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Cradle to grave part 2

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I had just driven the two hours from school, coming home for the weekend. I saw the bikes on the sidewalk in front of the house. when I went in I saw Jessie on the couch naked, and her friend in a chair naked. Jessie was 12 now, I took her virginity last year with the blessings of her mother aunt Carol. Jessie had grown up some instead of being somewhat flat chested she had grown some nice little tits. her friends tits were a little bigger than hers. she introduced me to her friend Marsha who was 13, I was now 20. Jessie said her mother had told her I was coming home today and they thought they would come over and welcome me home and fuck me. she said Marsha was a virgin and Jessie had told her what a good fuck I was. I told Jessie to come into the bedroom I wanted to talk to her. I asked her how they had got in the house she said my mom had let them in then gone to work. I told her fucking Marsha could get me put in jail and she assured me Marsha wouldn’t tell on me she wanted to be fucked. I told her I didn’t know about all this. she told me she had been fucking boys 13 and 14 and they would cum before she got off. she begged me to fuck them. I took off my cloths and went back in the den. I went over to Marsha her eyes got big when she saw the size of my cock. Marsha had long blonde hair and was quite cute. I had been fucking collage girls who act like it’s something if they give you some pussy. I took Marsha by the hand and led her to the couch. I sat her next to me on the couch and told Jessie to get on her knees and suck my cock. I put my arm around Marsha and kissed her running my tongue down her throat, she sucked my tongue. “oh fuck girl you want it bad don’t you.” I said. she smiled and nodded. Jessie was sucking my cock like a hoover. I laid Marsha back and spread her legs, I began eating her pussy, damn she tasted young and fresh. I thought about putting some fingers in her to open her up, but the thought of busting a virgin cunt got the best of me. I got up on her and sucked her tits they were just a mouthful. I rubbed my cock in her slit my precum lubing her. I found her hole and pushed myself in her, she cried out and tried to push me off her. “no, no I don’t want to do this. stop. don’t” she yelled. I told Jessie to set on her face and keep her quiet, then preceded to rape her. damn it was good, her pussy was tight I could feel it tear, as she tried to scream. I pounded her till she took all of me. Jessie was rubbing her cunt in her face, “fuck her Wayne, fuck her good. she wants it.” she hissed. I could feel the cum swelling my cock. “oh fuck Marsha your a fine piece of ass, damn your pussy is good.” I whispered in her ear. Marsha quit fighting. “that’s it girl take it, your cunts opened up now, enjoy this cock in you.” I soothed her. she started lifting up to accept me. “that’s right baby I going to make you a woman. next time I want you to cum for me.” I said. I couldn’t hold it any longer in that tight cunt. I could feel the power behind my cum as I shot in her. Jessie was kissing my back telling me to save some cum for her. I kissed Marsha, she had quit crying. “you fucked me didn’t you?” she asked. “yes, yes I did and I’m going to again, honey, I want you to be one of my sluts like Jessie.” I told her. when I got off her she had cum and blood running out of her. I got her a wash rag and towel from the bath, and cleaned both of us up.

