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Doing the lord’s work on sunday with the black maintnance guy

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It was early Sunday morning, and it was my turn to get the buffet set up in the church hall so it would be ready when the church service ended. I was wearing my one-piece light blue dress with a shiny black waist belt that accented my sexy hips and suntan pantyhose with my red lace thong and my black 5-inch stilettos.

So, I left the church and walked back to the kitchen area that was connected to the church hall. There was nobody around since everyone was attending the service. I began to brew the coffee while I arranged the muffins and pastries on the trays. I had everything under control in a matter of minutes, so I just sat there at the table and waited for the church service to end and the coffee to finish brewing in the big coffee maker.

Suddenly I heard someone coming into the kitchen, so I turned my head and saw the black maintenance guy, Deshane walked in. He was a very big black guy, he stood about 6’5 and was about 365 pounds. He has a big fat belly that was about to burst through his shirt buttons. His face is very ugly and unattractive, and he has very bad breath.

I always saw him looking at me when he didn’t think anyone could see him staring at me. Deshane wasn’t subtle about it. He always wanted me to know that he lusted after my married body. His eyes always roamed all over me, and he seemed to really like pouty sexy ass and my pantyhose covered legs and heels. He always makes me nervous and scared.

“Well hello Miss Britney Lane !! You sure look very pretty today”!!! He said smiling down looking at me, his eyes were glued to my big 32-DDtits and that I had just realized my two top buttons of my dress were opened. From his tall height he easily saw my busty cleavage being barely held in my black sheer lace brassier.

“Oh ! Deshane !! You surprised me ! Oh I think I’m done here and I’m going back to the church service”!

I said to him as I’m trying to get out of the kitchen and away from him as fast as I could. He was looking and staring at my body as I stood up in my 5-inch black stilettos and walked by him, his big black hand took my arm with his strong grip and said. “There’s no need to go just yet Miss Lane !! The pastor is going to be quite late this morning !! I think you should stay here so we can talk and get to know each other better”!!! he smiled and took my hand and turned me around so that I was facing him.

“Maybe some other time Deshane”!! I said to him as my body trembled from him being way to close to me and also from the firm grip, he had on my arm. But for some reason I was instantly sexually excited by his forcefulness with me. His closeness excited me in a primitive sort away, I always had a dark submissive need to be forced and taken.

He took his other hand and reached around my waist below my wide black belt and grabbed my pantyhose covered ass cheek and pulled me tightly up against him.

“Deshane !! Please don’t do this !!! Please”!!!! I whimpered softly

“Oh don’t you worry Miss Lane !!! We both know what you want !! You don’t have to pretend !! and I know what your hot, white, married body needs, and I’m going to do what I want to you”!!!! He boldly said to me as his ugly black face was so close to my pretty white face that I was frozen in fear.

“Please Deshane !! I need to leave !! So please let me by”!!!!! So, I attempted one more try to stop this from happening to me. But he quickly reached over and grabbed my ponytail in his huge black fist and jerked my head back. “Owwe”!!!!!! I whimpered out.

While his hand that’s on my ass he moved it to my front and lifted up my dress, and Deshane quickly started touching and rubbing my pantyhose covered pussy and he started laughing and saying,

“Oh !! my ! my ! so proper church lady !! Miss Britney Lane has a very wet pussy !!! That’s very shameful for a married white lady like yourself wanting a black man to touch you !!! You’re just a submissive, married, white slut for old Deshane !!! Is there something you need from big Deshane”!!??

His fat black fingers pulled my red lace thong to the side and then he tore a hole in my suntan pantyhose while he inserted his black fingers deep inside my wet soaked pussy. Then he began to rub and feel up my pussy as I stood up in my black 5-inch heels in front of him whimpering, “Ohhhhhhh”!!!!!!

As I whimpered from his sexual assault and the pleasure that I’m feeling, I never attempted to stop him or to push him away from me.

“Oh god !!! please Deshane !!! please don’t do this”!!!! I whimpered out while my 5-inch heels are making clicking sounds on the kitchen tile floor, as I spread both of my pantyhose covered legs and 5-inch heels wide apart for Deshane, so he could have easy access to my soaking wet married white pussy.

“This time I’m going to fuck you quick because the church service will be ending soon !! But the next time I’ll make sure I have more time to fuck my married white slut for hours !! Now take off that soaked red lace thong of yours and give them to me”!!!! Deshane demanded.

So, I reached down and took them off while his black fingers still remained through the hole in my pantyhose and into my wet pussy and my thong was soaked and my breathing was labored and ragged, as I gave them to him.

“Turn around and bend over the table Miss Lane and pull that dress up over that sexy nylon covered ass of yours”!!!!

“Oh please !! please”!!!!!! I whimpered !! as I obeyed him. I didn’t know if I was pleading for him to stop or for him to just take me.

The first thing I felt was his big fat black belly on my pantyhose covered ass, then his big black fat dick was at the hole inside my pantyhose and against my wet pussy lips.

