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Daddy daughter night time part 3

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Daddy is drunk and he is not alone. This might be the best night!

There was a memorial day party today. When had lots of family over and we did a cook out! Everyone got super drunk and had a lot of fun at the party. I was sad when it was time for us kids to go to bed because it got late. My cousins are in the spare bedroom. My neighbor’s kids are here too but hey are out on the couch. I’m all alone in my room.

A while later I wake up to a noise in my room. I look at my digital clock glowing in the dark and it is 2:36 AM. The light suddenly flies on, blinding me for a few moments. As my eyes adjust I see my daddy, he is drunk. Next to him is Mr. Streegar. He is my gym teacher from last year who lives around the block from our house. My dad and him work out together all the time. Mr. Streegar looks tippsy too.

Hello hotness…my dad says

We are going to have a good time tonight.

Mr. Streegar rubs his cock over his pants as I see his big cock growing inside. My daddy starts to approach me and I sit up on the bed. He pulls his cock out of the recesses of his pants and lets them fall to his ankles. Gripping his cock he starts to stroke it himself. Mr. Streegar follow suit and pulls out his cock too. He already looks hard…and BIG. Bigger than daddy’s cock. My eyes widen as he approaches me. I open my mouth as wide as I can and he fills my whole mouth with the head of his cock. He grabs my hair and the back of my head and starts pushing in hard. About 3 inches goes into the back of my throat and I gag and pull away. That was only a third of his whole dick! Its barely even wet with my saliva.

Oh my…I exclaim and open my mouth again. He doesn’t hesitate to start shoving it into my throat again.

Ive wanted to fuck your face for so long Natalie! I gag again and try to swallow so he can go deeper. I grab the shaft of his dick with both of my hands and start stroking it madly. He moans out while I jerk him and swallow as much as my throat can handle. My dad reaches down and puts his fingers between my legs. He buries his hand into my panties and shoves two fingers into my snatch. It feels so good as my wetness becomes slick and he fingers me in and out. I don’t leave daddy out of the fun and I reach over with my left hand and start stroking his dick too. Its only about 2/3 the size of Mr. Streegar’s cock. I give it a quick lick and suck about half of daddy’s dick into my mouth and with a pop plunge Mr. Streegars massive member back into my throat. Daddy grabs me by the hips and sits me up on all fours. He climbs onto my bad and gets behind me. I feel daddy’s dick penetrate my pussy and it shoves my face onto Mr. Streegar’s cock. They start fucking and pumping in unison. Mr. Streegar fucking my throat and my daddy fucking my hot cunt. Soon they stop and I wonder what is going on. They switch places.

Oh My God!!!! I yell out as Mr. Streegars cock buries into me and feels like its going to rip me in half. He starts pumping hard and so very deep while he grabs my waist and pulls me in every time preventing me from avoiding the bottoming out of his dick head into my cervix. My daddy starts fucking my face and it is amazing.

Soon my daddy tells Mr. Streegar to lay on the bed and me to ride him. I am excited to do so and I jump onto his cock and slam it back into me. I grab Mr. Streegars shirt and plant my hands on his chest and start grinding my hips on him. Soon my daddy gets on the bed behind me. He opens my cheeks and sticks his member up to the little brown hole. He forgot the lube!

I scream as he shoves his dick into my ass. Oh no…it hurts!

I don’t think daddy is listening to me because he starts pumping in and out hard and fast. Mr. Streegar grabs my thighs and starts pounding upward.

Oh FUCK…oh FUCK….ohhhhhh FFFFFFUUUUCKKKK!!! I scream as I orgams and feel like my holes are on fire. Mr. Streegars face starts to contort. I think he is going to cum soon. He doesn’t warn me. He just grunts and sqeezes my thighs and rams his cock all the way in. I feel pulse after pulse of sperm rocket into my cunt. Only a few seconds later my daddy buries his cock in my ass and release jets of cum into my bowels. Both of my holes are sloshy and wet dripping with cum. My daddy pulls out of my ass and I lift off of Mr. Streegar. They both look happy.

Thanks Natalie… Mr. Streegar hands me a $100 from his wallet in his pants as he puts them back on. Our little secret? He asks but also demands with his voice. I nod.

Daddy also grabs his pants and carries them out. As the men walk out of the room my cousin Joel opens the door. My daddy smiles at him and walks past him. He doesn’t say anything to me he just walks up and grabs me by the hair and leads me down to his crotch. I llok at him for a moment knowing what he wants and I unbuckle his pants and start sucking his dick. Im slurpping and swllowing. His cock is pretty small so the whole cock goes into my throat.

Joel turns me around and slaps my ass and grabs it. Ouch! He ignores my exclaimation and starts fucking me from behind in doggy. His his slap my ass every time he thrusts. I enjoy the sound just as much as the fucking. It takes him about 20 strokes and he release his stream into my waiting cunt. He slaps my ass again. Thank you love he says. And then he hands me $100 as he walks out. I look at the clock and its now 3:03 AM. A gentile tap tap sound comes from my doorway as Jason…my neighbors dad walks in.

The next morning I wake up tired and sore in all of my holes. My throat is horse. My ass and pussy are sticky and tore up. I count my money…

I have $1100 dollars!!!!

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