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Dr’s medical at his home Pt3

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Continuing on from Pt2 M M F F b g Exhibitionist

Sarah got up and walked over to both dads with the camera she was getting all the close up action as D1 pounded D2 his cock was bobbing and flinging precum around, then D1 Grunted and you could tell he was shooting his load up Sarah’s Dad’s arse, My cock was still hard and not going down, as they separated I asked how long will my cock stay hard for, D1 Said it will stay hard tonight and in the morning as well so we can have a lot of fun.
We heard the Mums call out that the food was ready and we went out to the garden where they had set up the table with burgers and hotdogs, Jane went and got both dogs and tied them to the post by the pool, we all had food feeding the dogs hotdogs and any leftovers, the parents had alcohol and we were allowed a small glass as well, it went down very quick.
With the food all gone and the Alcohol taking effect I thought I would have a kip so excused my self and asked Sarah if she wanted to as well. She said Yes and we went to her bedroom and got on the bed, we were cuddling and kissing but no sex was happening just lying in the after glow of what was happened and then we both dropped off.
I was woken up with a burning desire to pee but couldn’t move see or speak, the feeling was getting worse as I had a rock hard cock, I realised I was spread eagled and had my arms and legs tied to the bed, but then noticed that my cock was being wanked and something shoved down my cock, the voices were all the ladies and I heard them say try the 4mm Sound, the blind fold was removed and I could see the Silicone Sound about 12″ long slide into my cock being pushed in and pulled out i could feel it all the way to my prostrate but there was a bit sticking out, Sarah came up to my face and smiled at me gave me a great kiss and said “Do you like this” I was a bit taken back and groaned as it slid in and out while my cock was wanked, that gave Sarah all the answers she needed and Sat on my face, I went to work on her pussy and ass my tongue was every where sucking hard on her clit and then she squirted all over my face drinking in as much as I could the Sound was taken out and I shot my load as high as it would go all the ladies giggling and squealing as it went every where.
I lay there Exhausted and they took off the restraints, I thought I would drop off again but they just dragged me up and out to the pool, It was dark about 9pm and the beer and wine was flowing, it took a few minutes to realize who was there, more people than when I left, a couple of people I recognized and then my best mate and a couple of girls from school with there parents, All Naked nipples and cocks hard.
My mate Steve came over to me and said “Hello how long have you been doing this”.
Me “First time and you”
Steve “Well I was caught wanking by my Mom and Sister so they joined in last week but this is a first for me”.
Me “Where’s your Sister then” as I caught Steve’s Mum (Penny) smiling at me and licking her lips.
Steve “She is at a sleepover with her friends might have a face full of pussy juice by now”.
That got my cock throbbing thinking about that, then the Girls from School Michelle and Tiffany came up to both of us, they didn’t have any hair around their pussy’s and we were both stood there with our mouths open looking at how wet they both were, Michelle said “You can use that later as well as your tongue” and they both reached out and stroked our cocks, Just as Sarah came round the corner with a big smile on her face stood next to me and said
“Oh you like my boyfriends cock but I do like to share”
Michelle with a high pitched voice “Oh Sorry we didn’t know he was taken how long have you been together”
Sarah “Oh Not long when we met in My dads Office, we had some fun then”
Steve looked at me and asked what fun, to which I explained what had happened and by who to who, His mouth was open and Said “You sucked some of these cocks but mine”
“Im sure we can remedy that tonight and try all the holes we have, Have you had one of the nice drinks yet”, looking at his cock being wanked by Tiffany
Steve “I think so my cock wont go down”
Me “Mine hasn’t gone down all day, Sarah how do you know the Girls”
Sarah “Oh we grew up together but never went to the same School”
Me “So you have all had the pleasure of each other”
Sarah “For a few years but they are like I was till we met’ Virgins as the parents wont till they have had some young cock like you two”.
Steve “Would you like to ladies”
Both Girls “OOOH YESS”
Penny had heard the conversation and in a loud voice said “Its time for the girls to become Women” lots of cushions and towels were brought out they adults got the girls to lay down then me and Steve came over and stood there, D2 layed down some ground rules “Vagina only boys no anal yet, and you have to make them orgasm before you fuck them so mouths and fingers No full fingering just on the inside please but you can rim them”
With that we both got the girls to open their legs and we layed down next to them both stroking around their tits and nipples sucking slowly at first and then increasing the pressure our fingers were working both of their pussy’s rubbing the outside and squeezing their clits, we both worked down their bodies still squeezing their tits and nipples till we reached their smooth mounds I kissed lightly then moved down further, Michelle gave out a load moan as my tongue flicked over her clit and then licked from Ass to clit getting as much juice from her as possible, I got Michell to hold her legs up and went for her ring there was a musty but soapy smell so I knew she was clean, I was probing her arse with my tongue and fingers pushing 1 Finger then two in whilst licking and making sure it was nice and slippery, I moved up and plowed her pussy with my tongue and she opened up nicely juice was pouring out and down to her arse making it slide easily two fingers punching her arse, as Michelle’s moaning got louder and louder, I was toying with her piss hole and sucking hard on her clit, then it felt like being hit with a hosepipe and I was drenched, Michelle was shaking with her head held back as she orgasmed over my face, I tried to drink as much as I could then I felt Sarah go down past my face and suck up some of her Juice, I was rock hard and knelt up Sarah grabbed hold of my cock and guided it into Michelle’s Pussy till it came up to her Hyman, she was looking with a smile on her face as I held her legs up and Sarah pinched her clit as I drove through the skin holding her Virginity, a look of pain then pleasure was written all over her face as I plunged in as far as I could go and held my self there.
I looked over at Steve and he had a wet face and was getting to his knees, with a big smile on his face he got himself in the same position as me and Penny Grabbed hold of her sons cock wanked it a few times licked the end and put it to Tiffany’s Pussy and pushed her sons arse in till he stopped, Penny Pinched Tiffany’s clit as Steve pushed in a small squeal came from Tiffany’s mouth and he stopped so she could get use to him being in there,
With us both inside the girls and a big cheer from everyone we started to fuck them slowly at first then picking up the pace Sarah sat on Michelle’s face, I could feel her pussy clamping around my cock then Michelle squirted a load over my belly as she came which sent me over the edge and I shot my load inside her, Steve wasn’t far behind and he shot his load inside Tiffany, everybody applauded and congratulated all of us for providing the entertainment for the evening,
More to come

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