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Brother has to repay debt

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Using debt to enlist brother’s help in getting what I want.

My brother got himself in some trouble, he needed money and couldn’t go to our parents because the situation was very embarrassing. I told him I’d be happy to lend him the money but nothing is free. He told me whatever I needed he would do it. There was a girl named Emily that lived down the street from us, she and my brother were both in their final year of high school. I told him to invite her to our next family BBQ, she always seemed to have a crush on him. Then I gave him the loan and told him the rest of the plan.

The day of the BBQ rolled around and Emily came like I hoped she would. My brother introduced her around. She stopped and said hi to me, we had talked a few times before but never too long. I was nine years older than her and if I tried to talk with her too much, she’d probably think I was a creep or pervert. She looked so good, a little thick and curvy, but that’s what I like. She was wearing a sun dress with a deep neck line that showed a little cleavage. Our dad came round to tell us the food would be done in about 45 mins. My brother asked Emily if she wanted to go down to the barn and say hi to the horses, she said sure and they started heading that way. me following far enough behind not to be seen.

Once they reached the barn my brother led Emily inside. He let her pet and talk to the horses then asked her if she wanted to make out. Lucky for me, it appears she did have a crush on my little bro because she said yes without hesitation. He took her to the back stall where we store some bales of hay. He pulled down a clean horse blanket and spread it over to bales. They laid down and my brother started kissing her. After a few minutes they both started to get a little too hot and he slid his had under her skirt. Not only did she not stop him, she said they should both just strip. While they both took their clothes off, I snuck into the barn and hid in the first stall. My brother asked Emily if she liked getting a little kinky, she said he had never tried but she was up for it. My brother grabbed a horse lead and tied her wrist. Then he went over and pulled a bandana out of his pocket, brought it back and blindfolded her.

He laid her down again and started kissing his way up her legs and over her stomach and tits then gave her a deep kiss as he slid his dick inside her dripping pussy. That wasn’t part of the plan, but I didn’t care as long as I got what I wanted. He slid his dick in and out of her fast and hard for about 3 mins then all the sudden pulled out. Emily asked what was wrong, he told her he needed to go make sure he chained the barn door closed. He made his way to where I was hiding, I already had my dick out stroking it in anticipation. He told me she was tied, blindfolded and ready, he also told me he had fucked her a little. I told him not to worry, I couldn’t blame him for wanting to get his dick wet. I left him there and made my way to the last stall.

I dropped my pants all the way off then got on the bales next to her. I ran my hand up and down her thigh and she had a full body quiver. I kissed her hard on the lips then prepared to shove my throbbing dick in her. When I finally pushed it deep into her. I was worried she’d realize it was a different dick penetrating deep in her pussy, apparently she was not experienced enough or our dicks are near enough the same, she didn’t notice. I yanked my dick all the way out and shoved it back in to the hilt harder this time. I love the feel of her wet pussy tight around my dick and start fucking her harder and harder. I was actually fucking her a little too hard, the bandana started to slip till it fell down off her eyes completely. At first, she didn’t even look and notice It was not my brother on top of her. She finally looked up and saw me, she freaked out.

She yelled what the fuck and tried to crawl back so my dick slipped out of her, but she was against the wall and had nowhere to go. She told me to get my dick out of her and asked where my brother was. I keep sliding my dick in and out even with her glaring at me. She looks around and sees my brother, who had come to stand outside the stall. He had his dick in his hand jerking off watching me fuck her. She yells to ask my brother what the fuck was going on. He told her he was sorry, but I had helped him out of some trouble, and this is what I wanted to settle his debt to me.

She was still glaring with anger at my brother then me, but all the tension had left her body, she was opening her legs wider and even started moaning. By now my dick and balls had started to swell about to release my load. She looked in my eyes and told me if I was going to trick her into fucking, I better go all the way and pump my jizz deep in her pussy. Hearing her ask for my cum was the last push I needed to explode inside her. I kissed her once last time then pulled my cock out of her. I told her I would untie her now, as I reached for her wrist, she told me no. She looked up at my little bro and saw he was still jerking it trying to cum. She told me to get out of the way and let him cum inside her as well. I stepped back and my brother got down and pushed his dick up inside her again. She was now moaning even more and telling him to fill her up. It didn’t take long since he had already been stroking it awhile. His cum gushed deep into her mixing with mine. He pulled his dick out and there was so much cum in here that some leaked out. He untied her wrist and she stood up shaking on her feet a little. Then stepped up to me and slapped my face, then turned to my brother and slapped him, I guess we had earned it. She grabbed her underwear and dress and told us we need to get ready and get back before people wonder where we were and come looking. We all dressed and walked out of the barn, before we got to the house Emily glared at us again, then she said next time tie the blindfold tighter so it doesn’t slip off.

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  • Reply Gonzo ID:7mkmumjj43

    Such a cute story and probably happens more then you know.
    Years ago I had a friend that his son had gotten into some trouble with the law and I gave him an alibi to get him out of it. As my repay he did this very thing with his fucking cute ass 13 yo girlfriend Tammy he was about to break up with. He tied her up with her on her back, ankles and wrists tied to each corner of the bed so her pussy n was sticking up in the air for easy access. He fucked her for a few minuted then gave her an excuse he left something on the stove. Leaving her tied up he came to the living room and said she is all yours. I stripped and headed into the room bending down and eating her out. She was freaking and saying “what’s gotten into your Josh that feels amazing”. I ate her until she came on my face and then shimmied up and buried my cock in her almost balls deep in the first stoke. She screamed and said “OMG!, how the fuck did you get so fucking big Josh”. I fucked her non stop until I came hard in her balls deep 15 minuted later. I swear that girl squirted like three times. I rolled off of her catching my breath for a few minutes then got up and turned on the light. All I heard was cussing and screaming for the next 15 minutes so I went n say in the living room and left her tied up. About 30 minutes later I heard her calling for me in the bedroom so I walked in and sat on the end of the bed. She looked me right in the eyes and said “Please fuck me again” with a big grin on her face. I fucked her so hard so many times that night she must have came at least 10 times before she passed out cold. When she found out where I lived she was at my house every day after school begging me to fuck her….. and I did. The last time I fucked Tammy was her fam was moving out of state and she begged me to put a baby in her. We fucked all night long and every time I came in her we put a pillow under her so my sperm would not run out. A year later I get a letter saying both mom n daughter are good.