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Brandon – my first taste part 3

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When things started to escalate from parts one and two

Again things went on like my last story for a while without change. We would all go downstairs when we got home from school. My brothers Christian 15 and Jake 17. They would masturbate to my dad’s DVD collection before he got home while I watched the movie on the floor. But now sometimes when Christian finishes first and left Jake would let me finish him by stroking his massive cock. I loved every minute of it. It was the best part of my day I looked forward to all day long.

Today Christian in his usual style when he was ready to cum stood up and sprayed cum everywhere because he jerks his cock so hard and fast it’s like a sprinkler going forward but also to the sides. Today a little drop fell on my wrist when he did it. He then immediately started walking out. When Jake came on my hand I had been tasting it in the bathroom when I washed up but hadn’t told anyone. And a thoughtless compulsion made me lift my arm up and lick the drop off my wrist. Then I froze, did Jake see that?.

I didn’t know, but after christian left he asked if I wanted to finish him like usual. I couldn’t grab onto him fast enough and start. I usually sat right next to him and knew exactly how he likes it, the grip, the pace, the way I play with the head on the top of the stroke. At this point I could make him cum faster and harder than her could make himself. But today he asked me to kneel between his legs on the floor, facing him instead of starting next to him. I was confused at first, but honestly as soon as I got there I thought, wow this is way more comfortable that twisting to the side to do it, he must be thinking of me. I started, it felt a little awkward at first because the angle I was on his cock was different. But quickly found my rhythm again and had him moaning softly. I knew it wouldn’t be long. I looked up at him and he was looking right back at me but not into my eyes, just below. I said “aren’t you going to watch the movie? So you can pretend it’s a girl?” He said he was thinking of a girl, but that my lips looked so good in real life that he was just imagining they were a girls. This response made me feel amazing. My lips were as pretty as the girls in the movies? And better because they were here and real. I turned around and looked at the screen for a second and as fortune would have it it was exactly at the moment one of the men was cumming on the face of a beautiful woman. Cum dripping across her lips, then she licked her lips and put his cock in her mouth. I turned back, “oh that’s what you’re imagining, cumming on a pretty girl’s mouth like that”. ” Ya, and looking down your lips are so close to my cock. It’s pretty hot.” Everything he said made me so excited and they were also compliments that made me feel like I was doing the greatest job ever. I don’t know what came over me but for the first time I started playing into it, talking. Up until now we never spoke when I jerked him off. He would just watch the movie and glance at me and when he was done tell how great it felt. But after he said that I became more confident and encouraged. I said to him “you like the look of my lips close?” And I scooted just a little forward so I was pressed up against the front of the couch. I spread my knees so I could get even closer. I leaned in and said “how about now?” I was maybe 8 or 10 inches away from his cock now and he stared very intently and just nodded. I was stroking his cock and pulling it toward me so it tilted pointing right at my face while I kept stroking. My lips now only 2 inches from the head I thought this !just be the perfect image for him to imagine to. He doesn’t have to look back and forth, he can see them right behind his cock, just like the movies. “Oh ya” he said “I can even feel your breath on my cock while you stroke it. It feels so good”. I was confused a little. Why does my breath feel good? It’s just air, my hand is stroking him. But after he said it I pointed my mouth right at the tip, parted my lips and breathed out heavy. He moaned and his immediate reaction to something I did made me feel so great. Before I could collect myself he started getting harder and giving me all the usual signs that he was about to cum. He gave no warning today, I think intentionally because for the first time his cock was pointed at me instead of up or toward his stomach. He wasn’t pointed right at my mouth but very close and the stroking motion moved his cock around enough so I seemed to splash everywhere with each new spurt. My cheek my chin my neck, and some right on my lips that dripped slightly into my mouth.

My eyes were pinned opened, shocked and so excited. I could taste the tiny drop that got into my mouth and was expecting him to say sorry and immediately start cleaning up. But he just laid there relaxed like usual and told me how that was the best ever. The he said something that startled me a bit. “I saw what you did before, when Christian came”. I was so terrified like he caught me. “It’s ok” he said, you can lick that but off your lip and chin if you want. Just to see what it tastes like”. He had no idea I had been tasting little bits every time I washed up. But I just did what he said and licked my lips. Oh my God, it was the sweetest most exciting thing ever. I had only ever dipped the tip of my tongue in before I washed my hands when it was already getting cool. This was full gobs still so warm fro! Just moments ago. I reached down as far as I could with my tongue and upper lip on my chin then without thinking dragged my finger through it up my chin and into my mouth. “Wow, he said, “you really like it.” I was snapped back into reality. Oh no, did I just do that, what will he think? But he said I was kind of hot watching me do that and how much I liked it. So I reached back to my neck and scooped up a pretty massive bit of his cum and licked it off my fingers. I noticed that as I kept going every bit tasted just slight less good as the last as it cooled down. I didn’t know why. But that first lick was the one that drove me wild. Jake said it was so hot that should do that again before we put the DVD away today. I was so excited.