I got Marsha on her knees, sucking my cock getting me ready for Jessie. I kissed and hugged Jessie, she said she could hardly wait for me to come home, she missed my cock. she said young boys didn’t know how to fuck. they were fine with a blow job and didn’t care if the girl got off or not. I bent Jessie over the arm of the couch, separated her ass cheeks and licked her shit hole. damn Jessie you’ve got the best tasting ass girl. “even better than momma’s ?” she asked. “even better than your momma, you little whore now get that ass up in the air.” I said. “fuck me in my pussy first Wayne I want your cum in my cunt.” I entered her from behind. damn she was wet and wanting me. she had no trouble taking all of me. I had broke her in right. I pulled Marsha to me and kissed her as I fucked Jessie, “damn girl I’m going to enjoy fucking the shit out of you, that sweet young pussy of yours. your not going to tell anyone are you?” she told me no but she wished I fucked her mom like I did Jessies and she wouldn’t have to keep secrets. “yeah that’s it Wayne give me that big cock, fuck me hard. god I love it. fucking fill me up.” Jessie yelled. I pounded deep into that young cunt. I reached around and grabbed Jessies tits twisting them. “take that fucking cock you fucking slut.” I said as she screamed in pain. ” fuck me hard mother fucker, like you do our mothers.” she cussed back. I could feel her body start to shake and her pussy start to contract. “do it, do it bitch, cum on my cock.” “oh fuck.” she yelled as she let go her orgasm. I could fill my cum pumping a steady stream in her. we all got cleaned up, we had to clean the blood off of Marsha again. Marsha said she could tell that Jessie climaxed and that’s what she wanted. I told her she would, we had to work on it, that it was hard to get a virgin off. Marsha said she didn’t think she could ride her bike all the way home. she was still bleeding a little. Jessie called her mother Carol to come and pick them and their bikes up. I told them I’d try to fuck them before I went back to school. “but you know Jessie I need to fuck my mom, and I’ll bet Carol wants me to fuck her after this. but I’d like to fuck Marsha in the ass before I go back.” I said and kissed Marsha. we all got dressed and waited for Carol.

Carol was pissed when she got here. she was pissed that they had come over without her knowing it and pissed that I had fucked Marsha, her best friends daughter. “you’ll be fucking the whole high school before its over. Marsha’s a fucking cheerleader they’ll all want your cock. well you better make time for me mother fucker.” I put the bikes in her station wagon and they left. I went and took a shower and sat naked waiting for mom to get home, watching Paris take a cock on porn video. I heard a knock at the back door, I got up and went and looked. it was Jean, the woman from next door. she must be 64 now, I let her in she was wearing a robe that she let fall upon entering. I put my arms around her and kissed her, pulling her big tits in to me. “fuck Jean your looking good, I see your keeping your cunt shaved.” I said. “I keep it like that in case you want some of it.” she said reaching down and stroking my cock. I told Jean I hadn’t fucked mom since I’ve been home and I knew she would want to be fucked. Jean said she understood she had just noticed I had two young girls over and wondered if I was just fucking them young now. I told her no I still wanted to fuck all pussy. I ask her to come in and sit for a while I was waiting for mom. we each got a beer and went to the den. we set side by side and I finger fucked her while she asked if I knew Bob had died. “well it just happened last week.” she said as she spread her legs to give me better access to her cunt. he didn’t want a funeral or anything, there’s no one left any way. “suck my dick Jean.” I said as I pushed her head on my cock,” you need to be fucked.” she started to protest but I told her I would fuck my mother later tonight and tomorrow morning. “I’ll make sure mom gets plenty of my cock. she’s probably getting fucked right now.” I assured her. when she got me hard I laid her back and ate her pussy, digging my tongue deep in her cunt. “Bob used to love watching you fuck me.” she said. I lapped up as much of her cunt juice as I could, then mounted her. she spread her legs wide pulling me in her. “oh fuck Wayne I need this, that’s it fuck me deep, fuck your cock feels good in me, fuck this old whore.” she cooed. I pounded her hard and deep. trying to bruise her pelvis, making her take my cock. I sucked on her big tits. her juices were coating our thighs. “god you needed fucking bad slut, take my fucking cock bitch.” I yelled as I thrust deep in her. I lifted her legs higher and rammed my cock in her shit hole. “oh fuck yeah.” she screamed. I retrieved it and drove deep in her cunt. she couldn’t hold off I felt her cum on my cock as she screamed. “oh fuck me mother fucker.” I dumped my load in her deep. “you fucking bitch, cum stealing slut.” and kissed her. after laying awhile and regrouping Jean got up thanked me for the sympathy fuck put her robe on and left. I was thinking Bob would be happy I was taking care of his wife.

