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Dirty Little Secrets (3)

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I have always been a dirty little secret. From age 6 up until my adulthood. It eventually stopped but the fantasies came next.

Someone told me I should go in chronological order for my stories, which logically is the best bet. Now the issue with that is the frequency in which I’ve had things happen. And so to simply make my life easier, I will give a summation of 6-14years and then start the actual story starting at 14.

Also though these stories are all true, I am an adult now. Please don’t feel sad for me, because in some ways these things made me who I am today and despite my perversions I really do love the woman I’ve become. Now that the sentiments are done I shall go into this story.

This story is about my biological brother and I. You can skip down to “14 Years” because I will be doing filler information to make up for several stories I won’t elaborate on.

6yrs – 14yrs

In the timespan of 8 years a LOT happened. First and foremost I had been getting molested. It stopped with my cousin Angel when I was 7. As you all read with my cousin James it ended around 14. Though in my adulthood and late teens he did sexually harass me off the false premise of “loving me”.

I moved with my mother when I was 8years old. And by then I had an addiction to being sexual. I call it an addiction because I couldn’t help my urges. In the apartment complex I lived in at the time I had been intimate with minimum of 20 people in a 3 year time frame.

In my defense they had all been girls. I was with big girls, small girls, younger girls and older girls as old as 17 all whilst being 8-10 years old. That’s probably why I have a love for eating pussy even now. I’ve ate so many. In that time frame I had met only two boys who I had any sexual relations with.

One was 17 and I was about 9 then. There’s only one incident I really remember happening with him. I was outside playing. I don’t know how he convinced me to come to his house. Maybe it’s cause I knew his two little sisters who I had also touched on. I guess keeping it in the family has been my thing.

Anyhoo he beckoned me towards his porch. I remember his gentle voice snd gentle touch. He had asked me did I want to be his girlfriend and naive little me nodded my head. He told me that boyfriend and girlfriend does things with each other. I had enough experiences to know what he was hinting at so I allowed him to pull me to his bedroom. He sat on the bed and I crawled to him and straddled his lap.

He put his hands on my waist and pulled me so my pussy was directly over his cock. He then slid his hands up my shirt to my breast and then back to my back. He then kissed me. I remember not liking the way his lips tasted. They were soft but had a really weird taste. He pushed his tongue in my mouth and I let him.

At some point he was gyrating his hips so that they were rubbing against my crotch. I loved the feeling. He was the first “older” dick I had ever felt. And he was large. At some point he pulled down his pants just off his hips to free his erection. He had me rub it up and down. But before anything could get further there was a noise from the front door. We got off each other and I had to hide. It was his little sisters so he had me come from hiding and back outside. He kissed me again and sent me on my way.

The other boy who I had hunched on was two years younger than me. And I had to have been about 10 then. We got caught and I got whooped and that was the end of that. But I did apologize for touching him when he was younger about two years ago. I was forgiven, but he did try to make a pass at me now that we were both adults. But I declined, the thought of it was just too weird for me.

I hadn’t had penetrative sex until I was 13. I met the guy in Church when they had separated the teens from adults. We exchanged information and exactly a month later while we were in bible study we both snuck off. He ate me out, I sucked his dick. Then he had me sit on his dick. I don’t recall it being painful. As a matter of fact I didn’t even bleed. But that’s probably because when I was 12 I found my moms dildo and broke my hymen myself. But once again I don’t remember bleeding so the world including me may never know.

S/n: My mother hadn’t been in my life in the early years and found out I had been molested when she felt me rubbing her butt and body while she slept. I had thought I got away with it. But then she caught our neighbor’s daughter eating me out when I was 8. All hell broke loose after that.

So thats a summation of my 6-14 years.

14 Years Old

There were three of us on my maternal side. I was the only girl, the middle child. But unless you knew my family you would have thought I was the only child. Hell I didn’t even realize the depths of adoption until many years later. But the two boys (my older and younger brother) were adopted with each other.

That is how I ended up solely alone in the grasps of my paternal side. But when I was 14 I found my brothers. It was a cold warm winter day in December. I had reached out to my older brother and we clicked immediately. He introduced me to our younger brother. For sake of the story we are going to name my big brother Ken and my little brother Mike.

Ken, Mike, and I started talking more frequently and I also introduced them to our mom. All virtual btw. An important fact to mention is this is also around the time my mother had me in the gym consistently. She didn’t want me to be overweight, but I’ve always lad larger breast and thighs than kids my age. And no amount of treadmills was going to change that fact.

But see Ken was smart, very manipulative. And he would make slick comments when we were otp. He’d say things like “Mom told me you were big, which is why she makes you go tonthe gym so much.” And me being the child I was felt I had a point to prove. So in my shorts and tank I sat the camera up and dis a 360 so he could see my body. Personally I didn’t see anything wrong with it until later down the line.

Me being the trauma dumper I was, told Ken about how I was molested when I was younger and when I begged him not to leave or stop talking to mom because of my history that was “too much” he decided he wanted to stick around.

And somefucking how we started being flirtatious with one another. Well he started it and I entertained it. My naivety was so impressive. I don’t know how it became sexual, my brain’s repression capabilities are truly remarkable. What I donremember is

Let’s keep in mind I met my brothers virtually in December. The following January my mother decided to pick up her oldest son, Ken, and we hungout with our two cousins. She got us a hotel room and that’s when his and I dynamic took a irreversible turn.

At some point my cousins (who are sisters) left to get something to drink. And Ken locked the door behind them, came towards me and kissed me. And my heart fluttered. His lips were soft and minty. He led me to the bed and hovered over me as my back hit the sheets

He kissed me down my neck and back to my lips. At some point our cousins came knocking. They gave us weird looks and asked why we locked the door in which my brother proceeded to say “we were talking.” Our mouths were moving alright.

Then him and I went to go look for a vending machine…at least that’s what we told them. We went to find a place to make-out and next thing you know we were in a storage closet or a janitor’s one.

We kissed passionately almost like lovers. He cupped my face before rubbing his hands down my body. I felt his dick harden in his pants as he pressed against me causing me to moan. I loved every second of it. It was easy to forget he was brother given we barely knew each other, but the theill of knowing he was my brother was doing things to me. Something I never admitted until just now.

He asked me to suck his dick and I dropped to my knees helping to free his member. There was precum on his dick and I licked the tip before engulfing him in my mouth. I moved my mouth up and down while gripping his base. He hit the back of my throat making me gag a few times before he pulled me off him. He turned my body around and had me brace my hands on the wall. It was all a tight fit.

He put a condom on and found my hole through the darkness. I was so wet that lubricantion hadn’t been needed. He groaned softly as he pushed through my tight barely fucked hole. And my walls gripped him like a life line.

His dick went slowly inside me and then out. He started off slow, kissing my back my neck, letting me adjust. And then he started fucking me hard. The sounds of our pants and his balls slapping against my clit was loud. He throbbed inside my warmth and came while still inside of me. After a pause he slowly pulled out, turned me around and kissed me ferociously.

He tossed the condom on the ground, pecked my lips, then opened the door. He grabbed my hand and we walked back to the hotel room.

Later it came out what we did in a swirl of his lies and my truth: And til this very day we still don’t talk. He apologized to me for lying on me and taking advantage of a situation a year or so later, but I could never trust him after that. I still don’t. I would never sleep with him again or think about intimacy. But that was the first time where a man had sex with me and I truly felt loved.


I know this is long, but I wanted to actually start writing my sex escapades and the times I was raped and I needed to give you all more background. The next story will be about my father. And that will truly be the beginning. Because everything in my entire life that has happened since then started with it.

Ciao my horny people,


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