After christian and Jake relaxed a bit and did some homework they were eager for a round two before Dad got home. We did the normal thing I was sitting on the floor in front and they were on the couch touching themselves. I couldn’t wait for Christian to finish so I could jerk off Jake right onto my mouth this time. I wanted to lick it all off my lips. The Jake spoke to Christian. “Hey, want to see something I taught Brandon?” I was shocked and terrified, I knew what he meant and I thought it was a secret. I looked at christian who looked confused and put off and the Jake, who just smile and assured me ” it’s ok, show him what you did before.” I could help but trust and do what he said. So I got between his legs and meagerly took hold of his cock and started stroking. I looked back at christian and he was disgusted. He said “gross dude, you a homo?” I was miserable thinking all the great stuff I had done was terrible and I wouldnt be able to do it anymore. “Noo” jake said, casual and laid back. Not troubled my Christians comment at all. ” Dude, it just feels better when someone else does it. Just watch the movie and imagine it’s one of the girls. Im telling you, you gotta try it.” Jake looked down at me and said “you wanna try Christian?” I said “ok if he wants”. I scooted to the right getting in front of Christian but he started protesting “I don’t know man, this is weird”. Trust me” said Jake, “would i stear you wrong? Try it once and if you don’t like it I owe you one”. Christian reluctantly agreed and took his hand off his cock. I reached out and took hold of his cock, must bigger than me but much smaller than Jake’s. My fingers could just barely touch if I squeezed a little harder. Christian looked at Jake and said “I don’t know man, I’m not gay”. “Neither am i” said Jake “neither is Brandon, he’s just to young to do himself so he’s helping out so we can get the feel of someone else doing it while we watch the girls. Just give it a chance.” He then grabbed his lube and said “he may need a little more if this, his hands are small, like a girls”. Jake put a little on my hand, I rubbed it in and went back to christians cock. I started the way I always did Jake. Slow, steady, worked the tip a little at the top of the stroke. “That does feel pretty good” Christian said. As he watched the movie he started pumping his hips a little bit throwing me off my rhythm. “Oh ya. Faster” he said. So I stroked faster. Not crazy fast like he did, but faster than Jake. “Faster” he said again. So I picked up the pace a little more. Suddenly he grunted as he stood up and I knew what was happening next. My hand didn’t go up quite as fast as he stood so when he stood his cock was pointing downward, but he immediately started cumming and it shot straight at my chest covering my shirt. Some got on my hand, but wasn’t the 180 degree lawn sprinkler effect he usually did all over the floor, just all over my shirt. ” Oh sorry dude” he said “but that was awesome. I didn’t say anything. I didn’t know what to say. Jake responded ” it’s cool man he can just change his shirt and now you aren’t cumming all over our floor. “Sure, works for me” Christian said as he pulled his pants up and walked out.

“You want to finish me now” Jake said looking at me. I smiled and nodded emphatically saying yes. “You want to taste some of that off first?” He said looking at my shirt. I looked down at my shirt that was absorbing most of the cum, not as thick and white as Jake’s, but a lot was on my hand, mostly clear. I licked it off my hand. Jake watched me intently while stroking his own massive cock. “You really like that don’t you?” He asked me. I told him ” ya, it’s actually super sweet tasting”. I didn’t mention that it was actually the feeling I got doing it that made it so good. “You want to taste mine?” I smiled and nodded “yes, yours is so much better. And the sooner I taste it before it starts getting cold the better it taste.” The last part I spit out without thinking, somehow thinking it made me sound like I knew more and was more mature. He gave me a look and said “really, it taste better the warmer it is?” “Uh huh” I said. ” Like the sooner it comes out?” ” Ya”. Then he said ” I’m going to cum soon. Want to see what it taste like shooting right into your mouth?” Excited I got in front of him as fast as I could right up to his cock and said “ya” while reaching out.”no he said, im really close, ill finish” a little disappointed as i love the feel of him throbbing in my hand, he looked at me reassuringly and said “just open wide amd stick out your tongue. Excited again I did that and he got so close. I couldn’t actually see because it was so close, but I think the tip was between my lips. I could feel his hand just barely touch my lip and tongue when he was stroking the tip. “Oh ya, here it comes, get ready.” Every word made me more excited for what was gonna happen. Then he moaned lightly and paused. The first massive stream shot straight into my mouth all the way to the back coating my entire tongue. I felt it dripping forward toward the tip of my tongue and out of my mouth. Reflexively I tilted back slightly to keep it from falling out. Then next one hit the roof of my mouth. I lifted the tip of my tongue to keep from spilling out and my tongue was now touching his hand that was tightly wrapped around the tip of his cock. A few more progressively weaker spurts and he had completely finished in my mouth. I savored it. Swirling my tongue and tasting it for as long as I could. The spit and cum started frothing up and filling my mouth more. Again reflexively before I spilled out I closed my mouth and swallowed. As I did that I was face to face with Jake’s massive cock head. His hand still tightly wrapped around it. A large white drop being pushed out the tip. Without thinking I opened my mouth and leaned forward wrapping my lips tightly around the hole and slurping a little like sucking a Popsicle. I had actually just put my mouth lips and tongue on Jake’s cock. Not the whole head because his hand was still there, but the tip sucking out the last drop of cum. I realized what I did and looked up for his reaction. Would that bother him? I knew he wouldn’t get mad at me, but didn’t know if it was ok. It just felt right in the moment.