I went to the bath and cleaned myself up, I was just finishing when I heard mom come in. I ran to meet her throwing my arms around her and kissing her her. “fuck mother, I didn’t think you were ever going to get here.” I said running my tongue down her throat. “me nether baby, god I’ve missed you.” she replied as I led her to the couch, undressing her on the way. we sat and made out like to young lovers. we were eagerly kissing and hugging each other. she stuck her tongue in my mouth which I sucked immediately. “fuck I’ve missed you mom.” I told her showering her face and neck with kisses. “did you get fucked good today?” I asked her. she told me she had sold a house to a young couple and they had taken turns on her. she said the woman used her more than the man. “do you have some cum for me to clean out of you?” I asked she told me the wife had eaten all of it out of her. she stroked my hard cock, ” just get this into me, your mother needs your cock.” she said. I laid her down and urgently shoved my cock in her wanting wet hole. I pounded her with desperation. “oh honey mommas, been waiting for that cock fuck me baby, fuck your mother hard.” she said wrapping her legs around me pulling me into her deeper. I sucked her beautiful tits.” that’s it baby, use your mother, pound my pussy with your big dick, I want all your fucking cum in me.” she hissed as she scratched my back with her nails. “oh fuck.” I felt her reach climax. we both cum at the same time. I shot deep in her. “that’s it give me all your sperm mother fucker.” she said. we both lay entangled and sweating after making passionate love, mother and son. “fuck mom I love you, I wish I could get you pregnant. I’d love to fuck you with a little baby bump. and suck your sagging tits full of milk.” I told her. ” I think I have some pictures of me nude when I was pregnant with you, that you can jack off to if you want.” she said. ” damn that would be great to take to school with me.”

we took a shower together then ordered in some pizza. setting around eating and talking I told her about fucking collage girls, and what bitches they are. she told me about fucking her clients, and she had been doing well in sales. I told her about fucking Jessie and Marsha. she said she was sorry to drop them on me like that but she thought I might like some young pussy while I waited for her. she said she hoped I didn’t knock up Marsha, she knew Jessie was on birth control. I told her Marsha was a virgin, she said we needed to get her on something if I was going to keep on fucking her. I told her I liked that young pussy better than collage girls. she said she’d call her doctor and get something for Marsha. “damn mom your so good to me.” I said and kissed her. I told her I fucked Jean today, and Carol was probably going to call and want to get fucked. “fuck honey I’m so sorry I hate not having all that cum in me.” she said. we finished eating I took mom to our bed room and laid her face down. I got between her legs and got her to spread her cheeks while I ate her shit hole out. “oh fuck baby clean momma out good, get in there deeper, you know what I like.” the aroma of moms ass was intoxicating and the taste ambrosia, my cock got hard.” I want your ass mother.” I said ” you know you can use me any way you want.” I shoved my cock up my mothers ass hole, fuck it felt good. “deeper, deeper in me.” she demanded. I pounded her hard and deep. “you fucking whore, take this fucking cock up your ass bitch. you love it don’t you slut?” I growled feeling the cum swell in my balls. “cum for me you fucking piece of shit.” I heard mom groan as I let loose of my cum in her intestines. I squeezed my cock milking the last drops in her ass before pulling out. “oh son that was so good, you know how to treat your mother.” mom whispered. we went to sleep in each others arms.

