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doing my friend

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i have been fucking my friend for a long time she is married as i am to we sneak around each other homes her husband works nights and so does my wife. this went on for a very long time and all were happy campers we had great sex oral anal and everything else. then i day she comes to me and said I’m pregnant i said what do you mean your pregnant i thought you were on birth control she yes i am. well trip to the doctor and she was she said her husband had not fucked her in ten months.so it is suppose to be mine i guess. nothing else was said till a month later and we were talking i asked her and told me have you had sex with anyone else and her reply was surprising she said she lets her ten year old son sleep with her some times and will lay on her and rub against at times. Then i night he slipped inside me one night when i was asleep and came in me since i was on on birth control i let him fuck me sometimes said there you go he bred you, she said he is to young to produce sperm i said i think not he bred you birth control or not. why would you say that you know you got my pregnant. i looked at her and said sweet heart i had a vasectomy ten years ago so your ten year old son knocked up his mom. she went home in tears i should have asked how far a long is she and what was she going to do well the next week i invited her over for coffee she told me she had a abortion and no more sex with her son. and she said he was not happy about it so she told him to see if he could talk his little sister into screwing him. i said what are you losing it no she said i want you to teach her how to have sex that way she cant get knocked up. i suppose you have talked to her about this and her reply was she knows we were having sex and she wants to try so will i fuck her daughter i told her this is risky she is only nine no she is all most ten her brother is eleven in a week i said we will talk it over with her and see.

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  • Reply Joe ID:5c8rcvm9b

    Get the daughter in bed and fuck her little virgin cunt

  • Reply Tt ID:bgggn0c43

    English is horrid.
    You also can get knocked up by a guy with a vasectomy