“How was that?” was his only reaction. “Straight from the tap”. I smiled and said it was the best yet and tasted so good that’s why I couldn’t resist that last drop. ” That’s ok” he said, “it felt great. I think there’s a little more if you want it”. My eyes perked back open and I looked down. As he squeezed his cock at the base and drew up toward the tip just a little more cum pushed out the tip. His cock was starting to go soft. But still massive. This time he squeezed to the tip and pulled his hand back. I took hold of his cock and admired it for a second looking at that sweet white magic oozing from the tip. I didn’t wrap my lips around this time. I licked it, but not a tiny gentle lick and big long one that used my whole tongue. Like a fresh soft serve ice cream cone. All around the tip and the head. Really getting my tongue over every inch, lapping it up. Then going a little further down the underside facing me to catch and that dripped down and a long hard lick back to the tip where I did put my lips all the way around is and such just a little to make sure I got Avery bit. “Wow” he said as his body shuddered a bit. “Does that feel good too?” I asked, but I could feel him getting a little harder again. “Oh ya, I just need a break. But look, no mess, no cleanup. Except from Christian on your shirt. Just throw that in the hamper and you’re good”.

It was nice not cleaning up, but the best was the sensation of him shooting into my mouth and the sweet taste of his cum as fresh from his cock as humanly possible. I was in heaven and couldn’t wait for tomorrow.

Again we continued like this for a couple days but now I would jerk off christian first and he would cum all over my front. I would try to angle him toward my face, but he always finished so abruptly that it mostly got on my shirt. Then I would take my time building up Jake to a massive load he would shoot straight into my mouth. Everytime I got a little bit bolder. I would stroke him not into my mouth and stick out my tongue so it was touching the underside of his cock head, he really liked that. Then at the end I would take a little bit longer each time to make sure I got every drop by licking more and more of his cock. One day I was doing this and cleaning up and took his then mostly soft penis into my mouth past the head, further than I ever have, only a couple inches. But it was still the most at hat point. I gave a suck as I slowly drew back off of it. He jerked and twitched and his cock immediately started growing again. “Was that good?” I asked. “Oh ya, that was almost like a blowjob. It’s so warm and wet, I bet that’s what real pussy feels like”. This was interesting. I’m just now finding out Jake has never actually been with a girl and my mouth is like a pussy because it’s warm and wet. I just dipped my head back down onto him and started sucking the same way. A little further, then as far as I could go. Which was not even half way down his cock, but I was only 10 my mouth was very small. Generously id say I got about 4 inches of him into my mouth before I would gag and feel it hit the back. I got to where it was comfortable and just kept going. I felt him get fully hard again and he wasn’t telling me to stop. Normally he always wanted a break after for at least half an hour before he could cum again. But I guess this was so new and exciting he didn’t care. After a few minutes I heard the soft moans and “oh ya, just like that” coming from under his breath. The I fell his cock stiffen and pulse in a new way between my lips. His hot sweet cum landing directly in my mouth never even touching the air. It was the sweetest and best tasting yet. And I was the happiest I had ever been. I did that. I made him fee
So good with my mouth. The movie wasn’t even playing anymore. So he wasn’t looking at the girls while I did it. Just me was enough to make him feel so good. And the newest chapter of my life started. I never wanted to not have his cock in my mouth again.

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