waking up the next morning we showered together. hugging my mother under the water I kissed her putting my tongue in her mouth. ” fuck mom your so beautiful, I love you so much.” I whispered in her ear as I twisted her arm behind her back and slammed her head into the side of the shower. she started to say something so I slapped her hard causing her lower lip to bleed. “fuck I just want to hurt you so much bitch.” I cooed as I kissed her. I could see her nipples getting hard. my cock was growing rapidly. “fucking hurt me baby, beat me while you fuck me, please baby.” I pushed her in a corner and slapped her as I put my cock in her. I grabbed her tit and twisted. she moaned as I rammed my cock in her. “cum for me you fucking slut.” I demanded as I grabbed her throat and choked her. her eyes got wide as I thrust deep in her. she was gasping for air when I felt her hole contract on my cock and she cum. I emptied my morning load in her, never letting up my grip. her face was red, I let up and she slid down the wall to the floor. I could see my cum running out of her and being washed down the drain. “you fucking bitch.” I said as I pissed on her. I reached down opened her mouth and pissed down her throat. “wasting my cum whore, shit needs to be in you.” I said and finished showering and left her there. I dried off and went and made coffee. mother came in the kitchen shortly. she had quit bleeding but was still red where I slapped and choked her. damn she looked beautiful just fucked. “made you a cup of coffee mother.” I said as I handed it to her. she smiled and kissed me.” damn you fuck momma so good.” we went to the den to watch the news and finish our coffee. I spread mother out on the couch and was eating her cunt and ass when the phone rang. she looked at the number and told me it was Carol. she put it on speaker phone. “hello Marge , what are you guys doing?” Carol asked. mom told her I was eating her pussy. ” you are so lucky girl, he’d be in me too if I was you. any way I was wondering if I might not be able to use that magnificent cock some time today.” she said. mom told her to hold on a minute and told me she had something to do for a couple of hours around noon if I wanted to fuck aunt Carol. I told her sure, aunt Carols a good piece of ass. mom set it up with Carol and said goodbye. I had three fingers in mom and she was starting to get off. “honey that feels so good.” she said . “mom your such a whore.” I told her. “yeah but I’m your whore.” she said and kissed me. I finished her with my hand.

by noon mom was dressed and out the door. she had made some phone calls, and told me she would be back in 2or3 hours. I kissed her good bye. Carol showed up a little after mom left. I invited her in and we fixed drinks. and sat on the couch. she told me she was kind of disappointed in me fucking Marsha with out talking to her about it. I told her pussy was pussy and young pussy was good. then I kissed her. and pushed her head down on my cock. “now suck me you fucking bitch. get me hard so I can give you the fucking cock you need.” she took all of me in her mouth. after she got me hard I took her to the bed room and she undressed. We kissed and hugged as we lay on the bed. ” I’ going to fuck you aunt Carol but I want you to bring Marsha by, I want to fuck that little girl in the ass.” I told her. “you don’t know her mother, if she even suspected, she would have both of us thrown in jail.” she said. I opened her legs and ate her pussy. “oh fuck Wayne you fucking know what to do to me, deeper damn you. oh god stick your tongue in my ass.” she begged. I had the juices flowing out of her. I eased up on her sucking her tits, and rubbing my cock on her clit. ” your going to bring me Marsha’s ass right?” I asked. “damn alright, but if they catch me suppling you with these underaged girls they’ll throw a way the key. now fuck give me that cock.” she demanded I drove into her hard. biting her tit.” Oh damn mother fucker take it, take my fucking pussy.” she yelled pulling me deeper in her. I pounded her with force, driving hard and deep into her. I slapped the shit out of her. she immediately started squirting. I took a tit in each hand and squeezed as hard as I could. she yelled in pain. “you fucking bitch.” I hissed as I slapped her. I got her up and drug her to the bath and threw her up against the shower stall wall and slapped her again. she was crying. I bent her over and forced my cock in her shit hole. I smashed her face into the hand rail. as I pounded deep in her ass. she was pissing a steady stream. ” you fucking pissed in my bed you fucking whore.” I growled as I shoved her head in the wall. I pounded deeper in her guts. her body started to shake both her holes were flexing. “oh god .”she yelled and let go of her cum. I dumped my load in her ass. reached and turned on the water. after I rinsed off I threw Carol a towel and told her to call me when she got the bed cleaned up and I’d help her flip the mattress over before she put the sheets on.

