while thrusting up. Her knees unlock and he goes deep and hard. Even though this was only about half his cock this was massive for Sarah. She could barely let a sound out gasping.
Greg: don’t worry we’ll work it the rest of the way in.
Greg starts pumping and Sarah’s legs tremble. Her little voice moans and trembles, her body shakes
Greg: wow you feel really petite too!
He keeps fucking her and maybe gets another inch. Joanna gives her her hand for moral support as she is rammed like she’s never been before. Ashley watches intently while holding her other hand.
Greg keeps trying to go deeper but he’s hit the very end of her trail. Sarah is seeing starts with every pump. Luckily this didn’t go for long as since this was so big for her it was equally as tight for him and he burst his biggest load into her shortly after. Ashley felt her pussy fill with his hot goo and seep out. She felt like she had been Kebobbed on a skewer her legs never even went to their knees as she was so far off the bed the whole time. His cum set something off in her as the sensation made her cum too and her pussy squeezed tight enough to force his cock back out
Greg: sorry about that! That almost never happens!
Without saying a word Ashley collapses onto the bed Ashley rushed to her side to hold her trembling body
Greg: next?
While everyone was going to Sarah’s aid without even thinking emily went up next. No one was there to try and stop her. But emily knew there was no way it would fit in her pussy. Her asshole on the other hand she knew could take much bigger items. She wiped some of the cum off Greg’s balls and cock slathered it on and in her ass and before cat could stop her she was already at his tip.
Greg: geez! I don’t know how long I’m gonna last with you either!
Greg could feel Emily’s asshole clenching and hugging his cock as he began to push in. Emily clasped her hands over her mouth while it slid in. Cat helped hold her up over the cock making sure he didn’t go deep enough that it was dangerous. Greg wanted more though and thrusted higher. He went a good 8 inches into her asshole. His cock was thicker than Emily’s asshole. For a girl of the appropriate age this would still be a lot but manageable. But this was emily and his cock made up almost her entire torso. Luckily emily being the slut that she was not only carried on but seemed to enjoy it as she took one of cats hands and moved it to her little clit. Cat finds herself constantly surprised by this little girl. Cat found herself in awe of her and figured she deserved better. Cat went between her legs and began sucking her clit instead. Emily began to moan.
Greg: are you sure you’re all 18?
Greg said jokingly while still pounding away. Emily’s mind went blank as she was fucked in the ass and had the woman of her dreams sucking her clit. This was heaven she thought to herself.
Cat was fingering herself as she found herself possibly falling for this little girl herself.
Emily and Greg came together. Emily never had come in her asshole before but she decided she liked it.
Greg: next!
Ashley was the only one left but no one knew what to do. She wasn’t in Joanna’s original plans but then with emily and Sarah she figured they’d just jerk him off and lick his cock. The whole thing was going off script.
Greg: next? No one else wants a ride? That was only 4
Joanna: um… she can’t
Greg why not?
Joanna uh shes in her period
Greg no she’s not I licked her pussy clean
Joanna: it just started
Greg ok you guys are being weird
Greg took off his blind fold and looked around to see Joanna and cat which cat was a pleasant surprise but then he saw Ashley beside him and jumped
Greg WHAT THE FUCK?! Oh my god! What the fuck!? I’m gonna go to jail! You should be in jail!
Joanna: calm down, no one’s gonna report you unless you freak out
Greg/ is that a threat?!
Joanna: kinda?
Greg covered himself and put his head in his hands.
Cat: come on dude, we were having a good time no?
Greg: please tell me you’re at least 18
Cat looked away
Greg: oh my god!!!!
Sarah : if it helps we all liked your cock!
Greg: no that doesent help!
He said mockingly
Cat: ok you don’t have to be a dick they are little girls after all
Greg: I know that’s the problem!
Sarah decided to turn on her charm
Sarah: listen (looks down at his cock) big guy… I know I liked it, I KNOW you liked it… let’s give it the rest of the night and see how it goes…
Greg: what the fuck is going on?! Is this a cult?
Sarah reached down to his cock and put the tip back in her mouth slurping and flicking her tongue
Greg: mmmm no! Stop!
She kept going and Greg realized all too quickly he was already in too deep.
He sat there slumped over pitting himself while this girl continued to slurp his cock. Joanna pushed him back onto the bed and started kissing his neck
Greg my life is over!
Cat layed in the other side cupping his hand around her tit
Greg I’m gonna need a lawyer
Joanna moved his other hand down to her ass
Greg maybe I can go on the run
Emily began sucking his balls
Greg maybe I can change my name
Ashley stood over his face and masturbated
Before he knew it he was rock hard again in Sarah’s mouth ready to cum
Greg: no no! Not again!
