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Emily and Sarah part 5 Emily’s birthday continued

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The festivities continue for Emily’s birthday party as she’s met with plenty of surprises as is everyone else. Joanna pulled out all the stops!!!

Cat Joanna Sarah and emily all woke up late the next morning holding each other naked on Joanna’s still wet bed. Cat was the first to get up. Emily looked up to see her favorite tits now in the sunlight shining through the window as she stretched. Emily felt like she was falling in love. Cat looked down and laughed.
Cat: hey gurl what’s up?!
Emily all of a sudden found herself blushing and shy
Cat: awe haha! I think we’re past being shy around each other now!
Emily still laid there staring up at her struggling to think of something to say at the girl she now felt so flustered around who was standing naked infront of her. A full bodied woman was now so intimidating to her. Cat took mercy on her.
Cat: you know you got mad skills with that tongue! I don’t think I’ve ever came like that before!
Emily smiled and pulled the sheets up over her smile.
Cat: oh my god you are so FREAKING CUTE!
Cat jumped back into the bed and began tickling emily. Emily laughed and kicked her little legs uncontrollably revealing her naked little body. Cat looking down at her little pussy she figured why not return the favor? Cat moved down between her legs and started eating the little pussy. Emily’s face turned beat red with a big smile as she started. Cat was too distracted last night to notice that a little girls pussy did taste a little different, nicer somehow. And it was a lot easier since her long tongue could easily lick the entire length of her slit and even get her little asshole all at the same time. Joanna’s tongue wasn’t that long. This was the first time emily had her all to herself so she tried not to wake the others with her moans. They came out as the softest little whisper of a moan cat couldn’t get over how cute it all was. She couldn’t get over that she thought this was cute. She couldn’t figure out how she somehow went from being against it to now willingly eating out a little girl when no one even asked. But cat was happy to do it. Her thin little thighs thrown over her shoulders every bit of her so fragile and soft and gentle. Cat couldn’t help but start to touch herself while she did it. Emily saw her humping the palm of her hand while she did it. Emily knowing that cat liked her too made her heart flutter and butterfly’s in her stomach go and it all came out her pussy in her cum. She grabbed the back of cats head as her mound jerked upwards and trembled and she came into cats mouth.
Cat: how was that kiddo
Emily: I love you
Cat: awe you’re so sweet. I love you too
Cat embraced her pressing her little body into her bosom. Although emily loved the experience she was a little upset in believing that cat didn’t quite understand that she was in love with her.
Emily: I love you so much!
Emily hugged cat and cat laughed
Cat: I know I love you too!!! Haha
Joanna and Sarah woke up to the two embracing.
Joanna and Sarah: awe!!!!!
Cat: hey guys! Sorry didn’t want to wake you!
Joanna: you 2 are too cute together!
Sarah reached and pinched Emily’s butt
Emily: hey! That’s cats butt now!
Cats face went to surprised as she let out a nervous laugh.
Cat: woah! Looks like I’ve been claimed! Haha
Joanna: haha hey what about me! I can’t grab your but either anymore?
Joanna gave her a playful spank
Emily blushed and buried her head into cats bosom
Emily: well… I guess you can still play with me… but I’m cats
Sarah: I thought you were mine!!?
Sarah objected playfully
Emily: only sometimes and when cat says it’s ok!
Cat: so I guess that makes us girlfriends then huh?
Emily looked up without a word and nodded with a big smile on her little face. Cat looked at Joanna with a smile” this is NOT how I saw last night going at all haha” they both laughed as emily held tight onto her new and first girlfriend. Emily was over the moon in love. She loved the way cat looked, felt, smelt, and the things she could do with her tongue she never wanted to let her go.
Cat: well ok emily but I’d like to remind you of what you told me last night. We are both sluts and we make other people feel good remember? So that means sometimes I’ll have to share you and sometimes you’ll have to share me too
Emily thought about it and nodded her head in agreement.
Cat: so… is everyone ready for another round?