we were sitting at the kitchen table, when mom come in. I was getting hard thinking about beating mom and Carol, wondering what it’s going to be like when I beat Jessie and Marsha. and what Marsha’s going to tell her mother. I really did like hurting these whores. and the sluts got off on it. Carol was sipping a mixed drink, mom saw her shaking. “shit Carol are you alright, it looks like you’ve been fucked good.” she said lifting Carols head and assaying the damage I had done. she asked. “yeah, I’m alright I’m still shaking from the intensity of the orgasm ,damn I’ve never cum so hard.” she said smiling. ” well it looks like you took a good beating we better get you cleaned up the best we can.” she got her up and into the bath. after getting Carol together 1om said she had a surprise for me. she had found a woman a home she could afford and hadn’t charged her a fee. the woman was the same age as mom 43, and she was 8 months pregnant with out a man and needed to be fucked. she said the woman was about the same build as her and she had thought about it when I mentioned I would like to get her pregnant and fuck her.” maybe you can imagine fucking your pregnant mother.” she said. “just don’t beat her to badly, she has agreed to this and say’s she’s horny as hell.” mom told me her name was Kate and she would be here in a few minutes. “well what do you think?” she asked. “I’ve never fucked a pregnant woman before I think it would be fun.” I said. I was in the kitchen getting a beer when the doorbell rang. mom answered the door. when I got to the den I saw mom with a women that looked much like her but pregnant. it seemed she couldn’t take her eyes off my cock. mom introduced us. “god Kate your beautiful.” I said as I kissed her. Let me help you get these cloths off so we can see that beautiful body of yours.” I told her as I started to undress her. we were standing in the den when I got her naked. she took my cock in her hand. “your dick is so big I hope I’ve got room to take it all.” she said stroking it. “damn baby I wish that was my seed growing in you.” I told her as I led her to the bedroom. I laid her on the bed, her swollen milk filled tits dropped to both sides. I rubbed her puffed up shaved pussy. my cock was getting hard. “damn Kate I’m going to enjoy using you.” I said as I kissed her. “my hole hasn’t been used since I got impregnated.” she said. “I need your cock.” she put me in her mouth. the bitch knew how to suck cock her tongue ran up and down my shaft, she sucked the head and my balls it was like she was worshipping my cock. her fingers found my shit hole as she dug in and out. “oh Kate.” I moaned. “eat my pussy Wayne, I want to feel your tongue in my cunt.” she said. I licked and dove in her swollen mound. damn it was good. I rubbed her swollen belly. my cock was about to bust. “your mother tells me you fuck her Wayne. you like fucking your mother?” she asked. “yes I do I like it a lot.” I told her. “suck my tits mother fucker.” she commanded. I crawled up on her and took a milk filled mam in my mouth.” suck it hard.” she yelled I sucked till the milk came. fuck I was in heaven. I eased my cock in her. her expanded hole took me easily. “oh fuck that feels good.” she whispered her head turning from side to side “fuck me, oh I need cock, deeper mother, fucker, now.” I put all of me in her. I was trying not to put to much weight on her. “turn over, whore and get on your knees so I can pound that fucking cunt.” I told her. she complied. I grabbed hold of her big belly and pulled her to my cock thrusting deep in her. I called for mom to come in, when she got in the room I had her set where I could fuck Kate and kiss mom. “fuck mom I wish it was you who was pregnant with our child and it was your swollen up cunt I was using.” I kissed mom on her neck and running my tongue down her throat trying to imagine Kate was mother. I rode her hard, then put my cock in her ass. it was tight. I pumped deep down in her. finally she said. “that’s it Wayne that’s all the cock I can take, you’ve used me enough. cum in my mouth I’ve had all the cock I can take in my holes.” I forced my cock down her throat till she gagged. “that’s it slut clean your ass off my cock you fucking bitch.” I said It was all I could do not to hit her. I had really wanted to cum in her cunt. I laid in bed with mom and watched Kate get dressed, she came and kissed me before she left. “thanks for letting me use your son’s cock Marge, Wayne you ever want to fuck me after I have this baby, tell your mom to get hold of me.” she said. the thought of knocking Kate up kind of appealed to me.

