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Daycare Rayne’s view

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Rayne(13) is a beautiful girl, Auburn hair, fit and healthy for her age. Her dancing class is about to come to an end and that means she’s gonna have to go to the daycare center not far from school, but first she has to meet with a guy she met online, he was gonna meet Rayne.

Rayne isn’t just a goodie too shoes, straight A girl. She also has a secret naughty girl side of her as well
Rayne found out from her girl pals that there is a website that doesn’t use age verification. So, her friend helped her sign in during one of the sleep overs. They then chatted with some grown men, and thirsty women. One of them even showed dick picks. While she watches as her friends send nudes of their bodies to the guys/women online too! Rayne didn’t participate in it, but now she wished she had!

During her own free time she showed off her set of perky tits at a guy, and asked her if they wanted to meet up with her in person, this of course made the girl afraid of a meeting up with one guy that could be old as her father. Still she agreed to meet this guy. The guy told her tomorrow, at the park at 3pm.

Now fast forward walking through the park alone. She looks around for the guy on the site. A tall man who appears to be in his late 30’s or early 40’s. Approaches her she’s nervous at first, but she stays calm. The man asks,”Are you the beautiful girl named Rayne? Who showed me her tits?” He asked she nervously responded,”Yes that’s me!” She smiles nervously.

“Good. We cannot do it here let’s find someplace private.” He says and he reaches his hand out to Rayne. She grabs it as the man guides her through the bushes.”Here this looks like the spot.” He says as he stands against a tree, unzips his pants, as he shows his cock to her. Rayne gets down on her knees. Then begins to lick the tip.

Prior to meeting the man, she looks up pornsites on how to have to sex, she wasn’t gonna lie. It was gross but some of it is fun to watch that it got her to finger herself. After watching, a couple of videos of women giving blowjobs. She too uses a banana to use as a penis to practice on before going to bed.

Now here she is sucking and slurping on the man’s penis like it was not her first time the man moans as she does as well. She then releases his cock to breathe then returns to lick up and down his shaft and begins to lick and suck his balls. It was a thrilling new experience! She then puts his entire penis into her mouth, as the man’s hand is grabbing her head pushing down to take more of him deep into her throat!

Rayne gags a bunch, before the man moans loudly and shoots ropes of cum down into her throat. She herself took his penis deep down her throat gulping down his cum. It overflows from her mouth! After it was all over she slowly rises up and releases him with a loud pop sound. His cum is running down her chin, her tits, and on her school uniform. Before, she could do anything else. She could have sworn in her peripheral vision she saw a boy was watching!

The man must have noticed she was looking that direction too. “Ah! That was some good head girly! But I gotta get home. Don’t know who that was, don’t wanna go to jail again!” He says as he rushes to get his pants zipped up and flees the scene. As for Rayne, she might have an idea who the boy is.

Rayne goes to the park’s public restroom to wash herself of cum she looks in the reflection of the mirror and sees some cum on her pink lips she likes how tasty and salty it was she licks it up from her lips. Tidy up and walks towards the daycare center.

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    Great start, can’t wait to read more about Rayne.