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Double raped, pissed-on, clothes taken and left to go home naked

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One of the times I got raped when I was cruising for cocks.

At the same time I was having all kinds of kinky sex with Trish, I was still getting a lot of sex with other men. My favourite cruising place at the time was a place called Markeaton Park in Derby. There was a public toilet there, with glory-holes in the walls joining the cubicles. Many times I spent a pleasant hour or two sucking cocks through the holes. I never got fucked there because the toilets were too near the road.

It was much better the deeper into the park one went. At night it was very dark, and there were invariably quite a few men trolling there. I would go there in a shiny black tracksuit I had, which I could quickly unzip and get naked whenever I encountered a man who wanted sex. Sometimes I just stripped off and hid my tracksuit and sneakers under a tree that I could easily find again. Then I would walk about naked for men to find me. Many times they just wanted to be sucked-off, but when they saw me naked men often wanted to bugger me. On those occasions, I would lean against a tree with my hand on the trunk, and let the man push his cock up my arse and fuck me till he shot his load in me.

My sessions there usually went fairly smoothly, but one night was a memorably bad one. I had been in the park for just over an hour, and had sucked two cocks and had a quick fuck from a guy who came almost as soon as he pushed his cock up me. I had slipped into my tracksuit again, and was walking about looking for other men.

I was walking towards some trees when I saw a guy, and then noticed another one. Something about their stance made me a little nervous, so I opted not to come-on to them and started to walk past them. As I did, the one guy grabbed my arms from behind. The other stepped-up and punched me in the stomach. I doubled over, and ended-up on the ground. Both men got on top of me, and the one who had punched me grabbed me by the hair and banged my head on the ground.

I’d been raped a few times when I was younger, so I knew what to expect. Rape normally comes with more than a little violence. The one guy pulled-off my tracksuit bottoms, while the other one held me down as he pulled off my top. Both of them were cursing at me and calling me names. I can’t remember what exactly; it was a long time ago. They were threatening me to take it, or they would hurt me bad. The first guy literally rammed his cock up me and pounded away at me, fucking me into the ground. It was a real hate-fuck. He was trying to damage me. He came, pumping his spunk deep up my arse and after a minute he pulled out.

He switched places with the other one, taking over holding me down for the second one who wasted no time in pushing his cock up me. He too pounded away as hard as he could, making sure it hurt as much as possible. Eventually he came. He knelt up and pulled my head up by my hair, then pushed his cock in my mouth and ordered me to clean his cock by sucking my own shit off it. Naturally, I did what he said. Both men dressed, and one flipped me over so that I lay on my back. He leaned over and spat in my face, then pissed on me. He picked up my tracksuit and sneakers and said he was taking them so I couldn’t wear them. They walked off laughing.

I lay there for a few minutes to make sure they’d gone, reflecting that although I was hurting it could have ended up far worse. I reasoned that cruising in these places meant that I was really asking to be raped occasionally by a small percentage of the men I had sex with. It kind of went with the territory. I sat up and wondered what I was going to do. There I was a few miles away from home with no clothes. I couldn’t walk home naked, and I was stinking of piss.

I decided I would try to seek some help. I got up and started walking about again. After a few minutes I encountered another guy. Seeing me naked, he unzipped his trousers. I explained to him that I had just been raped and that they had taken my clothes so I needed help to get home. He said that he would help, but he wanted to fuck me first. Resignedly, I bent over and let him bugger me. After the double rape, it hurt every time he thrust up me. After he added his spunk to the rest, he zipped up and walked off. I called after him, but he just continued walking.

I realised I had to try again as there was no way I could leave the park naked. After a while another man came, and when I explained my predicament he offered to help without making the condition of fucking me. He told me to wait there, and returned after 15 minutes with a coat he had left in his car. My legs were uncovered, but at least my body was covered. He offered to drive me home, so he could retrieve his coat.

When we got to my place I asked him in for a drink to thank him. I gave him his coat back, and I could see he was getting an erection as he looked at my naked just-raped body. I said he could stay if he wanted to, and we both went to bed. I fell asleep on my side, while he slowly fucked my arse in a really gentle way, which was sweet of him. He was gone when I woke up in the morning.

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  • Reply Darren8282 ID:3k40n6rp49i

    Good submissive bottom gays should get. Raped …..I’m a bottom submissive we are to serve Men we get Raped them so innocent people don’t get Raped and he ends up in prison. So we need to be there for them to Rape us. Thanks to all that have it will Rape me. Love it.

  • Reply Alex ID:1dectx8glce7

    I also have a story, if you want to chat about the gay experience, you can write here [email protected]

  • Reply Sub slut ID:1evedmfrvgot

    Sounds like I need to go cruising

  • Reply Rob ID:1efdhxtgfpn1

    Like the comment below, it comes with the territory of cruising.
    I’ve been raped 3 times when cruising, but never had my clothes taken. Lovely guy who helped you, shame he didn’t stick around.

  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:2dd0x5np8m

    You’re right. When you’re cruising, being raped occasionally is almost a given. It’s all part of the fun! Best to accept and try to enjoy. Really liked reading about it, anyway!

    • Cuckoldtoilet ID:bajcax8qk60

      Glad you enjoyed reading it. All my stuff is true. [‘m doing stuff chronologically. Not the next one, but the one after that I’ll be relating my experiences aged 46-48 as a transvestite prostitute in Walkden.

  • Reply Gonzo ID:7mkmumjj43

    He was such a gentleman with the coat and you for offering your ass as a reward.
    When I was in high school a close friend of mine young sister got rapped by a wetback. Well they never found his body for 6 months and his young 9 yo sister as a reward gave me some pussy. I found out she has a bad crush on me so she was in heaven when I fucked her. Later we were partying and she wound up blowing and fucking the whole group even her brother yet I was still her crush. Senior year she was 11 and we did the same thing but this time she got pregnant. No one knows whom the baby belongs to and I guess she ever wanted to know because in her mind it was mine . All these years later I bet I could walk up to her and fuck her and she would be happy. Loved that girl.