Everyone smiled and looked at each other.
This time everyone decided they wanted to share little emily.
Cat laid back and put Emily’s face between her thighs, Joanna leaned over and starting licking her clit and fingering her pussy, Sarah licked her fingers and started fingering her asshole. Everyone went to town on little emily and everyone took turns in each spot. Emily’s little nipples were sucked and her cute little but spanked, and every inch of her was covered in gentle kisses. Emily was in heaven and never wanted it to stop. The girls took turns scissoring little emily and kissing her and showing her tender love all over her little body. She was reminded of why she initially had her crush on Joanna when her turn came and Joanna’s thick thighs and fat ass thrust into her little pussy and she came pretty quickly. She gave cat a look of shame as if she had cheated on her. Cat knew exactly what was going through her innocent little head and gave her a kiss on the lips. Emily grabbed the back of her head and stuck her tongue in. This was their first kiss. Emily locked her little legs around Joanna and started humping ready to go again. Cat surprised kissed back passionately. Cat started to think maybe this girl was genuinely in love. Then she remembered her age and told herself it was likely just puppy love. Still she indulged her and kissed her back just as passionately. Joanna came and squirted hard into Emily’s little pussy and squirted up onto their kiss showering them. Sarah was starting to get a little jealous of all the sparks flying and started kissing Joanna. It was still satisfying and fun but she knew it wasn’t the same. After collapsing and recovering Joanna stood up.
Joanna: okay guys we gotta get going! There’s a lot we need to do today! Everybody get up! Get in the shower! Get dressed!
Emily: can I shower with you cat?!
Cat: of coarse! Haha! I need help cleaning these big ol melons anyway!
Sarah: can I shower with you Joanna?!
Joanna: sure! But we do need to be quick guys!
Everyone showered as quick as they could, emily got eaten out again in the shower as cat was having a hard time saying no to that face or that little sweet pussy.
Everyone got dressed quickly, cat taking note that this was the first time she had now seen either of the girls wearing clothes and seeing them in their little leggings that they couldn’t even fill out enough to stretch them and little pink shirts and their tiny cotton flower panties underneath she was reminded just how young they really were.
Joanna got out a box from the garage filled with streamers and decorations. It was filled with birthday stuff. Emily was excited but a little let down. Although she was happy as any kid would be to play and eat cake and get presents all she really wanted was to be with her new girlfriend in every sense of the word. Emily followed cat around like a puppy. Cat found it adorable and indulged the birthday girl.
Sarah helped Joanna
Sarah: hey joanna? Do you think they’re really in love?
Joanna: I don’t think so haha. Emily just has a crush
Sarah: what about cat?
Joanna: I think she knows it’s just a crush.
Sarah: what does it feel like to have a crush?
Joanna: it feels a lot like feeling in love. Like all you want to do is be with that person and the world will end if you’re not. You’ll know it when you feel it.
Sarah: how come I never felt like that?
Joanna: well I THOUGHT you had a crush on me!
Joanna said poking fun at Sarah
Sarah: I love you Joanna! I just don’t think I have a crush on you though. I love all the stuff we do though!
Joanna: I know I know I’m just kidding. You’ll have a crush sometime. You just haven’t met the right person yet.
They all continued to dress up the house just in time as the bell rang. Emilys friend Anna from dance class was at the door. Joanna welcomed her in and directed her to the living room where snacks and video games were set up. She went up to emily and wished her happy birthday. Emily was surprised and they talked and smiled and laughed. More and more girls came through the door over the next hour. Girls from her school, girls from her class.
Cat: jeez this kids popular!
Joanna: yeah! You might have competition!
Joanna nudged cat as they giggled to each other watching the party in full swing.
Sarah mingled as she knew a lot of the girls as well. But there was one she didn’t. A young girl named Ashley. Ashley had olive skin, glasses, a small gap between her teeth and a thin frame. She had long curly hair and braces, when Sarah saw her she had a strange feeling. Sarah walked up and introduced herself. They talked and learned they had lots in common.
