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Daddy daughter night time Part 1

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A dad and daughter have been having an affair for a while. This is just one of the most memorable nights.

Rick (36/M) is 6 foot tall strong but has the typical dad-bod. Natalie (11/f) is 4 and 1/2 foot tall. Only around 80 lbs. She is just starting to bud in her breasts but they are still tiny little perky A cups. She has only a small peach fuzz patch of new hair on her pussy mound.

Rick opened the door to his daughters room. The hall light washed into the room illuminating his daughts form covered in the blankets. She was sleeping and had been sleeping for a few hours. Everyone else had finally gone to sleep as well. His wife was snoring in the other room. He pushed the door a little wider and moved quietly into the room standing next to his daughter. He had done this many times before. When ever he would gwt horney and hisbwife didn’t want to please him. He would come here. Pulling back the covers from her body she began to awaken. Rolling over and blinking in the light comming from the hall.

Hi daddy…it has been a while.

Ahe looked up at him with love. She knew why he was here and she was very happy to give it to him. Especially since when ever daddy visits her she gets ice cream in the morning. She always got ice cream to help swallow the pill. Daddy always says it will help her be healthy.

He reached into his pants and pulled out his cock. Already hard with anticipation. The 6 inch cock stood pointed at her. She suddenly popped up into her knees and opened her mouth. Rick grabbed his shaft by the base and guided it into her lips. She happily accepted the head of his cock and began to bob up and down sucking a slurping. This is one of her favorite parts. Reaching around and grabbing her daddy by his butt she pulls him into her mouth. The wet drool begins to dribble down her chin. Sucking noises are the only sounds except for an ocasionall deep breath by daddy when he stiffles a moan and then the heavy paced breathing of her as she works feverishly to please her daddies cock.

He grabs her by the head and pulls her mouth way from his cock. He wants more then a blowjob tonight. He pulls the lub from his pocket. Turn around Natalie. She smiles and does so like an obediant slut. She just wants daddy to be happy. He squirts a libral amount of lub on his cock and then more on her ass. She shutters when the cold lube runs down her ass crack. Lining up his cock he begins pressing it in. She hold still and waits. He grabs her by the hips and steadily pushes deeper and deeper into her ass hole. He lets out a moan as he feels his cock sink all the way to the base into her bowls. She wimpers in some discomfort. Daddy doesn’t use her butt hole all that often so it feels very tight. She knows that it will feel better soon. Just let her little ass hole adjust to his cock. He starts sliding in and out slowly. All the way out to the head and then all the way back to the base. A slow and steady fuck lets him feel ever little nook and cranny of her hole. It wont be long thought because the closer he gets to release the more ferral he gets. She is feeling better now. The slow fucking starts to feel good. She concentrates on feeling all the veins of his cock and every skin fold. She tightens her sphincter and hopes he likes her hole.

She gets her answer soon because he starts to fuck faster. His hips begin to slap against her ass each time he thrusts. She feels her own orgasm building. He now starts going in and out at a furious pace. Pulling her hips hard against his every thrust goes deep. She cries out, Daddy im gonna cum! He feels her pulsing orgasm and her ass tightens more on hus shaft sqeezing it…milking it. With one las thrust he also releases shooting his cum into her insides. With a few more pumps of his hips all of the squirts subside and he feels the hot liquid inside her ass with his cock. He pulls out with a pop and his sperm puddles out of her ass like a fountain. He filled her to the brim.

Satisfied he kisses her on her ass cheek and gives her a little swat. Good girl he says. Now daddy is going back to bed. See you in the morning sweetheart.

She climbs back under the covers and nestles back to sleep.

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    The perfect age, just starting to bud and eager to please!

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    Fantastic daughter, we all need one like this

  • Reply Tim ID:enms9i7v1

    What a good daughter! Well done Daddy!