after dinner, mother and I took a shower and got in bed early. we kissed and hugged lovingly. “I haven’t had much time to fuck you mother. I was hoping to fuck the shit out of you this weekend. I get so horny thinking of you at school, wanting that sweet pussy of yours. she got over top of me putting her tongue in my mouth and rubbing her tits on my chest. “you think I don’t feel the same, fucking client’s climbing on me for 10 minutes, shooting their cum in me and me telling them what a great fuck they are?” she said. ” I spend a lot of time after their gone rubbing one out to get off.” “fucking suck my cock mother I want to fuck your head.” I said pushing her down on me. I grabbed her by the hair and fed her my cock. she straddled my head feeding me her shit hole while she sucked my cock.” eat my shit mother fucker, you know your mother likes you in her ass.” she said as I stuck my tongue up her pipe. the fragrance of her shit was so thick I could taste it. “that’s it baby get that fucking young cock hard for mother.” she urged. my nose was in her ass while my tongue cleaned her cunt. “fuck son the nasty things you do to you whore mother.” she said I was sucking the juices from her as fast as she was ejecting them. I took both hands and shoved her ass off me, her head hit the wall and busted the drywall. she fell on the bed dazed. I pulled her legs apart. give me that pussy bitch. ” I yelled as I hit her in the mouth. blood started running down her chin. I slapped her then started beating her tits. “oh baby that’s it fuck your mother.” she gasped as I thrust my cock like a madman in her. she put her hand on my chest, I bent back her fingers till she screamed and pounded her pussy harder. “cum for me you fucking slut.” I demanded. I kissed her rubbing the blood all over her face I felt her body start to stiffen I knew she was about to cum I shoved her head through the drywall again. then I felt her cunt contract. “that’s it whore cum for me.” and slapped her as she climaxed. she crumpled into a bloody pile. I took my cock and rammed it up her dry ass as she moaned and released my load. “damn I love to abuse you, you fucking piece of shit.” I said as I kissed her bloody face.

the next morning I woke up. mother was still in bed she said she could barely move. I helped get her to the toilet so she could piss her face looked a mess, and she said she thought she had some broken ribs, and maybe fingers. Her tits were black and blue. I had morning wood and thought about raping her. I called Jean. she said to come over. I told her mom wasn’t feeling well and I needed to stay home. “bring that sweet ass of yours over here and let me have some of it. I’ve got morning wood and I need some pussy.” I told her. she said she’d be over in a minute. I unlocked the back door. and made coffee. when Jean come in I pulled her robe off and laid her on the kitchen table and put my cock in her. pounding her and squeezing her tits she said “damn you did needed some pussy didn’t you Wayne.” I told her to shut the fuck up and fuck me.” she started lifting her ass to take my cock. “use me Wayne I know you need it.” I grunted as I spewed my sperm deep in her. fuck I was horny. when I got through with Jean she got off the table and said she was going to check on mom. I got coffee for mom and I and took it to her. Jean had a cool wash rag and was cleaning mom up. “damn Wayne she said you fucked the shit out of her. she said she has never seen you so big and hard. I’ve got her doctors number and I’m going to call her. she said the doctor is a friend and won’t say any thing. she knows your mother likes to be abused. Jean called the doctor she said she’d be over in a couple of hours. looking at mom laying there was making me hard. damn she was beautiful. I told Jean I needed to use her again. I took her to the couch in the den. I sat Jean on the couch and kissed her while I felt her up. ” fuck Jean I’ve got to taste your holes. I laid her back and ate her pussy, tonguing her with vigor. I could smell the alluring aroma of Jeans shit hole calling for my tongue. I drove it deep into her. trying to eat the shit out of her. I put my cock up her ass. I slipped my fingers in her cunt as I thrust deep into her ass. “yeah Wayne make me cum on you.” she moaned. “god your so hard.” she said running her ass up and down on my cock. “oh fuck .” she yelled as she loosed her orgasm. I tried to pump my cock dry in her. “piss in me Wayne I want to feel you piss in my ass.” I let go of my piss and it squirted out of her ass. she had pissed also we were both covered, the couch was soaking. I kissed her hard forcing my tongue down in her. “your one hell of a fuck Jean, I’ll bet all the boy’s wanted your pussy when you were young.” I whispered to her. I pulled my cock out of her ass. she immediately went down on it. when she licked me clean she got up put her robe on and left saying she’d be back after the doctor left.