Joanna: okay who wants to go in the pool?!
All the girls screamed
Sarah and Emily looked at joanna
Sarah: you have a pool?!”
Joanna: yeah! We just never made it to my backyard haha
one girl pointed out “I don’t have my bathing suit!”
They all quickly realized none of them did. A collective sad moan came out over the crowd.
Joanna: that’s ok! We’re all girls here. You can go in your underwear or naked if you want! I’ll just dry all your underwear in the dryer before you leave
All the girls cheered again and rushed to the back yard.
They all waited nervously though for the first person to get undressed
“I’m not getting naked! You get naked!” “No you first!”
“I think I’m going to stay dry”
Seeing the trend starting Joanna bravely took off her shirt to reveal no bra and pulled down her shirts to reveal no panties. All the girls pointed and laughed and giggled at someone naked standing infront of them. Some of the younger girls were particularly immature giggling “butt! Boobies!! She’s got earrings in her boobies!”
Joanna: yeah yeah I’m naked… and I’m jumping in the pool!
Joanna jumped and splashed up at the girls! “Hey!”
Cat seeing where this was going was next stripping down all the girls staring at her beautiful tits as she jumped in next
Sarah and emily next and seeing other young girls get undressed gave the other girls enough courage to join.
Tiny panties went flying up in the air as they all jumped in. Cute little butts all around tiny girls splashing around there had to be about 20 of them. All laughing and screaming and splashing each other. Running around the pool and jumping back in. Joanna and cat got out once this was accomplished and made their way into the jacuzzi
Cat: so this was a lot this weekend
Joanna: yeah I know. It was a lot for me at first too
Cat: thank you though… it’s kind of nice in a perverted way
Joanna: they’re actually so sweet when you get to know them, and obviously a lot of fun
Cat: well yeah, I might not be walking right for a couple weeks after all this haha
Joanna: haha
Cat: so what’s the plan here?
Joanna: you’ll see
Sarah in this time never took her eyes off Ashley and has not left her side. Ashley was only 7 but she was lots of fun and Sarah just couldn’t get over her face. She liked her body but just could not stop staring at Ashley’s beautiful face. They played and swam and talked.
Eventually some of the girls started getting cold and asked if they could join Joanna and cat in the jacuzzi
Joanna said sure but there was one rule. You had to sit no swimming or splashing. On its surface this seemed like a boring rule that adults would make. The truth was far from it when you considered the jacuzzi was filled with jets all along the seats. Cat happened to sit over one and found it enjoyable and had some fun under the bubbles with Joanna before the kids even got in. Once the girls started coming in she looked around. She felt around. The entire seat was covered in bubble jets. There was no avoiding the bubble jets no matter where you sat. She felt around more, there were multiple strips of bubble jets. It didn’t matter far back or how far forward they sat. Cat looked at Joanna having just figured it out and gave her a smile
Cat: you’re good
Joanna shrugged
Cat: you’re GOOOOOD
they laughed
One of the girls was Emily’s friend Anna. Her lips were practically blue from being so cold. She slowly worked herself into the hot tub. Feet, legs, thighs, etc… until she was sitting. Anna couldn’t help but stare at cats tits jiggling in the bubbles. She looked over at Joanna’s
Anna: why do you have earrings in your boobies?
Joanna: I thought they were pretty and I wanted them
Anna: I like the colors
Joanna: thank you!
As Anna sat there she felt the bubbles roll up her slit over and over. She felt them caress her little butt crack
The warm water was nice but that sensation became nicer. Joanna noticed Anna’s breathing becoming a little more rapid and shallow. Anna was starting to seem distracted, now staring at cats tits jiggling around in the bubbles. Cat noticed her noticing and sat up a little more so her nipples were just above the water line. Anna kept staring until she suddenly felt Joanna’s foot graze her little calf. Joanna gave her an innocent smile
Joanna: are you having fun?
