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Daddy daughter night time part 2

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Natalie gets a visit from daddy again, but this time hes not alone.

If you haven’t read part one you should read that first to get some context.

Natalie wasn’t asleep yet. She had been laying in bed for a while now and listening to the party that her parents were throwing. Super Bowl sunday was the loudest parties. There was always drinking and everyone was always yelling. It made it hard to sleep.

Then Natalie heard her daddy laughing and talking to someone as they come down the hall toward her room. She had the room at the end so when they didn’t stop at the computer office she knew they were going to visit her. Daddy popped the door open and stumbled in to the room. He was obviously drunk. With him was the 16 year old boy from a couple houses down. His parents were in the den with the party. The boys name was Alex. He was part of the baseball team at their rec center. Natalie has always had a crush on him but he was so much older she didn’t really tell anyone.

Now her daddy stumbled over to her bed and sat down. Natalie sat up so he wouldn’t sit on her legs.

Listen Natalie…Alex here and I had a bet…which I unfortunately lost…so I need you to treat him nice a special for a little while and make sure he leaves very happy. Got it cutie? If you do what I ask…tomorrow we will do something really special. Okay?

Yes daddy Natalie said excitedly.

With that her daddy got up slapped Alex on the back of the shoulder and he stumble back toward the hall way.

Alex looked down at Natalie and took her form intobhis senses. She was small framed. Skinny. Her boobs were small but starting to develope. He stepped up next to the bed and brushed her hair across her ear and smiled at her.

Natalie looked up at him in a dreamy haze. She knew he was the hotest boy in the neighborhood and she felt lucky that he was here in her room.

So…how would you like me to make you happy? Natalie looked at him curiously. He swallowed hard and tried to find the words to use.

Did you want me to suck your dick? Alex was shocked that she was so forward. Yes! He replied…almost too eagerly. She looked at him for a moment and he looked at her in silence. Well…pull it out Natalie said directly. He scrambled and figited in excitement as he undid his belt and zipper. He didn’t think it would be this easy. Natalie began pulling his pants down and then grabbed his underware and yank them down too. Alexs cock sprang free and shot up against his stomach. He was so hard that his dick stood neary 5 inches. When he gets older he is going to be big like my daddy Natalie thought. Then she knew what to do. She got to work on him grabbing his cock and stuffing it into her mouth. She was very experienced at sucking dick. Her daddy was bigger then Alex so she thought it would be fun if she put it all the way into her throat. She closed her eyes and swallowed once feeling his cock go to the back of her tongue. With a second swallow she felt it hit the back of her throat. Then she relaxed and grabbed Alex by his butt and pushed his cock into her throat all the way. Alex’s knees began to buckle. He had never felt this before. Even the older girls from school were not this good. He was about to cum when he felt her pull away and release his cock from the tight suction of her mouth. Did you want to fuck my pussy or my ass she asked almost innocently.

Alex stammered a bit…your ass…can I fuck your ass?

Natalie spun around and raised her ass in the air and put her head down on the pillow. There is lube in the drawer by the night stand. Alex fumbled around in the night stand for a moment and then moved up behind her. He put a huge squirt of lube onto his dick and rubbed it in vigerously. Then he pored more on her ass hole. He couldn’t believe what was happening. He put the head of his cock to her butt hole and statted pushing. Natalie was very experienced with anal because her daddy loves anal. Her hole opened right up for Alex’s dick and it slid in all the way until his stomach rested on her ass cheeks. He let out a deep moan and began stroking his cock into her anal canal. She moaned quietly as he found his rhythm fucking her. She could feel his cock throbbing as he got closer and closer to finishing. With another hard deep thrust he filled her bowels with sperm. Letting out a Aaahhhhh and then collapsing over her back with exhaustion. His cock went soft quickly and popped out of her butt. She turned around and he smiled at her.

That was amazing! He panted as he worked to catch his breath. He seemed very satisfied as he pulled his pants back on and walked out of the room. Natalie was a bit disapointed because she didn’t get to cum. But she couldn’t wait till tomorrow when daddy would take her somewhere special.

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