He tried to pull away but just wound up blowing his load all over her face
Sarah giggled as she gave it a lick.
Sarah: mmmm ok it’s YOURE cum I like!
Greg: please I think I need to go.
Joanna: well idk… you see there’s a camera hidden in this room and it’d be a shame if the video were to get out…
Greg: you’re kidding…
Greg looked at her face and knew she wasn’t kidding.
Greg spent the rest of the night as their collective sex slave. The girls never had a real cock to play with before and the fact that it came made it extra fun. They all took turns getting facials. Greg thought to himself the irony of little girls giving each other facials at traditional sleep overs. He kept trying to get himself to go limp and stay limp but the adrenaline mixed with the tight pussies, and cats tits and Joanna’s ass was too much stimulation for him to handle every time. His cock was too much for all the girls every time as well. It didn’t take long for them all to have had several rides each leading to squirting and cumming. Ashley was compensated with face rides and getting fucked by the lipstick tube a few more times by Sarah while she watched other people take their turns.
Once they were all done Joanna and Greg struck a deal.
Joanna agreed to never do anything with the video BUT he obviously couldn’t say anything or run away or else Joanna would publish it. As well they were aloud to book him to use whenever they wanted GRANTED they gave at least 2 weeks notice. He reluctantly agreed as Joanna was a tough negotiator. She was studying to become a lawyer after all…
Greg left after a few hours feeling dirty and used.
The girls all layed in bed naked again talking about the weekend they had just had. None of them wanted it to end. Cat stared deep into Emily’s eyes, emily knew cat was beginning to feel what she felt. They kissed this time but not to have sex. To express their love for each other. Sarah and Ashley cuddled but that did turn into sex. Sarah figured out how to fix the lipstick tube onto the strap on harness and fucked her rough pulling her hair and spanking her.
Everyone watched the performance while cat whispered to Joanna. “She might need therapy…”
Ashley squirted for the first time and they went back to cuddling. This cycle repeated several times throughout the night. Joanna joined a few times fucking little Ashley standing up while Sarah ate her little asshole.
Ashley squirted again onto Joanna and then put the strap on on herself and gave it a try on Joanna. She took Joanna from behind while Sarah 69d her. Joanna was happy to have sex with people who seemed to care about her needs as Lisa licked her clit and played with her tits which she yearned for. Joanna came a couple of times which made Ashley feel good about herself. Sarah showed her how to fist Joanna and Joanna was once again met with suprisingly tiny hands in her pussy that she grew to love. Ashley was able to fit both arms inside her. Sarah fisted her ass and Joanna squirted all over both of them. They went the whole night like this changing positions and fucking each other. Joanna could barely get her pinky into little Ashley’s tight while she decided they should start stretching her out a little with Joanna’s smallest dildo. It was about 5 inches and about as thick as a carrot which is definitely mild compared to the rest of her collection but it was just enough for little Ashley to handle. She was proud she took it like a champ. Ashley came in Sarah’s arms while getting fucked from behind by Joanna. Joanna loved fucking the little girls. Something about their little orgasms, their little legs, tiny feet, cute little bubble buts, tiny little nipples, tight little pussys, so fragile yet can take a beating. She had grown to love all of it. She looked at Sarah lovingly. The little maniac brought her into this depraved new world and now she couldn’t imagine going back to regular plain old sex. She didn’t want to. She knew they would grow up eventually and it would all be different. She wondered what she would do. She could t keep turning girls forever without getting caught. These girls would get bored of her eventually or perhaps even she would get bored with them as they matured. She decided it’s best not to think about that now and enjoy what she had in the moment. She looked around to see Sarah and Ashley still going at it like mad little rabbits. Emily nuzzled into cats breasts fast asleep while cat watched her twirling her hair lovingly. She suddenly felt alone and wondered if she would find someone who matched her. She layed down to let Ashley ride her face again to take her mind off such thoughts. Little Ashley was becoming aggressive like Sarah now. Sarah played with Joanna’s tits and sucked in them licking her nipple rings. Sarah saw the distanced look in Joanna’s face and had an idea what was going through her head. Sarah began to think if there weren’t something she could do to help her find someone she didn’t have to share. Sarah stopped sucking and hugged her. Hugged her for all she had done for her sister, everything she’s given her, for being the big perverted sister she never had. She was going to find her someone she decided. She just had to figure out how.

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