Anna seemingly getting out of breath nodded
Anna: it’s hot in here!
Joanna: haha yeah it IS a hot tub! But it’s nice isn’t it?
Anna nodded her head
Joanna: the bubbles feel nice right?
Anna nodded her head again
Joanna’s foot went further up little Anna’s leg caressing her little thigh
Joanna: do you wanna come and sit over here with us? You can see the whole party from this side!
Anna nodded and waded her way over next to Joanna. Joanna placed her hand on her thigh as she sat down next to her. Anna got a closer look at Joanna’s nipple rings as she continued to pant staring at them.
Joanna: would you like to touch them? It’s ok!
Anna nodded and inspected them, this was her first time ever touching a breast before.
Her face turned red and she started breathing faster. Joanna moved her hand further up her little thigh Anna watched her hand move up and felt her pinky start to brush up against her little mound. Anna had been told never to let anyone touch her there but she was so confused with all she was feeling she decided not to say anything. She looked over at cats tits still dancing above the water. Suddenly Anna felt something like a jolt of lightening going through her body. Her little hand grabbed onto Joanna’s thigh as her little body tensed and jerked.
Joanna: did you like that?
Anna unsure of what just happened had to think about it. She paused then nodded.
Joanna gave her a kiss on the forehead.
Joanna: why don’t you sit back and go again?
Anna took a moment and then did as Joanna suggested. This time Joanna took Anna’s hand and moved it onto her thigh beneath the bubbles.
Anna quickly orgasmed again.
Joanna and cat laughed and Anna got embarrassed
Cat: awe were not laughing at you! We just think you’re cute!
Feeling a bit better Anna sat down again.
More girls came in and the process repeated. Cat started joining getting the girls acclimated to the water and the procedure that was starting. Eventually Joanna started moving the girls hands onto each others thighs.
Soon enough the party went from playful screams to a bunch of awkward silent orgasms. The occasional moan came out of a girl as they climaxed.
Joanna: hey girls… you know what else feels good?
Joanna stood up and sat back down at the edge of the hot tub and spread her legs. She motioned for cat to assume the position and cat started fingering Joanna.
The girls all watched. Joanna was anticipating giggling and laughter but instead they were all entranced and horny watching her be fingered. She saw some of the girls looking down at each other and making eyes at each other. A few were brave enough to get out of the jacuzzi and spread their legs. The ones who stayed in took turns playing with their pussys on display. Joanna and cat coached them on how to make it feel good. The pool party had become a little girl orgy just like that.
Emily had joined in on the fun taking turns fingering each girl. They soon made it a competition and emily boasted about her skills and demonstrated over and over how she could make anyone cum. One of the girls insisted there was no way they could make Joanna or cat cum. Emily loved that challenge and quickly went to finger cat. Cat was really starting to enjoy Emily’s touch and she made her squirt hard. All the girls laughed as they were sprayed. Emily was the queen of the party and felt great but realized quickly she didn’t see her sister.
Sarah was upstairs with her new friend. She took a different approach. Her tried and true approach. Sarah had little Ashley tied up just as they had cat and was fucking her raw. She had tricked her into thinking it was a game of some sort. She used toys on her, ate her out, and scissored her, she fucked her in every way she could think. Ashley didn’t break, not a single tear, instead she enjoyed it. Sarah confused eventually stopped to ask. “Don’t you think I’m weird?”
Ashley: no. I like it.
Sarah: why?
Ashley: because you’re doing it to me
Sarah: that doesent make sense
Ashley: sure it does!
Sarah: what do you mean?
Ashley blushed and whispered. “I like you, and I’ll like anything you do to me”
Sarah stopped and uncuffed her. They both stared at each other in silence until little Ashley leaned forward suddenly and kissed Sarah. This is what emily had she thought. And just like her sister something switched inside her and she went from rabidly fucking this poor girls hole to making love to this persons body.
