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Dirty Little Secret (1)

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I have always been a dirty little secret. From age 6 up until my adulthood. It eventually stopped but the fantasies came next.

Truthfully, I never thought I’d have it in me to write this. Of course I’ve thought about it, worked through it with therapists, but writing about it with the hopes that some perverted mind would masturbate to it…well that wasn’t my intentions.

I know that this anonymous and no one I know would read this because I am indeed the most perverted mind in my friend group. Nonetheless I am a woman now. 22 years old to be exact and I have a dirty little secret. I get off on the idea of being raped and used. Especially from my own memories.

It makes me think something is seriously fucking wrong with me. I can’t tell anybody about what happens in this mind of mine. While ther acts were happening I felt sick, upset that my body responded to something I really didnt want. But mind vs body is a terrible battle. You see I’m the poster individual. I’m caring, I love children (in an appropriate manner), I give back, scholarly student and all that. But on my phone beneath my sheets? The depraved side of me comes out. I know this is a lot of filler information but I just wanted to do a small introduction before I start telling my stories because this is the only one you’ll get.

These are all true stories and while I do enjoy the memories with extreme guilt, I wouldn’t cross that line in my life now. But after I tell all my stories I’ll get into my dirty little fantasies

Well anyhoo! Now let’s start the story.

6 Years Old

I could say it started when I was 6, but I really believed it started when I was five. My family has incest on both sides. But my paternal side are the ones who corrupted me. I wish I knew the very moment it all started but leave it to my brain’s trauma response to repress memories .

I have a cousin whom I do not speak to for partially this reason. She’s a girl. We will call her Angel (because this is the first name that popped up). She is 6 years older than me and for sake of abiding by rules of this site will start from when I was 6.

Angel didnt live close to me. I had been livingn with my grandparents who either didnt know or didnt care about what was going on in my bedroom. Angel visited on weekends every blue moon. This particular time I had already experienced being touched so I would often seek gratification by grinding my pelvis on my little brown teddy’s heart black nose. That’s how I got off as a child.

Anyhoo we were in my bedroom laying down to go to sleep. Everyone else in the home had already reached their dream world through slumber. Angel and I were up playing “house” she was the dad and I was the mom. Such a universal grooming game. We started out by kissing each other. She coaxed her tongue into my mouth and she would suck on it. She may have been 12 but she hit puberty early and while she was overweight she also had large breasts. She had taught me how to grope them. I would use my tiny hands to grab her large mounds and knead them. I would squeeze as she kissed me and roamed her hands on my body. When we stopped kissing I took one of her nipples in my mouth. I would suck on their hardness as she moaned and groaned my name in faint whimpers so our family wouldn’t hear. This went on for a while with me just going from breast to breast.

Next she would return the favor as she sucked my nipples we had each other’s hands in our pants running it along each other’s slit. Once we did that for a while we would remove our bottoms and keep them as much as possible just in case we heard someone coming and needed to get dressed. She would always make me go down on her fat hairy pussy. I don’t remember it tasting bad or good. But I do remember my 6 year old mouth on her 12 year old cunt being down for long periods of time. She would grind her pussy on my little mouth making me take everything she had to offer me with little moans. She would then kiss me before going down and returning the favor. She’d stick her tongue inside me and eat as if I was her last meal. When she was done she taught me how to scissor. She laid down at an angle and placed my body on hers. My pussy would rub against her pussy as we grabbed each other’s titties.

After we were done we’d put our clothes back on and go ro sleep after many “I love yous” and kisses. She was the first sexual encounter I had, but very far from the last.

The next encounters(which were multiple was with a guy cousin. And he is only 2 years older than me. It also started when I was 6, but he penetrated me when I was 14 after begging me, forcibly pulling me onto him it was also months after my father had raped me, but he didnt know that. No one did.)

But those are all stories for another day
Thanks for reading. Hope I didn’t bore you with the intro. But In a bit excited to tell my stories and how I’ve always been someone’s dirty little secret.

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  • Reply AlabamaSlamma ID:1dldx4zlgtds

    Very hot story.

  • Reply Gonzo ID:7mkmumjj43

    Seems like your sexual Aura gives off very pleasant vibrations that does attract many people. I have personally met a few girls I absolutely could not keep my hands off of them. Later I researched and found out why. That and a specific chemical combination makes some females absolutely irresistible. I have a friend that has a 7 Yo daughter that is like this and I have to stay away from her because I will fuck her any chance I get and she already said I can.

    • A random Canadian ID:cxtp5nq49i

      Hey Gonzo! Wondering if you could maybe explain to me that chemical combination…? Not here tho, I don’t have any email linked to this so I won’t see it – maybe just make a little post with an obvious title so I know – again, just asking, but thanks anyways and I love your stories on the Japanese girls overseas! Cheers mate! 😀

    • DaddyDan ID:1eu0gdz85l3v

      I know exactly what you mean!

  • Reply RudyGardet ID:4glk83qrc

    Your first posting here and it’s a doozy! Thanks for sharing and I hope we get to see more from you.
    But also, try not to beat yourself up for your lovely dark desires. I’ve talked to lots of women who have similar stories and have healthily embraced there perviness. You sound like a good person who only enjoys this stuff in your own head, and there’s nothing wrong with that.
    If you’re ever interested in chatting with someone I’d love to do that with you. Older Daddy Dom type here. Sessions below, but I’m also on Kik and Telegram @rudygardet.


  • Reply Daddy ID:10vbkc9acbri

    So very sexy thank you for your post
    It’s great I really would love to have more if you would please 🌹

  • Reply lil luver ID:1dy6464vekwf

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts

  • Reply anonymous ID:1cu46k5qnm2y

    love hearing about your episodes when you were 6. wish i could have been the one doing those things with you at that age and i would continue to just finger your clit and lick your pussy until you were 10 after that dont give to shits about you girls and especially adult women and no i am not gay love little girls

    • sikici ID:45xyo15o8rk

      sizinle ortak bir noktamız var

    • Pat ID:19htsbz2bdeo

      I fucked a lot of my friends wives

  • Reply [email protected] ID:1db09li6ib

    Why Cinnamon, what a foxy little minx you are. You’ve a personality that attracts attentional and your story has certainly attracted mine since it mirrors things that have happened to me in my own life. Can’t wait to read more from you.