Then his big black hands took a firm grip on my pantyhose covered hips and he began forcing his thick, fat, black dick through the hole in my nylons and straight into my white married pussy, at about halfway in, he pulled it back again and then he thrusted it hard and deep inside my wet pussy until his long black fat dick hit my cervix.

“Ohh my Godd !!!!!!!!!! You’re so big and thick !!! You’re stretching and hurting my pussy !! Ohh Godd”!!!

I cried out as Deshane began pumping his big black fat dick in and out of my tightly stretched married white pussy, I had to reach out with both of my hands and tightly grip both sides of the kitchen table and hold myself still from the vicious hard pounding breeding fuck he’s giving me over the table as it’s creaking and moving.

My voice was a constant chorus’s of yelps, “OH ! OH ! OH ! OH ! OH ! OH ! OH ! OH ! OH ! OH ! OH”!!!!!
As Deshane fucked me relentlessly with each hard pounding thrust.

He’s taking me with the same brutality and viciousness that I had always dreamed and fantasized about, but this was no fucking dream, It’s real.

I felt my orgasm building up deep inside me, and I knew that I’ll cum real soon.

“Oh my God !! I’m cumming !!! I’m cumming !!! Oh God !!! Deshane !!! I’m fucking cumming”!!!!
I squealed out in my primal screaming voice as he quickened his pace and driving himself to cum deep inside me.

I just realized that he wasn’t wearing a condom and because of my religious beliefs of not ever to use any type of birth control, I yelled out and pleaded with him not to cum inside my white married fertile pussy, but it was too late.

I couldn’t stop him or his exploding orgasm that was now shooting hot streams of his baby making jungle juice, that now made me his white married fuck slut.


I begged him. He obliged me the desperate white whore and the adulteress cheating wife and fired his sperm load deep inside my womb, filling me up with his fertile sperm, and my orgasm was like no other orgasm that I ever had.

Deshane finally slowed down fucking me, but kept his black fat dick deep inside me, making sure that I’m thoroughly fertilized and bred. I loved the full feeling of Deshane’s dick being so deep and throbbing the rest of his seed into me.

When he did finally pull out, he dragged me down to the tile floor by my ponytail and pushed his spent dick inside my mouth. I didn’t resist him at all, and he said, “Suck and clean my black dick off you white whore”!!!!!

So, I licked and sucked his black dick and balls clean, then when I was done, he pushed me aside and I fell to the floor as Deshane turned his back and walked out the door.

As I was on the floor thinking, “Deshane’s right that I am a married white slut as I began to rub my sperm filled pussy to another hard orgasm, a switch had been turned on inside me and there was no going back because I’ve just been blacked and I need a E.P.T. KIT in about 3 weeks and find out if I’m carrying Deshane’s baby.


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  • Reply Maximus ID:k528hao7zvr

    If not this time, one the next times she is taken she will be left with a black baby in her womb. Once that door is opened, it will be impossible to close. The extremely intense orgasms reinforce her desire to be submissive.

  • Reply White boy ID:16m0qk9ys2ub

    My sister lost her virginity when she was 14 to the older black maintenance man for our apartment.

    • BRITNEY ID:1e8sh3tot8dn

      And I’ll bet it was the best cherry popping breeding fuck she’ll ever get !!!!!!!!!!!! Britney

  • Reply HKT ID:8ldli0lv9a

    Solid story, as usual. And, also as usual, makes a boner happen. [email protected]

  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:2dd0x5np8m

    You may think he’s ugly, but he’s big (all over!) and black, so that makes him irresistible to a slut like yourself. That’s fine, just enjoy!!

  • Reply Big bad John ID:2muspuh6ia

    The Queen of Spades strikes again with another hot story!! Mmmm I would love to be Deshane forcing my big black dick into your tight married pussy and feel you writhe beneath me as you pretend to resist!! Loved the ending when you licked his cock and balls clean – the mark of a true black cock slut!! I can guarantee that at the end of one of your stories I will have a sore cock and empty balls!!! You and your stories are the only reason I visit this site. When you stop writing, I’ll leave. Love you horny Queen of Spades, your big alpha stud Johnny

    • BRITNEY ID:1e8sh3tot8dn

      Oh that’s so sweet of you to say that my big apha stud John !!! and you are my Deshane nailing me !!! And if you leave this site I might also leave !! there aren’t to many people here that like adult erotic stories !! just young boys and girls sex stories to feed their pedo perverted desires !! I love you to John !! your princess Britney

  • Reply Sick Littles only ID:1dq1arvc6owp

    Good slut wife!

  • Reply Slim56 ID:1e32x0bcb75j

    Awesome story girl the way he took you and bread you with his huge black cock and the way you gave into him and wanting more ìn the end. You are a black cock slut and I love your stories about how you love getting your gorgeous white pussy stretched to it’s limits. Keep up the great work my gorgeous sexy queen. Your always horny and hard fan Dave

    • BRITNEY ID:1e8sh3tot8dn

      (HUGS & KISSES DADDY) Luv Britt