Back downstairs Joanna, cat, and even emily found themselves surrounded and being gang banged by hoardes if little girls. Each group younger than the person being gang banged. Emily being the youngest had girls 6-7 all gathered around her, taking turns riding her face, eating her pussy, fingering her pussy and ass, sucking her nipples, whatever they pleased. Emily was a slut and would let them use her however they liked just as the oathe she gave to her sister. Cat had the same deal going and Joanna with 10-11 year olds. Although they were all enjoying themselves it was supposed to be all about emily and all emily wanted was her cat. She would occasionally look over at cat getting fucked by all these girls that had no clue what they were doing. They were trying their best but couldn’t please her like she did she thought. But she was reminded off the agreement she had to share. Cat on the other hand was starting to feel her tongue getting sore from all the little pussys she was licking but has accepted at this point that this was just who she was at this point and embraced it. Those girls also loved her tits and played with them non stop. She had to admit to herself at least emily was gentle with them. If she had to tell one more kid to stop shaking them like snow globes she was gonna lose it. Joanna was bent over as the girls loved her ass. It was her most appealing attribute she couldn’t blame them but it was hard for her to get as much enjoyment when the only thing she could really see was the girl whose turn it was to get eaten out by Joanna and she was a little upset that no one was paying attention to her tits. Sure they weren’t as big as cats but they were still nice, and bigger than all these other little girls plus she had nipple rings that cat didn’t. The hoardes of girls all had their way with all of them. Everyone came multiple times. Joanna’s back yard and room looked like a crime scene under black light. Joanna put any clothes that needed to be dried into the dryer and soon enough it was getting late and it was time for all the girls to start to leave. Joanna and cat both spoke to all the girls on how if they want to come back and have fun they can’t ever tell anyone about the party and the things they did. The girls all gladly agreed and left. Everyone had a seat on the couch exhausted, sore, and pussys raw, emily cuddled up next to cat nuzzling beneath her breast. Joanna looked around.
Joanna: where the hell is Sarah?!
Cat: jeez I haven’t seen her in hours
Everyone spread out around the house looking and calling for her.
Joanna found her in her own room. Ashley and sarah were still going at it.
Joanna: it’s getting late guys! Ashley I think you need to go home!
Ashley: I already called my mom she said I could stay the night
Sarah: please! She’s my crush
Sarah made a cute pouty face while hugging the little girl
Joanna smiled and said of coarse. But you know the rules. We share in here! I’ll go get the others
Soon everyone was back in Joanna’s soaking wet bed that never got a chance to dry which was now smelling a little like chlorine and a lot like pussy. Although very sore everyone mostly took the opertunity to welcome Anna into the clan in their own special way. Emily rode Ashley’s face. Joanna ate her pussy and cat fucked her with the smallest thing she could find, a lipstick bottle. Even that seemed tight for her. Ashley was so small with just the three of them there was already no room for her. She went over Ashley’s head infront of emily and faced her. Out of breath emily confessed.
Emily:I missed you!
Sarah: I missed you too today! You were so busy with cat I feel like I barely got anytime with you
Emily leaned forward and kissed her sister, it was the same kiss she gave to cat, the same kiss Sarah gave to Anna.
Emily: I love you too yah know
Sarah smiled: I love you too
Emily reached down and started fingering her sister while they kissed over little Ashley’s head.
The all got turned on enough to fuck through the pain for another night and all express their love for each other. Although Joanna still felt single through all of this in an odd way she felt great about it. Joanna never had much of a family life and although this was nothing anyone would ever consider a conventional family this was the closest she ever had and she loved it.
Suddenly the doorbell rang
Joanna: oh hold on guys! There’s one more surprise!!!
Joanna ran downstairs to get the door. None of them knew about this one. They all looked around puzzled.
They heard Joanna coming up the stairs with someone guiding them to the doorway of her room. Standing with Joanna in her doorway was a young man blindfolded and naked. He had the biggest cock any of them had ever seen.
Joanna: guys I thought we could try something new tonight… this is Greg and he always wanted to be in an orgy!

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