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Daycare III(Rayne’s first time)

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Rayne and Casey both the same age 13. Both go to the same daycare center after school. Casey was on his way to the place until he witnessed his childhood crush Rayne. Sucking on an adult’s cock, Rayne from the outside looks like your average straight A’s schoolgirl.

However, she is far from innocent as her friends introduced her to their new hobby after school which is chatting with strangers through a unverified dating site. Rayne never took part in showing her naked teen body like her friends did.

Until, she met a stranger on the same site and got together at the park! Now, Casey and Rayne are at the daycare where they stay until the evening. Casey gulped as she heard her words,”You saw what happened did you?” She asked.

Casey couldn’t lie about it at all he knows that she saw him there watching the whole thing. “Here’s what’s gonna happen,” Rayne says as she breaks the hug. Leads Casey to the back of the place away from the children.”Let’s exchange our phone numbers.” She says.

His heart skipped a beat his crush is gonna give her phone number to her. But, for what reason? They both exchanged numbers.”You like what I did to that man,” Rayne said as she points down to Casey’s “bulge” showing in his pants. Casey covers it up in embarrassment.

A worker from the daycare facility sees that Rayne isn’t alone so he couldn’t get close or walk up and cup a feel. However, Rayne looked at him and beckons him to come follow her and the boy into the rec. room.

Casey is confused, about why Rayne got the employee to unlock the door into this room. He suddenly realized as the man touches her but.
“What are you doing?” He demanded! Rayne looks at him and tells him,”You’re gonna shut up, and watch the same thing at the park.” She says to him.

The employee was surprised,”What did you do at the park? You two did something together?” He asked Rayne.”Since, you like perving on the kids here. Also putting hands on me! How about we give Casey here a show!” She says. The employee closes the door behind. Locks it up too.

Rayne begins to take her uniform her training bra, and panties off, in front of him! The employee gets stiff he takes off his clothes as well.”I was thinking about fucking Lillie, or maybe Sarah, but you being in heat already changes everything!” He says as his cock rises up in front of Rayne.

She immediately grabs it and strokes up and down makes the employee moan. Casey is stunned at what’s happening this time it’s in front of him.
Rayne takes the man’s cock into her mouth giving him a good sucking! “Uh oh my! You suck a dick like a pro. Where did you learn this? Your dad?” The man asked Rayne as she looks up at him while sucking him.

She answers him.”No I did the exact same thing in the park. With someone else, not this pathetic loser,” Rayne says as she turns to Casey then licks the side of the employee’s cock. Casey couldn’t say anything back to her because deep down he likes her. He’s frozen his bulge threatens to pop a hole through his pants.

“Better get that little dick out or it’s gonna suffocate in there.” The employee says to the boy. He moans lifting his head as Rayne sucks off his balls! Casey couldn’t believe it but he did what the guy says he unzipped his pants.

Casey begins stroking his stiff little dick watching his crush slobbering on the man’s dick.”Ahhh! I wanna scramble your insides Rayne could I put it in?” He asked Rayne.”Oh yeah! Let me get in my favorite position.” She says. She turns around facing Casey in a reverse cowgirl. As she is lifted by the adult.

Then he guides his cock into her slowly, as Rayne has both her hands covering her mouth preventing her from yelling. The man pushed through and the little girl’s pussy is tight and his cock made her cherry pop!

Rayne was in pain for a moment but then she feels bliss and she begins to moan as the man makes her move her lips. She eventually gets what he wants to moves her hips! “Your body is so amazing way better than any other girl’s I’ve fucked!” The employee says.

Rayne bounces up and down his cock moving her hips fluidly, she is after all a dancer. Casey couldn’t help but, start to cum right then and there.”Oh! Already?! We haven’t gotten to the good part yet,”Rayne says as she still rides! The man pounds her teenage pussy stretching it more and more!

Moving faster and faster. Making her moan more and more. She has to cover her mouth to keep the noise at a minimum.
Casey closes his eyes, as he leaks out more cum! Rayne tells the man to get closer to the boy. He obliged. He picks her up while still inside her.

Made her lean forward as her hands are on Casey’s arms as she’s being fucked by the employee from behind. He opens his eyes to see Rayne face-to-face staring at him. The man couldn’t hold out any longer “I’m gonna cum!!” He says as he pulls out his cock from her pussy and fires it on her firm ass!

From then on Casey and Rayne was in a “relationship” where Rayne sleeps around with men. He would receive videos, and pics of her being fucked! Sometimes even her friends would be in them too. But that’s a different story!

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    I hope he will remain a pussy free cuckold for the rest of his life

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    Damn this was hot! Want to hear more of Rayne’s adventures with strangers <3 or even homeless men XD