I got a towel and mopped up as much piss as I could then took a shower. when I com out of the bath I couldn’t help but stop and stroke my cock looking at my mother laying there beat to hell. she saw me and motioned for me to come over. she couldn’t hardly move with out hurting and I know it hurt her to talk. I thought about jacking off on her. in a whisper she told me the doctors name was Anne Woodard and they had talked. Anne knew she liked to be abused, and knew her son was fucking her. mom said Anne was single with a kid and liked rough sex also. my cock was getting hard. I got a pair of gym shorts and put them on without any underwear, also slipped on a t shirt. just as the doorbell rang. I went to the door. there the doctor was she looked to be about 40 with her blonde hair up, minimal makeup a white shirt with the top 2 buttons undone showing a little tit. a black skirt just above the knee and black low heel slip on shoes. all in all not a bad looking woman. I let her in and she introduced herself. I told her I was Wayne, Marge’s son. I could feel her look me over. I took her to our bedroom. I had pulled the sheet up to the top of moms tits. she sat on the bed and started examining mom. I heard her ask mom if this was sexual. she pulled the sheets back and was examining moms vagina, when she remembered me. watching my mothers cunt getting touched by another woman had made my cock grow. the doctor turned looked at my hard on then told me to wait in the den. I waited jerking off for about 45 minutes when she called me back in. I put my cock back in my pants and went to the bedroom. sitting on the bed put her at eye level to my hard on. she told me she had put 2 stitches in moms cunt and though she might have a cracked rib or two she had given her some pain pills, and she needed rest. I asked her when she thought mom might be able to have sex again. she said no sex for a week. mom motioned me over to her. I bent down mom whispered. “rape her.” I said” what?” “”rape her before she leaves, trust me.” Anne said she wanted to talk to me in the den. I took her to the living room, the couch in there was dry. she sat down beside me and told me mom had told her of all the sex I was having. she dug in her bag and handed me two bottles of pills. one bottle she said was like Viagra and would give me stamina, the other would increase the volume of semen not increase my sperm but the fluid. “you have to be easier with your mother, she getting a little older, I know she loves to have sex with you, but she can’t take as much abuse, try having sex longer and not as intense to get her orgasm. “what’s it take for you to cum?” I asked her. she started to reply when I grabbed her and held her and kissed her “no” is what she got out before I put my mouth over hers and ripped her blouse open. I held her hands behind her back as I kissed the top of her breast. “don’t fight me Anne you’ll look worse than mom. I’m going to fuck you.” I told her. I drug her to the bedroom and shoved her on the bed next to mom. I tore her bra off her. she was telling me to stop and fighting ,mom got hold of her and helped me control her. I sucked her tits. “damn you’ve got some nice tits,” I told her. I pulled her dress and underwear from her, shoving my fingers in her cunt. she was wet. “lay back while I eat your pussy,” I said mom held her arms while I spread her legs and licked her juices. the smell of her cunt was fantastic. she started rubbing her cunt on my face. “come on and rape me.” she said. I took my hard cock and thrust in her. “oh god that’s it rape me.” she countered each thrust I made. driving deeper in her. “fucking take my pussy, rape me mother fucker.” she hissed. I grabbed her tits and squeezed. I grabbed her head and forced her to kiss me. “make me fuck you, that’s it rape me.” I pounded her hole hard. “cum for me bitch.” I demanded as I pulled her hair. “cum on my cock you fucking slut.” I growled as I probed deeper in her. then she yelled “fuck” and her whole body shuttered she dug her finger nails in my back drawing blood as her cunt contracted “rape me .” she yelled as her cum flooded my cock, and she pulled my buttocks to her. I dumped my load in her. “that’s it make me pregnant.” she said. wrapping her legs around me and pulling me to her to get every drop of cum.” I want your baby.” she whispered.

I went to take a shower, thinking for sure that Anne would have left by now. but I found her in the den setting on the pissed drenched couch, naked. she got up and came and gave me two pills and a glass of water. “take these, doctors orders.” I knew she wasn’t going to have it any other way so I took them. I asked her how long she was going to stay. she said she was ovulating and she was gong to stay till I ran out of cum, or impregnated her. “you can’t use your mothers cunt for a while so I’m here for you, ready to rape me again?” she said smiling. what have I done I was thinking. she said she wanted another baby, and since I raped her I was going to be the sperm donor. she said there were no strings to the baby, she was using me as I had used her. “now you ready to rape me again?” she asked. the pills were starting to kick in. and after all she was a good fuck. I laid her back on the piss damp couch. “that’s it just keep raping me, over and over. fill my cunt full of your cum. just think, maybe I’ll have your daughter, and you can rape her 12 years from now.” she said giggling. I plowed my cock into the crazy bitch. I must admit she wanted me in her. I pounded her hard as I sucked her firm tits. I pulled my cock out of her cunt and tried entering her ass hole. she stopped me. “you can rape my ass but you’ve got to cum in my cunt. understand I want your sperm in my pussy.” she said. I run my cock up her ass. her hole was tight. “that’s it baby you know you want to rape me, make me take it mother fucker. knock this bitch up.” she urged. I fucked her ass till I was ready to cum then pulled out and exploded in her cunt. she slid off the couch and braced her ass against it with her feet in the air letting my cum run down into her. ” need to fertilize my eggs she said smiling. your mother said you liked fucking pregnant women maybe you’ll rape me when I’m pregnant”. this slut was insane. ” now stick your cock in my mouth so I can get you hard.” I got on my knees and fucked her face.

later that day Carol called she said. she was going to drop Marsha off for a couple of hours if I wanted to fuck her. I told her sure, she said she was going to take Jessie to cheer leading practice one of them needed to go. I told Anne about Marsha, she said she would give her birth control, that she was the one wanting to have my baby. “if you fuck her, I want the cum in me.” she said. about an hour later Marsha was at the door. I let her in and got her undressed. Anne stayed in the bedroom, tending mother. Once I got Marsha’s cloths off I rubbed my hands all over her young soft body, sucking her budding tit’s till the nipples got hard. kissing her. “oh fuck baby suck my fucking dick you little slut.” I told her she got down on her knees and accepted me in her mouth. damn I love young girls. after getting me hard I laid Marsha on the floor and started eating her pussy. she tasted of fresh piss. my cock was getting harder by the second. piss in my mouth Marsha I want to drink your piss I told her. her golden stream erupted I guzzled like a drunk. piss was running off me when I turned her over and got her on her knees to taste her ass. digging deep in her shit hole the smell was heavenly. I knew right then I was going to have to hurt this little girl. I eased my cock in her cunt to get it wet, ramming deep inside her. she screamed. I pounded her harder. “that’s it bitch give me your cunt” I demanded she was taking my cock eagerly. I reached down got hold of my cock and forced it in her shit hole. “oh god no, it’s to big stop.” she yelled I pounded deeper in her as she screamed. Anne come in sat in front of her and fed her pussy to her. “eat my cunt you little whore. damn Wayne you really like to rape girls don’t you?” I shoved Marsha’s face in Anne’s cunt. “and you fucking bitch’s love it don’t you.” I told Anne. I felt Marsha’s holes start to cum “fuck. she yelled I’m cuming.” I could feel her ass trying to pull the cum out of me. “oh no you don’t.” Anne yelled and shoved Marsha from my cock and shoved me in her. after pumping her twice I shot my load in her. “oh that’s it I felt that shoot in my ovaries.” she cooed as she milked my balls trying to get more cum in her. Immediately she raised her hips in the air. “fuck the little slut again so I can get more cum. put your cock in my mouth I’ll get you ready for her.” she said. I shoved my cock in her mouth while I licked Marsha’s pussy.

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